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Creative Gifts Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Creative Gifts Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Creative gifts can be fun and unique to give to those special people in your life. Do you find yourself picking the same old tried and true gifts that you’ve given in the past? Try thinking outside the box this year when gift-giving and give them creative gifts based on their zodiac sign.

The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius

These signs are exuberant and passionate.

Aries can be easier than you think to shop for. Aries love gifts. This sign doesn’t have a lot of patients, so gifts requiring a lot of time, for example, jigsaw puzzles or Sudoku aren’t for them. Aries is a physical sign, anything that is hands-on like a day at the paintball range or cardio kick-boxing classes would pack a punch.  This sign also loves to pass the time cooking. A gift of a cooking class near them is a creative gift idea for the Aries in your life. They’ll learn how to cook something new, enjoy doing it, and the best part? They get to eat the finished product!


Other creative gift ideas: sports tickets, scuba diving lessons, new phone, cookbooks

Leo likes to be the center of attention, so any gift you give to them make sure it is elaborate. Leo likes to make a lasting impression and their appearance is very important to them. They love flashy colors and anything bright and shiny. A large gold bracelet or watch with a special engraving adds for a nice touch. This sign has a love of drama, so theatre tickets, taking them to their favorite author book signing event or a murder mystery dinner would be right up Leo’s alley.  Whatever creative gift you chose for this sign makes the presentation of the gift a special one.

Other creative gift ideas: Rubies or Topaz, cashmere sweater, gourmet chocolates


Sagittarius enjoys new experiences. This sign is not a fan of being bored. The Sagittarius thrives on adventure and exploring new places. They love the joy of traveling and being active. If you can afford to take your Sagittarius on a trip to a place they have never been, then pick the place and go. If you can’t go that extravagant, because the Sagittarius has a love for learning, books on traveling would be a fun idea.  A scratch-off world map lets them scratch off every place they have already visited. and is sure to please the Sagittarius.

Other creative gift ideas: foreign decor, white water rafting adventure, books on philosophy or religion

The Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

These signs are curious and intellectual.


Gemini loves just about anything you gift them, so they are another easy zodiac sign to shop for.  They enjoy spending time with people which is a bonus for the gift giver. The Gemini loves organization and loves keeping track of everything. A nice homemade planner created by you with added embellishments, such as colored pens or stickers, would be an ideal gift. You can buy a simple planner at the store and give it some personal touches based on your Gemini’s personality.  Gemini also loves to communicate and express themselves. An engraved pen with personalized stationery or any other item that allows them to express themselves would be nice. The Gemini is another traveler, surprise them with a day trip to their favorite destination or a new one.

Other creative gift ideas: travel accessories, go-pro cam, puzzle books, escape rooms

Libra loves gifts! For an added surprise, wrap each gift given, separately and stylishly to match your Libra’s personality. Balance is very important to the Libra, the scales of justice held by Themis represent them in the zodiac chart. A metal scale filled with sea salt chocolates or gourmet pretzels, keeping the balance of sweet and salty, would make a great gift. After the goodies are gone Libra can display the scales somewhere in their home. Libra has a love for music, so surprise them with concert tickets to their favorite artist. And if you can afford it, add a meet and greet with the artist. They’re sure to be starstruck!


Other creative gift ideas: artwork, gourmet coffees, massage, driftwood sculpture

Aquarius is a social butterfly with an amazing sense of humor and a love for technology and astrology. A chart of the stars and a drive into the middle of nowhere to view the night sky is a simple, but thoughtful gift. The Aquarius loves history and culture. A book about historical events, with tickets to the local museum stuffed inside of it, would surely put a smile on this sign’s face. Something esoteric, or something that focuses on their love for the unknown would also appeal to the Aquarius. On the night of the full moon take them for a reading with a recognized psychic.

Other creative gift ideas: hot yoga session, telescope, astrology magazine subscription, massage


The Water Sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

These signs are emotional and intuitive.

Cancer truly appreciates the gift they receive and they feel that the presentation of the gift is as important as the gift itself. If a card accompanies your gift make sure you take your time when writing your message inside to this sign. A card from the store is thoughtful, but a homemade one is better. Including your own personal message inside the card will let the Cancer in your life know that they are loved and appreciated. The Cancer cares about their family and its history. A gift certificate or paid subscription to a genealogy website or something related to their ancestry is sure to make a lasting impression on this sign. The Cancer also loves to be pampered, so a couples spa day is something that would delight them.

Other creative gift ideas: a framed family portrait, new pots and pans, bath salts, candles


Scorpio really loves gifts even more than Libra. They love gifts so much that they even buy gifts for themselves. This sign is more spontaneous when it comes to gifts though. They love gifts just because, not only when it’s their birthday or other celebration. Scorpios are mysterious and you can further their love of mystery with a day trip to their favorite city, collecting favorite foods along the way and solving clues to a picnic destination.  Scorpio loves the spooky and unknown, so a haunted ghost walk tour through the town of choice would surely give them a chill and thrill.

Other creative gift ideas: New Age books, crystals, lingerie, gift cards

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Pisces is creative and will love anything that will bring out the creative side in them. A paint night at the local tavern would surely get the creative juices flowing for this sign. Pisces is also a hopeless romantic and sentimental and loves their family. A collage of family photos to hang in the dwelling or a homemade scrapbook of a favorite family event would be pleasing to the Pisces. Because Pisces is a water sign anything to do with the water makes a great gift. A trip to the local aquarium with an animal encounter would make a big splash for this sign. A day at a hot spring and mud bath would surely relax and rejuvenate. Or if you want something a little less extravagant to get them a soothing indoor table water fountain.

Other creative gift ideas: pedicure, chocolate-of-the-month-club, amethyst jewelry

The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

These signs are grounded and practical.


Taurus is more of a practical gift receiver. The Taurus takes pride in everything that they do, so you should take your time when choosing a gift for them. Instead of rushing through to find the cheapest thing you can, spend your time baking their favorite cookie. The Taurus also enjoys food and drink. Take them to a local food and wine festival or sign them up for the wine-of-the-month-club (as long as your Taurus is of legal drinking age). The Taurus is more earthy in nature and has a love for gardening. A gift basket full of flower and/or vegetable seeds and gardening tools would keep them grounded.

Other creative gift ideas: fleece jacket, music, gift cards to their favorite restaurant

Virgo like Taurus doesn’t like their gifts to be rushed. The best gift that you can give a Virgo is one that matches their personality and interests.  The Virgo is an organizer. They like every aspect of their lives to be in check.  They take great pride in their appearance and health. A gift card to their favorite clothing store accompanied by magazines with the latest fashions would appeal to this sign. The Virgo is a cleaner and their living space has to be on point. A gift basket with cleaning supplies and fun ‘making cleaning easier’ gadgets is sure to sweep over your Virgo.


Other creative gift ideas: a juicer, a membership to a health club, self-improvement books

Capricorn loves comfort. So when choosing a gift for them remember to think comfy, cozy and practical. A gift of pampering in the home is a nice idea. Be sure to include a warm robe, memory foam slippers, wool socks, a mug with their favorite teas and/or coffees and a soft blanket made of natural fibers. Don’t get the Capricorn in your life something that will sit around collecting dust.  This sign won’t stand for that. Even spending a little quality time with Capricorn is good enough for them. Just let them know ahead of time because they don’t have a love for surprise visits. Or have them over to your house and make them a homemade meal of comfort food and gooey dessert.

Other creative gift ideas: walk their dog, silk scarf, golf lessons, artisan beers(21+)


Whatever creative gifts you choose to give based on their zodiac sign, remember one thing; just make sure to tailor the gifts to the interests and personality of that particular person. What are some of your creative gifts based on your zodiac sign that you have received or given to others in the past? Comment below.

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