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Creative Fall Desserts That Are Fun And Delicious

While summer is full of ice cream and key lime pies, the fall holds the perfect occasion to let your baking creativity shine: Halloween. The holiday allows for so many fun and tasty treat ideas, which are all bound to look divine at your next party. You could draw inspiration from almost anything spooky, making the options range from turning creepy into cute and making the disgusting seem delicious. With a little bit of research and some creativity, the possibilities of what to make are truly endless!

But as the time approaches nearer, you’re going to want to be ready to show off your master baking skills. Here are some creative dessert ideas that you should consider next time you’re in the kitchen this fall!

Graveyard Brownies

A grim take on classic brownies, this graveyard themed dessert is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It’s fairly simple to make and you can take the concept in many different directions. However, an easy and tasty way to make the tombstones is to do so with cookies. You’re going to obviously want to bake the cookies ahead of time in the shape of the stones and then stick them into a frosted tray of brownies. Once you’re finished you will have a plate of spooky brownie bites that will surely call for seconds from your guests!

Monster Rice Crispy Treats

Looking to give your friends a little scare at your next party? You should consider these monster rice crispy treats that are a lot sweeter than they look on the outside. To start off making the treats, you’re going to want to mix Rice Krispies cereal and melted marshmallow together and mold into a ball-like structure. The only difference is that you should have three stations to divide up the colors based on food coloring: one green, one black, and one purple. Finally, you’re going to want to stick on a candy eye, let dry and voila you have some cute and spooky treats!

Dirt Cupcakes

While the concept of eating dirt seems absolutely disgusting, you’re going to want to chow down on these dirt cupcakes. In order to make them you’re going to make a classic batch of chocolate cupcakes. The only differences come in your decorating. You’re going to want to use chocolate frosting, crushed oreo topping, and sour gummy worms to finish off your decadent desserts. For added effect, you can add a non-edible topper like a spider or tombstone. These cupcakes make “dirt” look appetizing…that’s hard to do!

Chocolate Covered Bat Truffle

Love Oreos? Think bats are adorable? And looking for a cute treat to combine both? Look no further than chocolate-covered bat truffles. First, you’re going to want to start by mixing crushed Oreos and cream cheese through a mixer, and then mold into balls. Let these balls chill in the fridge for a little while and then dip into a bowl of melted chocolate. Crack the cookie portion of an Oreo for wings, and press on for wings. Finally, press on two candy eyeballs and let dry. The finished product will be a plate that will make guests’ tastebuds feel like they’re floating!

Pumpkin Pretzels

This new take on chocolate-covered pretzels is sure to be a hit. With a combination of orange melts and green m&ms for stems, this dessert captures all the fun of pumpkins on Halloween in the small bite-size snack of pretzels. If you’re not the baking type, this is an easy way to make a statement with your dessert by not having to put in a whole lot of effort. Just melt the candies in a bowl, dip, stick on an m&m stem and let dry for about twenty minutes. Once cool, you’ll have yourself a festive bowl of pumpkin pretzels that will impress your guests, without you having to do a lot of prep!

See Also

Skull Cake Pops

Cake pops are a perfect way to get a little taste of cake, without having to go through the grueling task of preparing the whole dessert. And they become an added fall treat when you decorate them to look like skulls. This treat is super simple. You are still going to want to bake a full cake but how it looks coming out of the oven does not matter, because you’re going to end up breaking the dish up into smaller sections. These sections are then going to be mixed with frosting and then molded into balls. Once these have chilled for about an hour you’re then going to want to dip them into a white chocolate mix. In order to make them into skulls, you’re then going to want to use black frosting to create the mouth eyes and nose for the ghoulish creations. These terrifying treats will be sure to be devoured for your friends and guests!

Frankenstein Marshmallows

They’re alive! No no these treats as realistic as they look are not actually alive, but they are full of sweet, chocolate flavor. This take on dipped marshmallows is super cute for the season. You’re going to want to start by dipping plain marshmallows on a stick into green candy melts and stick on eyeballs. Once these are dry, you’re then going to want to redip the treats into just a plain chocolate mix to create the hair look. Finally, you can choose to top them off with a sprinkle for a little mud effect and even add on candy or frosted red scars. Your friends will not believe how cute this dessert is when you bring it to your next party!

Whatever you decide to make this fall, as long as you do your research and just have fun in the baking process, you’ll truly produce something great! Luckily no master baker skills are needed for any of these recipes. Plus Halloween is a messy holiday, so if you mess up, the chance of someone noticing is quite slim.

Have some creative fall desserts of your own that are perfect for the spooky season? Share with us in the comments section!

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