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Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

Decor, Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

Have you thought about getting some decor items for the upcoming Independence Day? Probably not huh? With the 4th of July is coming up, you’ll probably be spending it at home with a few friends due to quarantine, safer-at-home orders or to avoid the big crowds and public places. With that, you’ll need some creative decor ideas for your home and to get you into the Independence Day spirit. Not to worry, we got you covered with some creative decor ideas.

Firework displays

If you’re staying home this 4th of July, you might not be able to see fireworks, or if you live in a state that isn’t having any firework to avoid crowds displays due to COVID-19 fireworks might not be an option whatsoever. No worries, there are always fun, alternatives to fireworks like sparklers, poppers, and snappers.

A great way to display these for your guests is in simple mason jars. A popular trend for this decor idea is to write “snap,” “crackle,” and “pop” on the jars as some fun naming for the snappers, sparklers, and poppers. An additional option would be to also color the jars completely with spray paint or other paint with the colors red, white, and blue of course!

I also know for a fact they sell the jars in the picture below with the black nameplate at Hobby Lobby if you want these specific ones!

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

Mason jar utensil holder

Another great decor idea also involves mason jars! So, when you’re buying your jars, be sure to stock up as they can be used for almost anything. Anyway, this particular decor idea just requires some paint, some painters tape, maybe some stencils for the stars, and some twine if you want. You can always just but red, white, and blue metal or plastic canisters or other holders for this decor idea.

Paint the jars like an American flag and add some red, white, and blue utensils to fill them. Easy, peasy!

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

Clothespin wreathe

This one is super easy to make and you can even buy them on Etsy if you’d like. You can put this wreathe on your front door obviously, or you can hang them around the fence of your back yard, on the railing of the deck, sit it on the food table for added decor.

All you need is some wire, clothespins, hot glue, cut-out-stars, and paint! Feel free to put your own twist on this, by decorating your own way or using different items.

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

Red, white, and blue sweets

There are tons of candy, desserts, and sweets that you can easily place in a decorative bowl, dish, or holder to make it look so candid and aesthetically pleasing. Either you throw them in the dish or arrange them in a beautiful form, it will look intentional and so cute!

This idea is also so cost-effective, and one of the easiest decor ideas to do. It’s a decor item people can eat too!

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

Use your letter board

Most of us already have a letter board at home, if not, they are under $15 at Target or any local retailer. These are so trendy right now and can make any display stand out more. They also fit in small spaces and can make a great centerpiece for other decor items.

There are many different things you can make your letterboard say from “Happy 4th!” to this creative saying, “Party like its 1776.” Your guests will have a good laugh and maybe even take a few pictures of your display and other decor items.

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July


Balloons are a great addition just on their own. Blow them up and tie them to chairs, tables, or tape them to doors or fences. You can also get a little bit more creative with your balloon display like this person in the picture below did.

All you need are some red, white, and blue balloons and some tape to make this cute American Flag that is great if you need to cover up a large empty wall or space. 

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

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Small flags

American flags themselves make great decor items. It’s up to you to get creative on where you want them displayed. You can put them in your potted plants, in the grass in your yard, or simply, in some jars or containers. This looks nice on the food or dining table.

The great thing about this decor idea is that you can find small American flags in any local retailers for super cheap.

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

Fake decor sparklers

While researching 4th of July decor items, I saw this trend pop up a lot (pun intended). It’s basically a decor idea that looks like a firework. You can buy these online, even at any craft store, or you can make your own!  All you need is an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll, you can also just roll construction paper into a tube, some paint, and twine.

You can make these as simple or unique as you want. I’ve seen ones with glitter and many different designs, so the options are endless!

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July


You can find a patriotic ribbon at any craft store. They come in all different styles and designs so you can mix and match. Working with a ribbon allows you to be as creative as you want. You can put them almost anywhere as well like a railing, doorways, around chairs, and so much more. You can go from simple to totally extra if you wanted to!

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July


If your Independence Day get-together goes late into the evening, you want to have some decor items that compliment your setting into the night. Lanterns are a great way to create an ambiance that is calm but still functional for seeing in the dark.

You can make lanterns from mason jars, glass containers, or metal holders. You can also buy lanterns from craft, retail, or hardware stores. It’s up to you how creative you want to be when it comes to decorating and placement of them within your home. The picture below is a good example of how to make them simple but still festive!

Creative Decor Ideas For The 4th Of July

How are you going to decorate your home for the 4th of July? Let us know in the comment section below!

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