6 Creative Date Ideas That Will Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

Its normal for that spark to die down a bit after being in a relationship for sometime. Here are 6 creative date ideas that will keep the spark in your relationship.

1. Painting Date By the Beach

This is a super fun date idea for the couples who are looking to do something on the more creative side. All you need is some small canvases from your local craft store, paint, and brushes. Your partner and you can spend the day on the beach painting your surroundings all while enjoying a swim later. Its a 2-in-1 date! This could even potentially turn into a annual date where you guys consistently visit different beaches and paint. However don’t feel limited to just painting at the beach, I would even encourage you guys to venture out to other places in nature. You might even start to build up a little a painting collection together. How cute!

6 Creative Date Ideas That Will Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

2. Make a Pizza Together From Scratch

This ones for my couples who love cook just as much as they love to eat. This date idea is much more intimate than going out to eat. Dinner dates are cool for special occasions but can get boring after a while. It lacks creativity and intimacy that you may get from cooking together. You and your partner can pick up ingredients to make your own custom pizza and make it at home. If this is something both of you have never done before this experience will defiantly be a messy one but will be a fun learning experience for both of you. However, if you need some guidance there are plenty of recipes online to follow on websites such as Pintrest. Just remember, there is no need to take this experience too seriously. It is a date after all!

You could even go the extra mile and have a competition between who made the best pizza. Your partner will love this if they are the competitive type.

6 Creative Date Ideas That Will Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

3. At Home Outdoor Movie

This is a a great date idea that makes the standard movie date no match! Traditionally dates such as movie dates can start to feel dull after a while. However everyone still enjoys a good movie. This is just a bit more creative and meaningful.

This idea requires a little shopping since most people may not have this at home, but you will need a projector. You can find some cheap mini ones on amazon that you’ll get a whole lot of use out of for future dates. To set this date up just place your projector in front of a blank wall on your house (garage doors usually work best) to enjoy a night of endless movies! To set the vibe even more you could hang up some string lights and lay out some snacks such as popcorn and homemade ICEE’s. To make some homemade ICEE’s simply blend your favorite juice with some ice for you and your partner to enjoy.

6 Creative Date Ideas That Will Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

4. Take a Mini Road Trip

This does not have to be a well planned out trip. In fact, your partner might even appreciate the informality¬† of the trip if they are the spontaneous type. Take a trip to your local getaway where the two of you could spend time enjoying each other company. If your partner lives in a city-like area it would be best to take them somewhere away from all that. You should pick somewhere that’s relaxing with nice scenery. If you live in on the east coast places such as Vermont and New Hampshire is a great environment to just getaway from everything and chill by a lake or take a hike. This date idea is bound to be full of long car conversations, jam out sessions, and nature. Try to really be in the moment with each other during the entirety of this date. Limit phone usage as much as possible and bring a disposable or Polaroid camera to take pictures and create memories.

6 Creative Date Ideas That Will Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

5. Building A Fort and Doing Indoor Camping

This might take a bit of preparation but it will be entirely worth it. Start by getting some blankets, sheets, and pillows to make your fort. You can keep them up by setting the blankets over some chairs. It will be best to use dinning chairs and set them across from each other. Once you lay the blankets across them, the chairs will act as “walls” for the fort. Now that you have the foundation of it down you can lay another blanket bellow with some pillows. You can even set up some string lights on the outside of the fort.

Then, get together some of your favorite snacks and lay them out. You could also put together a custom playlist for you and your partner to set a chill vibe for relaxation and long deep conversation. After you could watch your favorite movies together for a night full of good memories. Your partner will appreciate all the work you put in to get this date together.

6 Creative Date Ideas That Will Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

6. Go To Your Favorite Viewpoint and Watch the Sunset Together

Sunsets are one of those simple things that everyone can sort of appreciate. With the right person and setting it can also be really romantic making it the perfect date to keep the spark in your relationship. Start by putting together a playlist because honestly speaking, everything is better with music. You could even make this a surprise if you have never taken your partner there before. This will create some anticipation as your driving there. Be sure to bring some snacks and blanket to sit on. This perfect view will make it a great place for a date to talk and enjoy each others company. Dont forget to take some pictures during the golden hour!

6 Creative Date Ideas That Will Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

So there you have it: 6 creative date ideas that will keep the spark in your relationship! Do you have any other creative date ideas that you like to do with your partner? Comment down below!

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