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15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

Growing up, we all had a crafting spirit inside of us. A fairy if you will. However, growing up you probably though that little fair is gone by now. It’s not. We never truly lost it. Instead of making toilet paper characters and paper butterflies, you can create a piece of art to hang on the wall, an outdoor chandelier for your backyard, an organizer for your desk, or some candle holders that are like no other. To get some ideas, check out the list below of creative crafts you can make while reusing things you have at home.

1. 2-Liter Bottle

Everybody knows or has heard of making a bird feeder out of 2-liter soda bottles. It is just something you did or heard about growing up. However, a bird feeder is not the only craft that can be done using the 67-ounce bottle of soda. Planters, birdhouses, terrariums, home accent(s), a holder, and dispenser. The list can go on, but I encourage you to check it out first.

15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

2. Incandescent Light Bulbs

Nothing different can be said about upcycling light bulbs in your crafts. Only that they will surely lighten the mood, wherever they are. Whether they are used for a terrarium, hanging flower holder, vase, or arranged to be part of an organizer. Whatever you use them for, they make a great addition to any room.

3. Old Magazines

Need some color in your room? On the wall or the front of your door? An easy and impressive craft that could help you could include using nothing but canvas board or poster board, old magazines, hot-glue, and a cut out of the silhouette or shape you would like, or create it as you go. It may take some time to create and put together. However, I am sure that when your project is complete, you will see it was all worth it in the end.

15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

4. Milk Jugs

Upcycling milk jugs is becoming a popular trend, regarding creative crafts. People have been upcycling the dairy jugs and using them for potted plant saucers, school-supply organizer(s), watering jug, and drawer organizer(s). Some have even created an outdoor chandelier out of the dairy product. Of course, it took more than one to complete the outside decoration.

5. Rocks

You can make rocks into anything! The ocean, forest, mountains, sky, any creature, person, picture, or food. (Rocks) When it comes to rocks, especially river rocks, they make the perfect canvases to paint on. So, grab a rock or two, some paintbrushes, paint, and get to painting. Painting on rocks not only proves that you can be artistic with the simplest things, but you can also be inventive using natural elements. Plus, if you paint words of encouragement onto the rocks, they make great reminders for yourself and others. Just leave them around the house, or pass them out. Everybody could use some encouragement.

15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

6. Old Clothes

Do you have a pile of clothes just sitting in the corner of your room, in a bag, waiting to be dropped off at your local Goodwill? Well, take them out and lay them on the floor, because rather than donate them—don’t get me wrong, I am all for that—upcycle them. Make a bracelet out of an old t-shirt, a denim rug for the bathroom, or a pillow cover for the bed or living room. You never know with old clothes. They may prove to be of better use to you.

7. Mason Jars

Next to tin cans, another favorite, regarding DIY and craft projects, is mason jars. They are generally used in the same way as tin cans. However, unlike tin cans, mason jars have more elegance and refinement to them. Whether they are painted over, filled with flowers, hold a candle, hot-glued to a wood panel, or have gems hot-glued onto them. Crafting with mason jars is easy, fun, and they bring out the best in a room. However, they are used.

15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

8. K-Cups

Anything can be used for a creative craft project. Even Keurig cups, or better known as K-cups. You can use them to organize craft or desk necessities (paperclips, beads, buttons), cardholders, seed starters, or decoration for the holidays. No matter how big or small, you can always make something out of nothing. Just wait for the crafting call.

9. Tin Cans

One of the most favored objects to use in a creative craft project is tin cans. Whether it is a tuna can, corn, green beans, peas, beans. You name it! They have all been used in a DIY or creative craft of some sort. Tin cans are commonly used in DIY projects, specifically decoration. Candle holders, bird feeders, planters, vases, organizers, utensil holders, even pencil holders. The ideas are endless, and more keep coming.

15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

10. Beer Caps

When it comes to being retro and wall décor, classic bottle top beer caps make for creative crafts. A typical craft for beer bottle caps is to hot-glue magnets on the back of them. Next, stick them on the fridge or any other magnetic surface. Whether it is to show off your favorite beer or be creative. Now, let’s take the beer caps creative crafts to the next level. Wall décor. Make use of your used beer bottle caps and arrange them in a shape or your favorite sports team’s logo. Flatten and arrange them on a table, in a frame, a letter, word, or anything you desire. Next, finalize your decision on what you want to create with your bottle caps. What you choose to arrange them on depends on how you will get them on it.

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11. Wine Corks

A wine cork craft project is by far one of the most preferred, regarding décor craft projects for the house. There is just something about their appearance. Not to mention that they are easy to manipulate and attach. Whether it is to one another or a surface of some kind. Some favored wine cork craft projects include bulletin or memo boards, coasters, wall letters, vases, candle holders, and birdhouses. The next time you pop open a bottle, be sure to save the cork.

15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

12. Newspaper

Generally, newspapers are never considered practical to use in a creative craft. If anything, they are only brought into play when using papier-mache. A creative craft that involves newspaper(s) is note cards. With your new gorgeous note cards, you can write a note to someone, frame it closed, set it on a surface, or tape it on a wall to be admired.

13. Old Drawer

When it comes to creative crafts, drawers are not typically the first thing that comes to mind. Yet they unbeatable, regarding creative crafts and what you can make out of them. A dollhouse, storage unit, cat perch, pet bed, pop out hanging shelves, jewelry organizer, planters. The list goes on. Check it out.

14. Wine Bottles

The last object that is preferred in a DIY project is wine bottles. Though they are not as small as tin cans or mason jars, and you have to finish off a bottle before using it in a craft, wine bottles never fail. Whether you want to cut the bottom off and fill the empty wine bottle with string lights, a candle, or paint it and make it the center of attention at your dinner table, wine bottles have no limits in terms of lighting up a room with their presence.

15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

15. Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet paper rolls are typically known for their usage in creative crafts. Specifically characters. However, they make for better creative crafts than that. A holder for your phone, organizer(s) for your desk, and flowers for decoration. There are countless crafts for toilet paper rolls.

What creative crafts do you like to do? Did this list inspire you to try any of them out? Let us know in the comments below.

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15 Creative Crafts Reusing Things You Have At Home

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