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Creative Cake Recipes That’s Great For Every Party

Creative Cake Recipes That’s Great For Every Party

Cake Recipes, Creative Cake Recipes That’s Great For Every Party

You’re throwing a party, and you have the best decorations and the best music playing everywhere. Everyone’s having a great time and dancing and enjoying the amazing food. And then you prepare to save the best serving of your food for last: a delicious, well-made cake that can entertain anyone’s taste buds. Knowing the right cake recipes to serve at your parties is the key to satisfying everyone’s hunger cravings. So check out this list of creative cake recipes that’ll be guaranteed to put a smile on all of your guests’ faces!

Eton Mess Scone Cake

One treat that can be a great party favor to serve to your guests is scones.  A perfectly sweetened and glazed treat that provides enough flavor to have drool dripping down your lips. Now turn things up a little bit and transform this amazing British dessert into a cake by creating the Eton Mess Scone Cake. The cake has two dough bases that are cooked-one for the bottom and one for the top like a sandwich. The middle will be filled with strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, pieces of broken up meringue, and a homemade whipped cream to put together the perfect combination of a creamy, fruity and flavorsome taste. Put the second dough base on top and then add some icing sugar on top to further emphasize the sugary and delicious taste. This cake recipe will be an amazing way to end a great party while also leaving your guests filled with smiles and positive thoughts.

Creative Cake Recipes That’s Great For Every Party

Birthday Box Cake Bottom Cheesecake

Your birthday party is coming up, and you want to have the best cake possible this year. This next cake recipe will be certain to give you everything and more. A birthday box cake bottom cheesecake will be the end all be all for any party that you have to give it the best ending possible. This cake has a soft birthday cake mix cake base with a homemade icing with a taste of cheesecake. Spread the icing on top of the cake (after it’s chilled for three hours) and then add the finishing touch with some sprinkles and drops of whipped cream on top to give a little bit of extra sweetener. This yummy masterpiece is the perfect cake to serve for your birthday party and satisfy the stomachs of your guests!

Creative Cake Recipes That’s Great For Every Party

14 Layer Strawberries & Cream Cake

If you want to have the ultimate cake recipe for your next party, then this cake will not disappoint! This 14 layer strawberries & cream cake-yeah that’s right, 14 layers-will provide enough of a sweet and sugary flavorful taste to go around for everyone to the point where they’ll have to take seconds! With this recipe, you’re creating a cake batter that’ll be enough to make 14 layers for each cake base. The cake will be filled with strawberries and a homemade icing between each layer. Then it’ll be covered with the homemade icing all around and then added with some borders and then topped off with some fresh strawberries and any remaining icing on top. For an additional option, decorate the strawberries by turning them into roses and then topping it off on the cake to add a little speck of creativity for this divine recipe, and enjoy!

Creative Cake Recipes That’s Great For Every Party

Triple-Decker Cheesecake Tower

You can never go overboard with any cake that you make because you want it to be the best, tasteful cake, right? Well, with this triple-decker cheesecake tower, it’ll definitely be one of the best cakes you’ll ever try in your life. This cake will have three different flavored layers of cake, which include brownie batter filled with chocolate cheesecake, red velvet batter filled with vanilla cheesecake, and cookie dough filled with the remaining vanilla cheesecake in the center. After baking all three for two hours, each of the three layers will be filled with a cream cheese icing in the middle to keep them stuck together. The rest of the cheesecake will be covered in the remaining cheesecake icing and then topped with some chocolate ganache all around the cake and then finished off with tiny pieces of chocolate to put at the surrounding bottom of the cake to create the perfect and luscious taste of this amazing work of art! The triple-decker cheesecake tower is definitely a cake that you will want to add to your next party for you and your guests to enjoy!

Creative Cake Recipes That’s Great For Every Party

Pina Colada Cake

If you like pina Coladas, then you’re gonna love this cake! This Pina Colada cake is good for a party where people fancy enjoying the best drinks while now having a side of something sweet to go with the mix. The cake will have its usual base where a homemade pineapple flavored icing will be spread around the edges in between each layer of the cake with some delicious pineapple jam in the center. Once the entire cake is covered with the pineapple icing, add some toasted coconut pieces around the bottom of the cake and then top it off with some whipped cream shaped into rosettes and for the finishing touch, pineapple flowers with some cherry juice on top to further accentuate the taste of a classic Pina Colada. This cake is the best option for your next party that’ll involve a lot of drinks to further cater to the theme of a good time!

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Creative Cake Recipes That’s Great For Every Party

Galaxy Mirror Glazed Box Cake

This final cake recipe will probably literally be out of this world. This galaxy mirror glazed box cake will give you everything and more in just the first bite. The cake will have a chocolaty cake batter base with a yummy buttercream spread all around to provide a delicious, mouth-watering taste. The kicker with this cake is that it’ll be spread with four different variations of glaze to give it the mirror-like space presentation that it needs! The glaze is made with a combination of gelatin sheets, water, sugar, and some condensed along with black, navy blue, light blue, purple, and pink food coloring. The colored glazes will be combined together and then poured on top of the cake with some tiny splats of white food coloring to give off the perfect image of the galaxy. This cake will be too pretty to feast on once the finished look has been presented at the party, but every bite you take will be worth it!

Creative Cake Recipes That’s Great For Every Party

Any one of these amazing and incredible cake recipes will be the life of the party to show off for all of your guests. These beautiful and delectable cakes will be enough to please your guests and fulfill their appetites for any special occasion!

Are there any creative cake recipes that you wish to share? If so, please feel free to comment below!

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