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Creative Answers To Life Questions For The Upcomming Holidays

Creative Answers To Life Questions For The Upcomming Holidays

It’s that time of year again when we get to surround ourselves with our loving, adoring, and inquisitive family. Where we’re luckily trapped for hours on end with “harmless” questions that don’t send us panicking or internally shriveling. But, if you’re truly not in the mood to engage on these topics let your family know with these creative answers to life questions. They range from snarky to whimsical and really serve as a creative starting point for your own ideas.

“What are you going to do with that major?”

Honestly, if you don’t say engineering or business or something in the medical field, you have or probably will get this question the entire time you’re in college. You’ll want to have an arsenal of a creative answer to life questions in anything relating to this category to survive these holidays. With this creative answer to life questions, they might laugh it off and wait for a serious response. It’s up to you whether or not you want to engage in that conversation now. But, you could just walk away too. 

“Probably steal The Declaration Of Independence.”


“Make our family the next Kardashians there’s an opening on TV now you know.”

“Maybe run for president apparently you don’t need any qualifications for it.”

Creative Answers To Life Questions For The Upcomming Holidays


“No boyfriend/girlfriend yet huh?”

Although they mean well, at least we hope, this question can cut to the core and well the answer may be…complicated. To avoid the serious conversation of a serious relationship, have at least one creative answer to life questions that will help you navigate this tricky topic. There’s always the fall out of simple “no” and asking if you don’t discuss it further, but if this is a friend or relative who asks this question constantly, then having a fun answer to life questions might make the holidays a little extra cheerful this year.

“Actually I’m in a pretty committed relationship with my plants so…”

“I’ve actually made an alternative deal with a greater force you’ll see the outcome soon.”


“Oh, sorry I didn’t realize sex lives were up for topic at family dinners now.”

Creative Answers To Life Questions For The Upcomming Holidays

“So are you still working at xxx company?”

Maybe it’s not meant to come off as judgemental, but it definitely feels that way. The job you’re working at now might not be your dream job or your permanent job, and if it is and you’re happy, they can pound sand. But, just in case you want to really put some extra spice in the holiday gathering this year, give them something interesting to talk about. There are a few answers below that might be the perfect answer to life questions because it only leaves the other person with more questions. Drop a little seed for them and then let it grow and find joy in the story you just created. 

“Are you still desperately counting down the days to retirement?”

“Actually they just promoted me to 5th legion rainbow superstar so I think I’m doing pretty well!” then walk away with no further explanation.

“It’s just a front,” lean in really close while looking around, “we actually… oh hey____ I’ve been looking all over for you!” walk away and deny the conversation if they bring it up again. 

Creative Answers To Life Questions For The Upcomming Holidays

“Are you two getting married anytime soon?”

Apparently, there’s a race to the end of the aisle no one told you about as soon as your relationship gets semi-serious. You might have some very practical reason for not getting married yet like money, jobs, or level of readiness. Maybe you are just enjoying your relationship exactly as it is now and don’t feel any need for it to change anytime soon. Whatever the case, having a creative answer to life questions, especially this one, will make this a joking topic as opposed to one full of pressure and expectations.

“oh my god, I knew we forgot to invite someone!”

“Actually we hate each other, this is all just for show. Want a drink?”

“We’re waiting to hear back on the Queen’s availability before we set a date.”

Creative Answers To Life Questions For The Upcomming Holidays

“Man, you really took that Freshman 15 seriously huh?”

Weight really shouldn’t be a topic for family, but unfortunately, some family members believe the blood connection gives them VIP access to even sensitive topics. As you get older, you gain weight it’s natural and needs to be normalized. While younger generations seem to grasp this concept a little easier, older generations still think we’re just too sensitive. Don’t play into that. Have a creative and slightly snarky answer to life questions about weight. You can choose your level of snark for this question but be sure to shut that conversation down really quick. Your body is only up for you to love and accept, not discuss, and ridicule.

“Man you really advanced on the beer belly and bald by 45 didn’t you?”

“I don’t do anything half-assed.”

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“If you mean leveling up in 15 points of success, then yes, thank you for noticing”

Creative Answers To Life Questions For The Upcomming Holidays

“What are your plans after college?”

This question. It’s so ambiguous and it feels like a test that has a hidden answer in an indecipherable language. Not to be dramatic or anything. Honestly, your plans after college, regardless of what point you’re at in your collegiate career, might end up changing drastically. Have we learned nothing from 2020? Although it’s unlikely this question is meant to make you question all your life choices or fill you with existential dread, those are usually the reflex responses. Combat those reflexes with one of these inspiring answers to life questions and blow your family away with your preparedness. 

*finger gun and moonwalk backward*

“Definitely not become a groupie for a boy band following them around the country…” laugh nervously.

“Adopt at least five dogs.”

Creative Answers To Life Questions For The Upcomming Holidays

“So, what are you working on accomplishing right now?”

So, so many things, but let’s talk about what you define as an accomplishment. There’s a lot going on in life and sometimes it’s accomplishing just the small things that lead to bigger things. So, don’t overwhelm yourself by revealing your end goal. You’re just opening-up another topic that’s loaded with questions fully designed to stress you out. Having an off the cuff funny answer to life questions similar to this one relieves you of stress and gives everyone else a laugh.  

“Eating a solid three meals a day.”

“Figuring out the importance of the point-slope formula and how I can use that to take over the world.”

“Finishing the entirety of media on Netflix so I can get into the Guinness Book Of World Records.”

Creative Answers To Life Questions For The Upcomming Holidays

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