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12 Creative and Fun Things You Can Do That Will Boost Your Mood Up

12 Creative and Fun Things You Can Do That Will Boost Your Mood Up

Due to COVID-19 you probably need to boost your mood up. Now that you have all this time on your hands, it’s a great time to tackle any creative projects you’ve been pushing off or postponing. 

There are plenty of fun and creative things you can do that will lift your spirits. So we’ve narrowed it down to 12 and hope at least one of them sound interesting enough for you to do. 

1. Photo Collage

Taking photos is one thing, but creating an entire photo collage is another. This will undoubtedly boost your mood if you are still a novice at photography. 


You’ll be collecting an assortment of photos anyway, so any photo you take and print out will be cut up anyway, so you won’t have an overwhelming sense of self-consciousness. 

Pick a theme like, street art, or live music to make it more fun and creative for you and before you know it, you’ll be feeling happier in your isolation. 

2. Start A Podcast

Let’s face it, you have an array of thoughts about a specific topic like sports, or crazy good Netflix shows, that you’re just dying to share with someone. 


Well, now’s the time to do so. All you need is a laptop or phone and you’re all good to go. Starting a podcast can be a great way to boost your mood because it’s essentially your own business. 

You are free to share your thoughts and opinions about whatever the hell you want. 

3. Style Yourself

Looking good can do wonders for your mood if you put time into it. Since you’ll be spending a large of amount time with yourself, now might be the time to reinvent your look. 


Styling yourself can be fun and you can get creative with it too. Trying new looks and throwing different outfits together that make you look banging will boost your mood. 

4. Creative Writing

If you want something to boost your mood, study some poetry and try to write a couple yourself. Whether it be a haiku, sonnet, or simply a couple couplets (see what I did there?) it can be very beneficial for your mood. 

You can also write short stories too. Remember, you don’t have to share them with anyone, as long it boosts your mood. And who knows? Maybe you’ll have enough faith in it to submit to the New Yorker. 


12 Creative and Fun Things You Can Do That Will Boost Your Mood Up

5. Become an Artist

While you’re confined to social distancing, now is the perfect time to try your hand at being an artist. You can find hundreds of youtube videos on how to draw, paint, and all that jazz. 

Learning how to draw cartoons or a self-portrait can be a fun way to boost your mood up! 


6. Practice Your Favorite Monologues 

Remember that speech from your favorite movie or tv show? Well, now that you have the time, you can practice it, master it, and show it off once we are all free to roam once more. 

Speaking as somewhat of an actor, I can tell you that you’ll kill it at any function if you memorize a monologue. 

You can use it to show off and as a great ice breaker for when we can finally be released from quarantine. And it can give you killer confidence. 


12 Creative and Fun Things You Can Do That Will Boost Your Mood Up

7. Feng Shui Your Crib

Feng shui is the art of using energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. In other words, it is supposed to help arrange furniture in a way that makes your space a place of harmony. 

Utilizing feng shui can be one of the most creative ways to boost your mood. Give it a try and see how it goes. 


8. Create A Mood Playlist

If you don’t like music, then you’re probably a hellspawn sent here to destroy us all and with that being said, you should be making playlists. 

We live in an age where people are constantly looking for the next thing or “catching a vibe” and that’s what playlists are all about. 

Creatively making a playlist will boost your mood because it’s going to be all of the songs you like and love. You’ll be jamming out and having a great time during quarantine if you this. Trust me. 

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9. Learn Origami

I’ve always loved origami art and I might even do this myself. Origami is something you can learn with little to no time at all. 

Name a more creative way to boost your mood. Go ahead. What’s honestly better than making a paper tiger that you can show off to your mom or a couple hundred followers? 


12 Creative and Fun Things You Can Do That Will Boost Your Mood Up

10. Card Tricks

You know that feeling of joy when you see someone do an insane card trick? Well, if you can give that feeling to someone, imagine how you’ll feel inside. 

Learning card tricks, not only pass the time but can also boost your mood because you’ll accomplish something incredibly cool. 


11. Train Your Dog to Do Something Absurd

Have you ever wanted to train your dog to get you a beer or the remote? Well, now you have plenty of time to do so. 

I know that may come off as animal cruelty, but you’ve already trained the doggo to do other things, why not teach it to do something beneficial for the both of you. 

Imagine how much you’ll boost your mood knowing you just trained your dog to open the fridge and grab you a nice cold one. 


12. Start A Blog

Starting a blog isn’t as complicated as it seems, but that’s beside the point. Starting your blog can be about anything your heart desires. 

That is the point of all this. If you need a creative outlet to boost your mood, then look no further. A blog is needed now more than ever. 

So get to writing and have fun doing so. 

I hope you were able to find something creative that will boost your mood. Stay strong and we’ll get through this. As always, leave a comment down below and share us on the socials!