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Create A Retro Inspired Room Using Thrifted Decor

Decorating a room doesn’t have to be an expensive task. Instead of going for a Target splurge, try hitting up your local thrift stores for some pieces that add a unique element to your room. Are you going for a retro look? Try some thrifted decor that highlights different eras and makes your room feel like a modern time capsule.

1. Records For Wall Art

You don’t need a record player to purchase records! Records are usually cheap and can be used for more than just music. A simple way of displaying records is to stick a thumbtack in the center and hang them around your walls. You can also use adhesive strips since they are light enough. An interesting way of displaying vinyl is to frame a part of your walls. If you have a unique archway or a window, it could be the perfect place for the vinyl to border these aspects of your room. Vinyl records are a great way to add an element of texture to your walls. If you want to get creative, painting the records can be a fun DIY project. Gather some of your friends, family, or partner for a fun way of painting patterns onto the records! Here’s a creative idea: paint pictures inspired by your favorite artists! Another cool design could be 70s inspired swirls or floral patterns to capture the retro vibe.

2. Eclectic Accent Décor

One of my favorite sections of thrift stores is the glassware and pottery aisles! You can find vases or bowls that come in a variety of shapes and colors. These are the best-thrifted decor because they are multifunctional and you can transform them to your needs!.  You can add flowers (dried or fresh,) make them a jewelry dish, or use them to hold crystals. Those are just a few ways! You can leave them empty for minimalist accent decor. Glassware and pottery can also be a non-committal way to color! You can change up the colors as these pieces are typically cheaper or paint them to add your design elements. Playing with colors and shapes can be a good way to add dimension with accent decor. Another tip when thrifting, look at the figurines. You can find amusing and unique figures to add an authentic vintage feel. I suggest trying out vintage shops for mushroom vases and strawberry jars for the most authentic 70s aesthetic.

3. Mirrors and Artwork

Another great section at the thrift store is the wall art aisle! This section can be a good opportunity for DIY projects with your thrifted decor. If you do not like the artwork, the frames can be a work of art on their own! You can also fill it with a print from Etsy or even a homemade design. Remember that you can always paint the frames for the vibe you want. Adding a little DIY to thrifted decor can make something your own- just make sure to check if the art is valuable or not before you paint over it! Mirrors are also fun decor elements; they make your room feel much bigger! If you are opting for a gallery wall, I would use a couple of small mirrors to break up the artwork. This will add interest to your wall!

4. The Dream Accent Furniture

In almost all of my Pinterest boards for home décor, there is a velvet piece of furniture. Let’s be honest, in every retro-inspired living room, there is a velvet couch or chair. The chances of finding this thrifted decor at your local store can be hard! Especially at a reasonable price. However, it is possible! I would keep your eye on Facebook Marketplace or any resale apps for vintage chairs or sofas. Velvet furniture adds texture and pops of color to the room! Depending on your style, you could go for a deep green or bright orange to accentuate the retro aesthetic. Make sure to deep clean the furniture since it is thrifted, to prepare it for your space. If you don’t like an element of it, think about looking up DIY inspirations. You can always add a fun patterned throw pillow or a 70s afghan to bring out the vintage look. Many furniture stores sell velvet furniture now, but it’s way more exciting to find an authentic vintage piece.

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5. Finding Unique Lighting

The lamp section is an underrated part of thrifted decor. If you want more of a retro-inspired room, lighting can help achieve the look. Depending on your style, you can find a unique desk and floor lamps to brighten your space. If you are going for an authentic 70s vibe, I would look for lava lamps or bright colors to create a monochromatic aesthetic. If you are leaning more towards a true vintage-inspired room, look for lamps with stained glass. These thrifted lamps can create a studious and bohemian feel in any room! Finding a true vintage lamp can be a challenge, even if you find an inspiring lampshade, you can buy a stained-glass light bulb for a similar effect. Or you can add some fringe to the lampshade to make it a true 70s vibe.

6. Upcycling Furniture

Finding interesting pieces at a thrift store can be very easy but having them match your aesthetic can be a challenge. If you find a good deal- go for it! You can create a DIY project and make it your own. Accent pieces are my favorite finds. I usually check out wood furniture, tables, and chairs. These are easier to paint and add your design elements. If you don’t like painting an alternative can be applying wallpaper to your piece. Stick and peel wallpaper can be found at Target and on Amazon. Buying a bold print to put on a tabletop or inside bookshelves can bring together a retro aesthetic. This option also allows you to change the wallpaper! If you are ready for repurposing thrifted decor, this is an easy solution to swap out a color or pattern.

What are your favorite thrifted decor pieces? Tell us in the comments below!

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