5 Crazy Unique Ways to Personally Style Your Dorm Room

What if I told you that your college dorm door doesn’t have to look so bland and uninteresting? There are so many fun and unique ways to style that dull plank of wood, so why not try out a few crafty tips yourself! Decorating the interior of your dorm room is one thing, but the door can instantly help you to stand out among the rest of your other college peers.

Introduce yourself to those who pass by your room with your personalized accessories alone! Not only will it be an easy conversation starter, but you could also make new friends with others who might share similar interests, all because they happened to like the way your dorm door looks!

So, without further ado, here are 5 crazy and unique ways for you to stylize your college dorm door!

1.Iconic Themes

Everyone has that one place they visit regularly to unwind and relax after getting through a long, stressful day. So why not take that special place of yours and recreate it in the comfort of your own dorm room?

I know, this particular idea might sound a little strange, but with a bit of creative thinking, you can bring a piece of that sanctuary with you, and allow it to be the first thing you see when you come home after long lectures and hours of studying. For example, you can recreate a theme that matches the entry way of your favorite family diner where you grab a bite to eat every weekend, or perhaps you can take a more fictional approach and try re-creating a theme around your favorite TV show or movie. 

5 Crazy Unique Ways to Personally Style Your Dorm Room

2. Creative Borders

Another unique way to decorate your dorm door would be to simply go along the border of the door frame. This look will especially work if your wanting to go for something a bit more subtle.

You could create a unique floral arrangement using paper cut outs, stickers, and even dry flowers to give it a more realistic tone (just make sure to check in advance that no one is allergic!). You could also put a more creative tone to your work and decorate using vibrant colored duct tapes, sticky notes, tissue paper, garland, and more!

5 Crazy Unique Ways to Personally Style Your Dorm Room

3. Photo’s

Have a collage of memories you would like to share? Well, what if I told you that you could do just that using your own dorm room as one large mural tapestry!

Put on a still picture show for your visitors! Show off all your favorite moments with your friends and family, or perhaps put on display a couple of your own unique hobbies and interests. Your dorm mates will not only get to know you better, but you would also be able to come home to a place welcomed with the people and/or things you cherish the most. Fortunately, you don’t have to share your life story if you don’t want to, but you could put together a string of photos with a specific color scheme, or ones that hold a specific theme to them overall, such as a collage of your favorite cities, countries, foods, etc.

5 Crazy Unique Ways to Personally Style Your Dorm Room

4. Stickers

Stickers are not only just cute and simple, but they are also easy to rearrange and play around with from time to time. With a quick google search, I guarantee you that there are hundreds of stickers to choose from when it comes to decorating your dorm door. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, usually in the form of animals, foods, and even celebrities. It doesn’t take long to put them up and it would take you little to no effort to take them down if needed!

One sticker in particular that I personally find  interesting would be the newly modeled 3D Self Enhancement stickers, recently sold on “Aliexpress.” and “Shopee.com”. These are stickers made to fit your dorm door perfectly, and it’s as easy as attaching an entire poster to your door. They are all waterproof and come in different sizes and designs of their own, so if you ever find yourself interested in them be sure to measure your own door before making any purchases! A decision that will be totally worth it for the entirety of your college years!

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5 Crazy Unique Ways to Personally Style Your Dorm Room

5. Leave a Message!

Leave personalized messages on your dorm room door using welcoming and design-worthy removable decals. You can write down last minute reminders, inspirational quotes, or compliments for your friends when they stop by for a visit. Putting up a simple dry eraser board or chalk board might not be the only decoration you would want to consider for this use, but it can be the main centerpiece to the door’s main design all together. If your feeling bold and daring, why not leave out a couple of writing utensils for others to use your board, so they can share what their thinking. You can create fun little games for them to play around with such as leaving questions or riddles for them to solve, and who knows, you might even be left with one of your own!

Of course, you might not want others to tamper with your board at all. Well, no need to worry about that! A fun little tip for this is to use hair spray so that what you wright on stays on, making it much harder for others to remove whatever you have written down.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, because your words just might make someone else’s day!

5 Crazy Unique Ways to Personally Style Your Dorm Room

Finding time to setup and decorate your dorm room can be tedious, but hopefully these crazy and unique tips have given you some inspiration and ideas of your own you would like to try out! Why not show a little festivity for the upcoming holiday season, or maybe you could welcome the new season with their own color schemes. It is your dorm after all! Have fun with it!

Do you have any ideas you would like to share? Maybe you’ve already tried experimenting on some of the tips listed above and would like to show off some photos of your own. Make sure to leave a comment down below to tell us all about it!

featured image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/574209021234412447/
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