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12 Crazy Snowmen Designs You Should Try Out

12 Crazy Snowmen Designs You Should Try Out

The weather outside is once again paraded by snow and jolly in time for the holidays! What better way to celebrate winter’s arrival than by making some snowmen? This year, however, building a wintery buddy can be made all the more fun with these crazy and fantastical snowman designs!

1. Upside-Down Snowman

Traditional snowmen are so stilted and undynamic in their regular stand-up pose. This year, snowman designs can really imitate life a little better with this simple snowman building trick: building your snowman upside down! Seriously, this design is so simple and so easy it’s hard to imagine that it can be so innovative.

The only tricky thing to it is that the bottom needs to be able to support the weight of all the extra snow at the top! Make sure to find and use extra thick sticks so the snowman can balance his head better!12 Crazy Snowmen Designs You Should Try Out

2. Fallen Down Snowman

This type of snowman design might seem lazy or uninspired but that’s precisely where its strength lies! A snowman purposely crafted on the ground can hope to tell an amazing or troubling story over why he’s there in the first place!


Could it be murder? Gasp! Is he taking a vacation? Good for him! Or maybe he’s looking for small critters to play with. Who knows! It’s however you build him that tells his story, so you have free reign to tell this snowy buddy’s story!

3. Accessorised Snowman

Glam up your snowman with all the coolest, flashiest, iconic, or latest accessories that’ll make all the other snowmen jealous! Mittens, a hat, and a scarf don’t cut it when there are so many other articles of clothing or accessories to implement on your snowman! Pull out your old headphones and shades to make a cool snowman. Get chic and apply lipstick, make it a snowwoman! Or just get crazy and put on all the wackiest old articles of clothing you can find on your snowman! 

Just, make sure to use items you’re not using anymore or that you don’t mind getting assaulted by the elements.


12 Crazy Snowmen Designs You Should Try Out

4. Impaled Snowman

A step further into the fallen snowman idea is the impaled snowman. Ouch, pretty morbid for such a traditionally festive time of the year, right? Well, people have fun in their own, ultra-violent and sadistic ways, supposedly.

Make a snowman surrounding the base of anything tall and preferably thin enough to build around. There are plenty of options to choose from, be it a small tree, a pole, streetlight, and even a stoplight! Well, maybe not a stoplight. Just remember, the thicker it is, the more work it will be!


5. Mailbox Snowman

Snowmen gotta eat something, right? Give your mailperson some holiday cheer of their own when they come across these hilarious snowman designs! Sure, the shape of your mailbox will make for an upset-looking snowman, but that’s probably because he’s hungry for your mail! It’s funny, it’s easy, and it’s a great piece that gives the neighborhood some much needed holiday cheer!

12 Crazy Snowmen Designs You Should Try Out

6. Snowanimals

Animal lovers will get a kick out of crafting their favorite critters and creatures with the right attitude and imagination! Snow makes for a great mold, so there’s no limit to what your snowanimal design could be, with the right mindset and huge concentration.

Anything four-legged is already guaranteed to be easily balanced, so pick animals with features that aren’t hard to capture or mold in their recognizability!


12 Crazy Snowmen Designs You Should Try Out

7. Headless Snowman

To be, or not to be, that is the question!

The real reason why building snowmen is so fun is that anybody can get as creative as they want with the process. Some people think their snowman is better off without their head. Or at least not one attached to their body. Let your snowman carry his own head and lay it in his arms. Or put laying right down next to him. Certainly morbid, but hey, the snowman can’t complain!


8. Monster Snowman

Everyone knows what a traditional snowman looks like. Why not shake it up this year with some bold and creative leaps into the monstrous? Give your snowman a weird makeover in its body, limbs, face, and whatever other body parts you decide to add to it!

Make it multi-armed or give it sharp teeth. Give it multiple eyes and craft a tale. Consider clawed feet and pointed ears! You’re no longer making a snowman but a snowmonster, instead!

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9. Movie And TV Snowmen Caricatures

Get inventive and find inspiration from your television screen! There are a plethora of wild and zany cartoon characters to replicate right in front of you! Use your phone as a reference to build a precise model of Bart Simpson or get out your old Spongebob toy as your model. Build Snoopy on top of the dog house even!


The possibilities are endless when there are so many characters to choose from!

12 Crazy Snowmen Designs You Should Try Out

10. Fat Snowman

The title speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Make your snowman body positive and give it some extra snowy thickness! Sure, it might not be the wackiest or out-there design, but how many times have you seen a fat snowman? Exactly.

Make the body huge and wide while the head remains a traditional size and you got yourself a jolly snowman to rival Kris Kringle! 


11. Kid-Eating Snowman

Usually, kids love building snowmen on their own! But maybe a parent or two is needed for this particular snowman design. The kid-eating snowman is hilariously morbid and a great scarecrow to ward children away from wherever you build it. 

More importantly, it’s just funny and creative if snowman designs like this are your kind of humor!

12 Crazy Snowmen Designs You Should Try Out

12. Snowman Doing An Activity

If you’re sick and tired of your snowmen lounging around and doing nothing once you’re done building them, put them to work! Build them from the ground up doing something to contribute to the household, like yard work. Or, make them do something with their short life and have them ride a bike! 


Whatever action you choose for them, it’s sure to be a comedic venture for you!

Can you out-crazy these snowman designs? Comment below to tell us all about your crazy snowman designs!

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