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Crazy Sex Stories You Have To Hear About

Crazy Sex Stories You Have To Hear About

I asked my friends to share their crazy sex stories and they didn’t disappoint.  Surprisingly, I received so much feedback that I weeded out the most insane. Below are the most shocking, unexpected, and steamy sex stories you can find.

The Stepmom Saves The Day

One weekend I went to visit my mom in my hometown after breaking up with a long term boyfriend.  She and I were hanging out with a few of her friends when I decided to go to the local bar alone.  Since this was my hometown, I was convinced I would run into someone I knew.  I was wrong.  I didn’t know a soul in there, but was determined to have fun.  

I ordered a drink from the bartender and as I went to pay, this really sexy guy named Chad appears from nowhere and bought me the drink.  He lived four hours away and was there for a bachelor party.  We started chatting and eventually decided to leave together.  I couldn’t take him to my mom’s so I did the next best thing and took him to my dad’s.  We had sex in the car, on the hood, on the truck, on the very top of the car, and ended back inside the car.  We passed out completely naked in my backseat.  

The next morning, I wake to see my stepmother running across the yard with a sheet.  She threw it in the window and said your dad is coming!  She scurried off as fast as she came. We get dressed under the sheet and saw my dad sitting in a lawn chair.  The guy was scared to death of my dad, but decided to face it head on.  To his surprise my dad said, “Well, good morning” and handed Chad a beer.  We ended up dating for three years and are still good friends to this day.  We both still agree this is our top crazy sex story. 

-Alyssa, 23

College students open up about their craziest and most unbelievable sex stories. These are hard to top, but some of you will still try. Take a look because you will not believe your eyes.

He Got More Than He Bargained For

After two dramatic breakups during freshman year, I vowed to stay single during sophomore year.  It didn’t take long before I started getting bored and lonely while my buddies were hooking up left and right. I was tired of hearing about their crazy sex stories. I didn’t want to get into a relationship, so I immediately started to analyze which of my chick friends would be down for a friends with benefits situation.  I came up with Janie, a girl that went to a different college in a neighboring city.  We hung out in the same circles and were cool enough to hang out alone, but not too close to ruin the friendship.

My buddies had a bonfire party coming up, so I figured this was the best opportunity to ask her to come with me.   She agreed, but about two hours before I was going to pick her up she said she did not feel good.  It took a bit of convincing,  but she agreed to come out anyway and I picked her up as planned.  After a few drinks, she seemed to be completely fine.  She was dancing with everyone and talking to everyone at the party.  In fact, she was the life of the party.  

It was getting a little late and I was growing impatient, so I suggested we sneak away inside to have some alone time.  She agreed and stripped down as soon as we got into my buddies living room.  I laid down on the couch and she started riding me like a soldier.  I reached back to grab her ass and made a comment as to how wet she was.  I opened my eyes and screamed in horror!  This girl literally shit all over me and my buddy’s couch.  All she said was, “I told you I was sick”.  To top it off, she didn’t even help clean it up.

-Luke, 21

College students open up about their craziest and most unbelievable sex stories. These are hard to top, but some of you will still try. Take a look because you will not believe your eyes.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes!

During my senior year at ODU, my male best friend and I decided to go to a strip club.  Little did I know this night would top both of our crazy sex stories!

My leg was broken and was on crutches, but he really wanted to go.  He always relied on me to pick up girls for him because he was shy.  When we walked in we ordered drinks and sat at the runway.  He gave me a stack of bills to keep the dancer’s attention in our area.  

The night was winding down and last call was in 30 minutes.  So far he had no luck getting anyone’s number.  He was ready to leave, but I insisted we have another round of drinks.  While he ordered, I went to the restroom and started a conversation with a random girl.  After that, she was eyeing us the rest of the night pretty aggressively.  The bar announced last call, and the girl sent her boyfriend over to talk to us.  They must have thought we were a couple…and swingers.  We played along and they ended up following us back to my friend’s apartment.  At this moment we knew this would become the strangest of the crazy sex stories we would ever encounter.

The couple undressed and started fooling around with each other, slowly including us one at a time.  I actually forgot my leg was broken when I went to take off my clothes.  I had a split cast, so I just unwrapped it and took it off.  My friend had sex with her while she went down on me her boyfriend watched.  I decided to help her man out and let him have sex with me.  

 Meanwhile, my friend had to keep moving my cast because it was getting in his way.  When he finished, the girl grabbed her clothes and ran out the door.  Her man thanked us and quickly followed.  She left so abruptly that she forgot her shoes. Maybe she was upset because it was one of her boyfriend’s favorite crazy sex stories.  We laughed for an entire year because my friend left the girl’s shoes by the door the whole time.  Too bad they weren’t my size.

-Vanessa, 25

College students open up about their craziest and most unbelievable sex stories. These are hard to top, but some of you will still try. Take a look because you will not believe your eyes.

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Condom Drama

In high school, I was a really late bloomer.  I didn’t have any crazy sex stories.  I didn’t have any kind of sex stories.  I weighed less than 100 pounds and didn’t get leg hair until my junior year.  Let’s just say I was last in line for the girl’s I was attracted to.  A year after graduation, I returned back home from college with a newfound confidence.  There was a girl I had my eye on since high school and we had stayed in touch while I was gone.  I guess you could say we were boyfriend/girlfriend but with my new image, I believed no girl was out of range for me now.  Determined to finally get a start on my crazy sex stories bank, I made a bold decision. I went to party solo one night and saw a couple girls that used to intimidate me during high school.  That feeling was long gone and I was as confident as ever.  So I asked her to be my partner in a game of beer pong and we crushed our opponents.  As people started thinning out, I decided to pull her away from the remaining crowd to be alone.  We found an empty room and really started going at it.  

Being from California, everyone leaves the windows open.  I didn’t realize the party was right outside the window until we started having sex, but I didn’t care.  I had waited a long time for the opportunity for this and I was determined to embrace it. Embrace it, I did.  We fell asleep and the next morning something didn’t feel right.  I had to pee really bad and made my way down the hall, half dressed.  Everyone was asleep so I decided not to turn on the light and sit down to pee.  As I started, I felt a weird sensation (and no, it was not a burning sensation).  It felt like a weight on my manhood.  I immediately looked down and realized I had passed out with the condom on and was filling up like a water balloon.  I just let it fall off and flushed it down the toilet.  I guess that was a bad idea too because the toilet clogged up and overflowed all over the floor with the condom swimming in it on the floor.  I grabbed all my belongings and got the hell out of there.  The girlfriend broke up with me and the girl I hooked up with never spoke to me again. I left town and went back to the old drawing board on how to keep improving my new ladies man image.  Definitely one of the crazy sex stories I would like to forget.

-Josh, 23

College students open up about their craziest and most unbelievable sex stories. These are hard to top, but some of you will still try. Take a look because you will not believe your eyes.

She Kept His Secret…

How’s this for crazy sex stories?  I had been dating this girl for three years and things were getting pretty serious.  Our families were close and we often would share family events all together.  Our moms went shopping together and our dads would hang out in the garage working on cars.  Perfect, right?  There was only one problem and it was a major one.  I was also seeing a guy from my Economics class.  

Once a week, my girlfriend babysat her nephews overnight in the neighboring town.  I took full advantage of the freedom and would head downtown, which is 30 minutes away and meet up with my secret boyfriend.  We had been doing this almost as long as I had been dating this girl and we had no intentions of calling it quits.  Usually we would just hang out at this house because we were scared people would pick up on our attraction with each other.  However one night after a few…okay a lot of drinks, we bravely went out to a nearby bar.  We continued to drink and just as we predicted, we got quite cozy in one of the booths.  We were kissing and making out to the point we were actually asked to leave.  On our way out, I saw my girlfriend’s mom having drinks with another man! I put my head down and she put hers down.  I thought I was in the clear.  I’ll keep her secret and she will keep mine, right?

That night he and I had the most amazing sex.  Maybe it was because we were tempting the chances of getting caught.  Maybe it was because we got caught.  I was starting to picture my life with him instead of my girlfriend.  However, I wasn’t actually ready for that.  I wanted this kept under wraps and was confident my girlfriend’s mom would stay mum.  But, I later found out her mom was there with her brother from a few states away.  Naturally, my girlfriend found out and then ended up finding the guy I had been seeing.  They are actually still dating today and it’s been two years.  I am currently watching Netflix alone.

-Henry, 26

College students open up about their craziest and most unbelievable sex stories. These are hard to top, but some of you will still try. Take a look because you will not believe your eyes.

Can you top these crazy sex stories?  Share all the juicy details below.

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