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10 Crazy Myths About Long Distance Relationships

10 Crazy Myths About Long Distance Relationships

The Most Important Things To Remember When You're In A Relationship

Long distance relationships have accrued a bad reputation. Whether it be through the advice of a well-meaning friend, or their representation in pop culture, LDRs are often seen as something doomed to fail. Yes, distances are hard in any relationship, but it’s not as bad as it seems. Here are ten myths about long distance relationships.

10 Crazy Myths About Long Distance Relationships

1) The distance complicates things too much

It would be a lie to say that being away from the person you love is easy. You miss them, you want to see them. Sometimes you feel like it’s too complicated, and you’d much rather call it quits. But staying together, even if you’re physically apart is still possible. So don’t go changing those Facebook statuses to ‘It’s complicated’, just yet!

2) Staying faithful is hard

Temptation is all around us. The distance from your partner may make it harder, but it doesn’t change things all that much if the love is actually strong. If you are an or with an unfaithful person, chances are these temptations would be hard to resist regardless of the distance. But if you and your partner have loyalty and love towards each other, staying faithful in a long distance relationships isn’t impossible.

10 Crazy Myths About Long Distance Relationships

3) You need to talk every day to keep the spark alive

I am currently in one long distance relationships, and I’m always asked if I Skype him or call him often. I don’t. We text, but both of us lead busy lives and keeping in touch every day becomes tough. It does make things a little harder, and insecurities do flare up at the worst of times. But we make the best of the time we do have together. While I wish we could talk more often, I also notice that not talking to each other hasn’t killed the spark. On the contrary, it teaches us to value the time we do get with each other.

4) You can’t depend on your partner

Everyone wants to have someone they can depend on. And if that person is miles away from you, or in a different time zone, depending on them gets harder. But it isn’t impossible. Your partner may be busy, but you can depend on them. If you’re still feeling low about it, the bright side of things is that being in a LDR actually makes you more independent, and it’s a great feeling not to be tied down by an overdependence on anyone.

10 Crazy Myths About Long Distance Relationships

5) Being in a long distance relationship is like being single

If you can’t be with your or see your partner all the time, doesn’t that mean you’re single? So you might as well break it off, be single and nothing would change. Wrong! My partner and I text every day. He is part of my routine, as I am part of his. If I were to break up with him just because of the distance, that would leave a huge void in my life.  Things would definitely change, and not in a good way. Just because I can’t see or be with my partner often, doesn’t mean I love him any less than a person who might see their partner every day. Or that things won’t be any different for me if I broke up with him. I am not single, I am in a relationship, so it would hurt just as much as a regular break up.

6) You fall out of love easily in a long distance relationship

It’s a hard pill to swallow for many, but maybe it’s time to accept that falling out of love has nothing to do with the distance. People fall out love. Sometimes it’s because of the distance, and sometimes it’s for other reasons. You could fall out love even with the person laying right beside you.

10 Crazy Myths About Long Distance Relationships

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7) You can’t trust your partner

If you can’t trust your boyfriend or girlfriend, then you probably shouldn’t even be dating them. Trust is essential in any relationship, long distance or not. So if you can’t trust them, then maybe distance is just the excuse and not the real problem.

8) The times when you meet again are magical

Almost everyone craves a ‘fairy-tale romance’ moment of their own. When you haven’t seen the person you love in a very long time, it’s easy to build up the reunion in your mind to such an extent that the real thing is often a disappointment. But just because your meeting wasn’t as magical as you’d imagined it, don’t question or doubt the passion of your relationship, just enjoy the moment even if it wasn’t a fairy-tale.

10 Crazy Myths About Long Distance Relationships

9) It never works out

Some people stay together despite the odds and some people who thought they’d stay together forever end up splitting. The distance- while it may have sometimes been a contributing factor – is not always to blame for this. Some people just aren’t meant to be together, that’s all.

10) It’s not worth it

Don’t give up on a relationship, just because you believe long distance won’t work out or that the effort isn’t worth it. Every relationship is worth a chance, so don’t knock it till you try it!

What are some myths on long distance relationships that you know? Let us know in the comments below!

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