Crazy Airport Experiences I Had Over The Past Year

Crazy Airport Experiences I Had Over The Past Year

Over the past few years, I have been travelling a lot which means I get to deal with a lot of airports and a lot of different people, whether I like it or not. I’m from Poland but I study at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland so just from that I have been through a lot, and mostly – by myself. It gets quite scary when you’re all alone and something unplanned happens. Unfortunately, I can say I have had quite a lot of crazy airport experiences. On the positive side, I think they taught me some things and I’m quite sure I will never make some of the mistakes again. So without further ado, here are my two crazy airport experiences I’ve had over the last year.

Lost my watch and went to find it

I want to begin this first crazy airport experience with a little side note. This was my all-time favourite watch that I had wanted for quite a while before getting it as a birthday gift from my parents. What is more, it was just generally a really good watch that served me a good few years.

The trip started off pretty easily and without any problems. My parents dropped me off at the airport, I checked in, went smoothly through security and passport control, bought myself a bottle of water and sat down near my gate to patiently wait to board the plane. As I reached out to pull a book out of my backpack I glanced at my wrist. Then I looked again in terror.

My watch was not there.

I frantically went through all my stuff but it was nowhere to be seen. I started panicking and did what anyone would do in my situation – called my mum. Since it was quite early and the plane wouldn’t be boarding for another half an hour,  she told me to go back to security control, because that’s where it should be – that’s where I had seen it last. It wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t gone through passport control. I ran back to the booth and waived like a crazy person to one of the guards. My anxiety was pretty high at this point and I’m sure the guy I was talking to was pretty annoyed at me. I tried to explain my situation but looking back I probably didn’t make much sense. Thankfully, he did point out where I should go.

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So I ran.

I obviously got lost and had to ask other guards to point me in the good direction. Before I knew it I was in a weird empty part of the airport I had never been to before. The panic kicked in even more. I got stopped by probably the most grumpy dude, who just didn’t seem like he cared I had any type of problem. He looked at me like I was an idiot, but thankfully, at last, told me where to go next. I ended up going through some random security check. I had to get all my electronics out and I had a small suitcase and a laptop in it, so you can imagine that it took me a while. It was also winter, so I even had to take my shoes off. By that point I was in tears, not even caring what all those people around thought of me. And I must say, the security lady was probably the meanest person I have ever met.

After I went through all that I had to find the security point I went through the first time and obviously it was in the other part of the airport, far away. I ran again, praying to God to make it to my flight. I could almost hear the clock ticking in my head.

Cutting it short, somebody found my watch and gave it to the security guards. I got it back and the guy who gave it to me was the only one who showed me some sympathy. After getting it I had to run through the airport one again, wait in line to go through passport control and get to my gate.

This story has a happy ending, but it taught me to always triple check that I have everything. And looking back now it’s not even that bad, but when it was all happening it seemed so much worse.

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Misspelt my name on the boarding card

The second crazy airport experience I would like to share with you was the most recent ones and taught me more than one thing.

It all started pretty well, I got to the airport and as I was saying goodbye to my parents next to the line to the security check, I opened my boarding pass and realised something is wrong. I misspelt my surname and since it was the last letter you could see it quite clearly.

The panic kicked in.

I went to the closest guard and showed him my boarding pass and asked if there is anything I can do in this type of situation. The guy looked straight through my anxious soul and said that there could be some problems with getting on the plane. Thank God my parents were with me, cause I literally wanted to sit on the ground and just cry. The guard pointed me to travelling assistance and explained that they will advise me on what to do next. I could literally feel in my guts that I wouldn’t get on the plane.

Thankfully, the assistance guy told me it should be fine. But there is a difference between it would be fine and it should be fine. And the slightest drop of doubt is what was killing me until I got on the plane. I did spend about half an hour locked in the bathroom, crying my eyes out and having a massive panic attack. I then found on the Internet that in Europe you can actually make up to three mistakes in your name and nobody will make problems. So for the future reference – always, always, triple check, your info but if out happen to misspell your name, don’t worry. It will be fine.

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Have you ever had any crazy airport experiences? Maybe you went through something similar to me? Let me know in the comments down below!

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