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The Crayola Makeup Collection Just Launched And It’s Everything

The Crayola Makeup Collection Just Launched And It’s Everything

The Crayola makeup collection brings many on a trip down memory lane to our childhood. But does the new makeup line offer more than memories?

An official Crayola brand makeup line has just been launched. In theory, this would be amazing, in actuality, according to several makeup gurus, it is the exact opposite. The reviews are still coming, but so far the verdict is not in Crayola’s favor for it’s Crayola makeup collection.

Brush And Pencil Case

The new brand launched exclusively on ASOS’ website on June 4th and the hype was real. Crayola launched a 58 piece collection including 2 eyeshadow palettes, a highlighter stick, a face palate, a customizable lip palette, brushes, and several “face crayons.”


The Reviews

The first major things reviewers have to say is that the prices are NOT worth you’re getting. Paying about $30 for an eyeshadow palette wouldn’t be so bad if the quality and pigment was there. Sadly, however, this doesn’t seem to be the case here. Makeup artists/gurus like Jeffree Star, Laura Lee, JKissa, and Queenofblending on Instagram all have big problems with these products. One look at the thumbnails of their videos and their feelings are pretty obvious.

Color Crayon Trio

Each review has one major thing in common: do not buy these products. According to the almighty internet, these products should stay on the digital shelves and not in our makeup collections. If you’re thinking about buying anything from Crayola beauty, be warned, they’re more novelty than quality. The best part about these products is the packaging. Which is sad. Visually, everything is so nostalgic and cool. It all looks like real Crayola crayon/ crayon box packages. The face crayons look like the marker/crayon packages with a variety of colored products meant for eyes, lips, and cheeks. When you just look at them, the products themselves also look promising. The shadows look shimmery, the crayons look pigmented, even the colored mascara looks nice! It’s a shame that it’s pretty much all a flop.


Eye Shadow Palette

To be a successful eye shadow, the two things you really need are pigment and blendability. (Is that even a real word?) The swatches of the shadows are deceiving. They seem to be very pigmented and glittery, but the pigment just doesn’t transfer when applied to the eyes. All three of the palettes are extremely shimmery, including the bronzer/ contour shades in the face palette, which isn’t something most want with those products. The darker purples and blues in the “Mermaid palette” don’t show up nearly as pigmented as they look in the pans. It’s more of a light wash of color than any major pigment. Speaking of pans, there aren’t any. The products are just stuck in their spots and shipped off hoping for the best. It doesn’t seem like everyone completely hates these products, but they are warning they’re following of the downsides and it seems that it is a generally negative consensus. We’ll have to wait and see, as reviews of the Crayola makeup collection are still coming out, if Crayola will do a second (hopefully better) launch.

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Lip And Cheek Crayon

From what it seems like so far, the only decent products are the face crayons. They’re just basic stick lipsticks advertised for more than just your lips. They aren’t really great for anything but your lips, but you are getting 3 products for $29 when 1 normal lipstick would cost about $20. It’s definitely hard to justify the price tag when the product can be used only one of the three ways it’s advertised, but if you’re dead set on buying something from this “brand”, it should definitely be the crayons.

Crayola Conclusion

In theory, the Crayola makeup collection was a great idea. Everyone at some point in their life has used Crayola crayons, so having these products in makeup form was a really REALLY smart idea, but the products just didn’t live up to the name. It’s really just such a shame because this could have been done so much better by another actual makeup company. Maybe a better idea for next time would be a collab with a big named makeup brand, that way you can get the colors and packaging of Crayola with the waaayyyy better quality of someone like Tarte, Urban Decay, or even Colorpop. Sorry Crayola, stick to what you know…


Which of the items from the Crayola makeup collection do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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