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Crafty DIY Creations To Dress Up Your Dorm Room

Crafty DIY Creations To Dress Up Your Dorm Room

Tired of having the same dorm d├ęcor as everyone else because there just aren’t enough options? There are lots of crafty DIY creations out there you can add to your dorm room to really spiff it up and help it stand apart from the rest. Check out these crafty DIY creations to find some dorm room inspiration to help you make your dorm room uniquely yours!

Window to Another World

Dorm rooms usually have a lot of empty wall space, which means a blank canvas for you to go totally wild with. One way to really add a lot to your dorm room and also express your unique style is to craft a fake window on your wall. Add shutters, curtains, window panes, or a window sill to really show off the window idea. And for the main attraction, what lies within the window, create a glimpse of another world of your choice. Craft a tropical paradise, a mountainous landscape, a wild jungle, or whatever images you wish. You can even personalize it by adding your pets or a scene from your window at home.

Everyone knows you can’t draw on your dorm walls. I guess you technically can, but you will be fined for it. Create your window on a sheet of whichever color you choose. Leave it black and white, or go all out and color it up. You can use paint, markers, glitter, glue on accents, or whatever else you can come up with. Be free, and be creative!


Picture Light Strings

There are images that define you, whether they be from your life or from the world. You just feel connected to these images and feel that they speak to a part of who you are. So why not display them? Even if you do not have immediate images in mind, take some time to seek these images out, as they will both show your visitors a glimpse of who you are and remind you of yourself on those days you may forget. This crafty DIY creation is as simple as soul searching, researching, clipping, and lighting it all up.

A simple string of white Christmas light works well for this DIY creation, but if you want to use another string of lights, feel free. Weave the lights on your wall in the trail you find appealing, attaching it with removable adhesive hooks or something similar to hold them in place. Plug them in to see where the lights shine, then grab some clothespins and clip your images to the string. The result is a sort of orderly collage that doubles as a soft light!


Dried Flower Wall Paper

Flowers bring life to a room, even when they are dead. Drying flowers is a great way of preserving their beauty in time, despite how fragile they become. The elegance of dried flowers like roses, hydrangeas, and lavender brings beauty wherever they are. Of course, it can be difficult to dry flowers, so fake flowers are the next best thing. You can find life-like fake flowers that will have a similar effect on a room, so do not fret. If you like the more flamboyant fake flowers, then go for those. Whatever speaks to your style. Create a design on your dorm wall out of flowers for a beautiful DIY creation.

So this is obviously not actually wallpaper, but it does create patterns on the wall like wallpaper does. Line up various flowers in stripes on a wall in your dorm room to create something no one else has on campus. Whether you put them around items already on your wall or give them a wall of their own, the end result will look great. Use white tape to secure your flowers in place. If striped walls are not your thing, experiment with other patterns like diamonds or waves until you find your happy place.


Plants in a Can

This may sound like it’s not the dressiest dorm room DIY, but it is all in how you make it. Plants dress up any area (as long as they are healthy), so have some confidence in this crafty DIY. Pop a can here and place a plant there, get my drift? Drink a canned drink, cut off the top, fill the can with dirt, and plant a plant in it. Small plants can be under a dollar to buy, and there are some interesting choices to consider. Whether you want one plant in a can or several plant cans, channel your DIY craftiness and own your dorm room creation.

There are a lot of canned drinks out there that are not so common but have really cool designs on them. Try a new drink, and totally let the can decide which flavor you choose. Or if you like a common drink, go for that. And if you just can’t find a can you like, decorate one! Buy a small plant that will fit in the top of your can and that you really like, making sure to check the care instructions to verify you can give your plant what it needs, and complete this crafty DIY. Watch out, though, because your room visitors may want to copy your idea.


Scarf Curtain

Scarves come in all sorts of colors and patterns, which makes them ideal for fun DIY projects. If you have a style leaning towards the bohemian, or if you just have a lot of scarves, put that style to use! Curtains can only be so exciting. At times, they can actually feel limiting, which is why people sometimes turn to things like tapestries to cover their windows. Let your creativity flow with this easy to do DIY project to add some flare to your dorm window.

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If you are not a scarf connoisseur, gathering a scarf collection so you can have the perfect one for every outfit, you can find a lot of fun scarves at most second-hand shops for a very low price. If your room does not come with a curtain rod or even curtain rod holders, purchase one or use a piece of twine or rope to put them up with. Loop the scarves around your curtain holder and watch your creation come to life. If you do have a scarf collection, this doubles as displayed storage for them, making it easy for you to select your accessory and keep them in order.

Floral Framed Mirror

Every dorm room has a mirror. If it doesn’t, you probably have plans to include one if you have not already. Why leave that mirror plain? It is another blank canvas worth decorating! Giving your mirror a unique border is one more chance for you to help your dorm room stand out. Plus, framing your mirror with things you like helps put you in a positive mood when you look in the mirror.


Though this crafty DIY creation involves flowers, you can line your mirror with whatever you come up with. If you do stick with the flower suggestion, you can buy flower chains and tape them around your mirror, or hot glue your own chain together from your personal floral selections. Make your mirror frame as thick or thin as you like; it’s yours to make just as you want!

Which of these crafty DIY creations inspires you? Do you plan to include any of these crafty DIY creations in your dorm room? Let me know in the comments below!

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