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14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall

14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall

Dates could be really fun and it’s a great way to be creative and do the things you like with the people you like. So here are 14 cozy dates to do with your bf this fall. Let us know any other cozy dates that we might have missed

1. Movie Marathon

Watch your favorite movies or your favorite movie franchise while being snuggled up on the couch with your favorite blanket and each others favorite snacks. This is a nice relaxing way to unwind with your boyfriend.

2. Blanket Forts

Unleash your inner child and grab all the sheets you have in your house and sofa cushions and clear out some space so you guys could create your very own blanket forts. Work together or make forts or see who can make the better fort.


14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall

3. Have A Picnic

Pack some of your favorite finger foods that are easily transportable and your favorite drinks and put them in a basket, grab an outdoor blanket, and surprise your boyfriend with a cozy romantic picnic. This idea is old school but is such a romantic and simple idea.

14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall4. Drink and Paint

You know those art classes were they serve wine well you can do that at home. Just purchase your own canvas, acrylic paint, a packet of paintbrushes and a bottle of wine or whatever you choose to drink. Choose an easy painting to do and see who can create the better painting whilst getting drunk. This is a fun idea to try at the comfort of your house.


14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall

5. Cook Together

Try to create your favorite meals together. One can make the appetizer and you or your bf could make the entrees and together you guys can work on the desert. It might get a bit messy and if you’re not too good at cooking you might make a few mistakes but that’s okay. This idea is nice because cooking each other meals is a great way to show that you care about each other.

6. Board Games

See who’s better at scrabble and who could score the triple word with a Z word tile or whose better at monopoly. This might seem like such an obvious answer that you’ve probably overlooked it but it’s a nice idea to do at each other’s home and show off your creative side.


14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall

7. Binge Watch a television show together

So binge-watch your favorite television show like The Office, Parks and Rec and after you guys finish watching the whole series you can play a trivia game together or play a drinking a game whilst watching the show.

8. Play Video Games

Your boyfriend might have his most favorite multiplayer game and has been wanting to play it with someone. Volunteer to play a videogame with him. This is such a sweet and relax date plus you’re showing interest in your significant others’ interest which shows how much you care.

14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall

9. Have a Bonfire

A bonfire is a great way to cozy up to your boyfriend. Have a small bonfire at night and bring a blanket just in case it gets cold so both of you can cozy up under the blanket and make smores whilst watching the night sky and hearing the wood crackle. This is a soft romantic idea.

14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall

10. Play Bartender

This idea is a great way to show off how well you know each other’s taste. Do this but only if you’re old enough to drink in your country. Remember safety and following the rules of your state is always first. Create a drink with the mixes and alcohol that you think your boyfriend or significant other might like. If their favorite alcohol of choice is tequila the base of your drink would probably be tequila. Mix around with chasers and liquor and when you think you’ve nailed it name the drink after your significant other or boyfriend and have them taste it. If they like it then congratulations you passed as a bartender for them and they don’t like go back to the bar cart and try to create something new that fits more their needs.

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11. Fondue

Seriously, make fondue with one another. How often have you made fondue? Probably not very often. Fondue night could be a special rare occasion for the two of you and you can try to work out the kinks of what cheese you need to have and what taste better going in the dipping pot. But because this a more unique idea that isn’t used that often it’s perfect for a chilly fall night to celebrate with one another and enjoy each other’s company instead of going out.

12. Watch a Sunrise

Early morning go to the beach and bring a blanket because the weather is bound to be chilly and sit on the sand and wrap you and your boyfriend up with the blanket and sit cuddling up to each other while hearing the waves crash and wait for the dark sky to turn that beautiful pink shade until it hits the light blue. Watching the sunrise is a romantic cozy idea as is but having it be colder weather is a nice excuse to cozy and cuddle each other. Everyone should try this idea with their significant other at least once.

14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall

13. Go on a Hike together

Fall weather is the perfect excuse that you need to go out and enjoy nature. Go on a mini adventure and search for a new hiking spot or go to a new waterfall. Finding cute small places with each other is a great way to spend time with one another and enjoy the autumn season. This is a nice way to have some bonding time with your boyfriend as well.

14. Go on a mini road trip

Maybe you live two hours away from the mountains or from a national park or something of that sort. Isn’t a mini road trip the perfect excuse to go there. Plus the outdoors are especially beautiful durin the fall season. Create a playlist for one another and get ready to spend a day or two in a small town. A mini-vacation is super fun and it could really help you connect with your boyfriend as well.

14 Cozy Dates To Do With Your BF This Fall

There are 14 unique and cozy fall date ideas to do with your boyfriend. Which ones have you already done or look forward to doing?