10 Cozy Cuddling Positions For A Lazy Day

When you think of a lazy day with your significant other, you must think of being cuddled up on the couch or laying in bed with one another. Whether it is watching a movie or even just laying and talking to one another it can be fun to just roll around and end up all entangled with one another. However, If you feel like you are constantly doing the same type of cuddling positions, here are 10 that you can try during your next lazy Sunday or lazy day off with your significant other! So, grab your blankets and pillows and wrap yourselves up in one another! Throw on a good tv show or movie and you are set for the perfect lazy day together! 

#1 Spoon

Obviously, this cuddling position is one of the most popular! Whether you are the little spoon or big spoon, it is a cute way to show affection to your significant other! This position is also super easy to do when you are watching a movie or your favorite tv show. Throw a blanket over you two and you are ready to start binge watching your favorite show! The spooning position is also perfect for taking a nap or even falling asleep. It is a comforting position for a lazy day! This is one of the most common cuddling positions for couples! Some people even reverse the little spoon and big spoon roles because it is comfortable either way!

#2 Honeymoon Hug

This one is so cute and really shows you guys are in love. This position is when you both face each other and have your arms around each other, with your legs wrapped around. This position is perfect for when you just wake up or wanna just lay in bed together. It is an easy way to talk to one another. If you and your significant other like to fall asleep facing each other, this is the perfect cuddling position for you two! 

#3 Sweetheart’s Cradle

This cuddling position is so cute! It is when your boyfriend is lying flat on his back with one arm wrapped around you, and you are laying tucked into him with a hand on his chest and your head laying on his shoulder. This position is the perfect nap position and is so comfy and cozy since you feel protected and safe. However, if your lazy day includes watching TV, then this position might be tricky for doing that!

#4 The Reverse Hugger

The reverse hugger is when you are sitting up against either the end of the couch or leaning against your headboard, with your significant other laying in between your legs and you wrap your arms around them. It is almost like the spooning position but sitting upright! This is a super cute position to try and will make your boyfriend feel super comfy. This is a good lazy day cuddle hack for when you are watching your favorite tv show or movie with each other! This is comfortable for both of you, so definitely try it out! 

#5 The Hugger 

The regular hugger position is just like the reverse, but instead, your boyfriend is sitting behind you with his arms wrapped around you. You then are leaning against his chest! Trust me, ladies, this is one of the most comfortable positions for every lazy day. It is supportive of your head so you can just lean back and enjoy your tv show! 

#6 Butterfly

Most times, if you are napping with your significant other, you end up in the butterfly position. This happens most often when you are overheating or just trying to get comfortable. This position entails you guys sleeping with your backs to each other and stretching your arms out. If you are napping during a lazy day or sleeping in on a lazy weekend, this is a comfortable way to sleep while still touching and cuddling each other. 


#7 Blankets

Cuddling under blankets is honestly one of the most comfortable ways to cuddle and sleep. Especially when it is chilly out and you leave the window open a crack, you will definitely be cuddling up close to one another! Make sure either on your bed or on your couch you have an overload of a comfy sherpa or super soft blankets so you can snuggle up under them and turn the lights off and watch a movie! That sounds like the perfect lazy day! The lighting can also add a big part to the cuddling! Dim the lights and pull the shades!

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#8 Pillows

Along with having a ton of blankets on your bed, it is perfect to pair that with a lot of pillows. When you are cuddling, sometimes you and your significant other have your heads on different levels and having extra pillows is a must. Not to mention, pillows are so comfy in general. It will add more to your next cuddle sesh if your bed and couch are completely made for a lazy day cuddled up together! 

#9 Human braid 

Obviously by the name of this cuddling position you can tell you guys are tangled up like a pretzel! This position is so cute and super comforting. There are so many ways you can achieve the human braid by wrapping your legs and arms all around one another. It is a cute position for any lazy day or even before you fall asleep or right after you wake up! 

#10 Loosely Tethered

This is a cute position for when you guys are overheating or just need space from cuddling. It includes you and your significant other facing in the same direction with his hand slightly touching you. It is a gentle and super cute way to show affection without being too over the top with it. This is a great way to fall asleep or you will honestly end up in this position when you wake up! 

What is your favorite cuddling position for a lazy day? Comment down below!