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10 Cozy Blankets For Your Dorm Room

Blankets are a necessity when it comes to cozying up your college dorm room! There are many different styles, patterns, and colors making it difficult to find the perfect one for your room! A blanket really ties together your room! After a long day of hard work, blankets are the best to cuddle up under! They are a little reminder of home and are an easy way to keep warm! It is one of the best investments you can make in your dorm room! Trust me, you will use a blanket every day! 

1. Cozy Pom Pom Throw

This blanket is like the basic sherpa blanket, but this one from Pottery Barn adds a playful flare by including pom poms on the end. This blanket is so soft and will for sure keep you toasty in the winter and comfy all year round. This pom pom throw will be your go-to Netflix blanket, trust me! It comes in five different colors which makes it super easy to match it with your comforter and pillows. The best part is that it is machine washable, so while you’re at school you can easily wash it without the worry of ruining it!

2. Chenille Rib Throw

This blanket looks so cute draped on the edge of your bed or wrapped around you! It comes in five neutral and dark tone colors, so this blanket would go best with comforters on the lighter side! The ribbed design replicates that of a sweater and who doesn’t love to be wrapped up in a sweater! Also, for only twelve dollars you can add your monogram to it, how cute! This is the perfect dorm blanket to dress it up and keep you cozy all year long! 

3. Cable Knit

Oh my comfy! Cable knit blankets are on the heavier side, but they have such a cute flare to them! This style resembles the cable knit sweater pattern! You can find this style on most websites and they come in any color you could think of! They come in chunky and thin, so depending on what you’re looking for they have it! The cable knit blanket will for sure tie together your dorm room, but don’t be surprised when everyone asks where it’s from!

4. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been trending recently because they offer two functions, warmth and added weight. This blanket is supposed to help calm you when you’re stressed, which is an added bonus for exam time! Target offers a 12-pound sherpa blanket that is so ridiculously cozy! This blanket could be dangerous if you have an early class, it’s that comfy! It comes in gray and ivory which are both neutral colors that will blend well with powerful or bright colors! It is inexpensive and a really good investment for your college years!

5. Fleece

Fleece blankets are super cozy and come with guaranteed warmth! If you’re looking for a style that won’t break the bank, these are perfect! They are super lightweight and make for the perfect cuddle sesh. If you are looking for a specific pattern or color and cannot find it, there is a solution! Fleece throws are easy to DIY and a great gift to give to a friend or roommate!

6. Sweatshirt

In college, we mostly live in sweatshirts and sweatpants, whether it is going to class or grabbing dinner with your roomies, it is the most seen style on campus. So, why not turn the comfortable sweatshirt material into a blanket? This blanket is all-around cozy and warm. This style can now be found anywhere! Check out your school’s bookstore because sometimes they sell these with your mascot or logo on them! Another place to be on the lookout for these is The Black Dog!

7. Extra Fluffy, Extra Large Throw

I wish I could pull this blanket off the screen! By the name of this blanket, I’m sure you can already tell that it is super fuzzy and soft. After a long day of class or going out, coming home to this on the bed would be nothing short of amazing. This blanket comes in a variety of 15 colors, making it so easy to match with your color scheme. The best part about this blanket is how over-sized it is. This is the perfect blanket for cuddling up in the colder months!

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8. Waffle Weave

This blanket is super lightweight, but the waffle weave traps heat, making it super cozy and warm! The blanket comes with frayed edges giving it an edgy, but trendy vibe. This style will definitely dress up your bed and make it look super put together when you make your bed. It comes in seven colors, so there is something for everyone! After snuggling up with this once, you’ll want to buy it in all seven colors!

9. Velvet Throw

This style is classic and I am sure you have a velvet throw just laying around the house! Velvet throws are so soft, they basically melt in your hands. It comes in many different patterns and colors, making it easy to find one that matches with your dorm room aesthetic! It is medium weight which is perfect if you sleep with the window open, or have an air conditioner in your room! This look can be found oversized or fitted, but for the comfiest definitely go oversized! The price ranges from inexpensive to super expensive, so make sure you look online and read reviews before purchasing!

10. Microplush

Microplush is a bundle of comfort and warmth. This blanket is lightweight and suitable for all year round! They are easy to carry and pack which is super beneficial when it comes to moving in and out of your room! You can machine wash and dry them! Another plus, they do not pill or fade. They are stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and inexpensive! You can find these in just about any color! 

What cozy blanket do you have in your dorm room or did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!

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