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The 10 Cozy, Black, Work-From-Home Pants You Need Right Now

The 10 Cozy, Black, Work-From-Home Pants You Need Right Now

If 2020 has united the working world in any way, it’s through business on the top, party on the bottom! However, while wearing a blouse with pajama pants on Zoom felt hilarious at the beginning of the pandemic, several months later it’s just become depressing. At this point, I think we all deserve a wardrobe that feels comfortable enough to curl up in, but cute enough to flaunt around the house in. After doing lots of pant (and soul) searching, this is the list of work from home pants that I’ve sent to all the ladies in my life. This list is chosen based on comfort, fit, accurate sizing, and style. The best part? All of them are nice enough to wear at work once it’s safe to be back in office again!

1. Marine Layer- Allison Pant

These pants are easily my favorite, hence being #1. They fit like a DREAM. I have a smaller waist but am very bottom/hips/thighs heavy, so finding pants that fit all these areas perfectly is a constant struggle. I stopped buying pants online for this reason, but the Allison Pant made me a believer again. 

They are the perfect dress up or down pants. No matter what I pair them with they make me look fabulous. They land at the waist perfectly, hitting the small of the back in a most flattering way. They don’t pinch or tug on the waist at all, so you can be in bed as curled up as you want and feel like you’re in pajamas. They are soft, super flexible, and land in a beautiful upside-down V cut right above the ankle.


My only critique is that they are on the thinner side, which is part of why they are so comfortable. I don’t recommend wearing them to the park with your dog or kids as I wouldn’t want to try scrubbing mud off of these pants. But that’s what jeans are for. As work from home pants? These are absolutely perfect. 

2. Beta Brand- Soho Joggers- Skinny Leg, Classic

These pants are just wonderful. I ordered them with some hesitancy, as a few reviews said they definitely look like jogging pants. But everything I could see from the photos looked really nice, so I made the leap. And thank goodness for that, because they feel like silky yoga pants but look elegant and professional. These are definitely a nicer looking pant, possibly the most upscale looking work from home pants on this list. 


The fit at the waist is flawless, and the pleats down the hips are a lovely touch. The high waist makes it easy to tuck in a cute blouse, and I love that despite being a “jogger” the waist band itself has a finished, elegant look (compared to the usual scrunched up, elastic look). There’s also a small slit just before the ankle, a chic detail. The tie it comes with is a little athletic in style, but I just took that out and replaced it with a small black tie. These work from home pants look impeccable, and feel even better!

3. Beta Brand- Dress Pant Yoga Pant- Skinny Leg, Cigarette

After falling in love with Beta Brand’s Soho Joggers, I wanted to try something else by them. I decided to go with something slightly more casual looking, but that could easily be dressed up. 


I found these and ordered them immediately. Just as I hoped, they did not disappoint. They fit just as perfectly as the joggers, with that more casual touch that I was looking for. I adore the lines down the leg, and they hit at the hip so it’s a nice change-up from the high-waisted look of the joggers. They’re also more of a capri, so it’s a look I’ll confidently wear into spring and summer. There’s a button that makes these look like they fasten like regular pants, and slit pockets on the butt that add a nice touch. These details lend a lovely appearance while feeling just like yoga pants. I highly recommend them. 

4. LOFT- Lou & Grey Signature Soft Plush Upstate Sweatpants

Okay, so these are the pants I am wearing as I type this. I have literally never had a softer, more wonderful piece of clothing. I rub these pants all day long just to keep feeling them. They are more lush and comfy than any work from home pants I could dream of.


Of this list, they are the only ones I wouldn’t actually wear in office. They definitely look like sweat pants, but they are so cozy and well fitted that they still look really nice. My only complaint is that they run a little big which makes them rather large on my waist. I don’t mind cinching them tighter because they’re so comfortable, but I recommend ordering a size down. 

And confession: I bought these at 2am after a very long workday at home and definitely did not see the price clearly. I was immediately appalled that sweat pants could cost $76 and tried to cancel the order. I called customer service the next day and it was too late to cancel. So I decided I would just send it right back when I received it. Well, I made the mistake of trying them on, just to see. I don’t think I took those pants off for two days until I made myself finally shower. To date, they are my most worn piece of clothing. These work from home pants are the best. They’re my guilty pleasure, and one I’m so happy to have. 


5. Bōdhi Jumper- Midnight Black

Alright, I know this is technically a jumper and not a pant, but oh my god it’s way too comfortable and perfect not to put on this list. Paired with a cute cardigan and necklace it looks exactly like a blouse and black pants. Of course, you can also just wear it solo as their company says, “We consider ourselves one-piece specialists + all-in-one-outfit perfectionists.” And it really is a perfect, all-in-one outfit. 

First of all, it feels like a DREAM. The craftsmanship and comfort are just marvelous. It’s actually sort of shocking how soft it is because it’s also incredibly durable. I have done so many workouts in this and then spent the rest of my day chasing after my puppy and buzzing around the house; at the end of the day, my jumper is untainted. Secondly, it’s incredibly flattering. No matter how your body is proportioned, it makes your waist and torso look smooth and sultry, and opens up to be a bit more billowy (but too much so) over the waist and hips. Also, it has deep, wonderful pockets.

I’d honestly recommend this jumper to anyone. Moms, athletes, all of us working from home. The best part is the company itself is very cool. Their mission is “to create sustainable and technical activewear for living embodied (the practice of finding home in our bodies they explain)”. They’re San Francisco based, and make everything locally to cut down on carbon emissions of transport. Indelible fabric and luxurious comfort all while supporting a small business with a dazzling mission? Sign. Me. Up.


6. Banana Republic Factory- Hayden Pull On Tapered Fit, Soft Ankle Pant

These pants are everything I was looking for when I thought of “comfy, work from home pants”. They are high waisted, super comfortable, taper flawlessly down the leg, and are very affordable. I found these on sale for $22. With most of the pants on this list being an investment (albeit a worthy investment) these pants were an easy choice to make. 

My only drawback is that they are slightly larger at the waist. Again, I run small on my waist and large on my hips/legs, so sizing is always tricky for me. Fortunately, my mom happens to be president of the quilt guild and was able to help me tailor them to my waist. Without her help, I would have probably returned them. But if you are a more equally proportioned person, these are absolutely the work from home pants to get without a second thought. 


7. Namestics- Liquid Genie Pant

These pants are so silky and fun! They are billowy and loose, and are actually a nice alternative to most of the fitted, work from home pants on this list.

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The band across the waist hits at the perfect distance between the hip and waist, making your waist look slimmer and creating an ultra seamless transition down the hip. At first, I was a little nervous seeing a thick band right over the hip area. I thought it would perfectly highlight that little fluffy band of fat around my hips that I just can’t seem to lose. These pants reminded me that there’s nothing wrong with that lovable little band, all you need are the right pants!

They go wonderfully with a fitted blouse, and are so comfy that you can wear them right into the evening as you start making dinner and cueing up Netflix. 


8. Lulu Lemon- Keep Moving Pant 7/8 High Rise

These fabulous pants made me believe that sometimes it’s okay to spend a little extra. To be honest, I was against buying Lulu Lemons for a long time. I wrote them off as overpriced yoga pants. But oh how I was wrong. They are an investment, but I wear these little pants anytime they aren’t in the washer. 

First of all, the tapered line down the leg is perfect. They are certainly “joggers” with the scrunched, elastic waist and tie. However, they are the nicest joggers I have ever seen. The tie itself is small and subtle, which is lovely because it easily tucks under a nice top. The cinch of the waist is soft, so you can bend and stretch and not feel constricted. And the seam of the pant around the ankle is so clean that you’d never know that these are joggers. The fit is very accurate, and they have several colors if you get as obsessed with them as I have and want to get more colors. Finally, they are soft and so stretchy! Because, duh, you can’t have work from home pants that aren’t soft and stretchy. 


9. Francesca’s- Natalie Velvet Front Tie Pants

These pants are wildly flattering. The line down the front of the pant is beautiful, and it comes with a lovely velvet tie (that you can use or not depending on what you’re pairing it with). The fit runs just slightly on the smaller side, so if you’re on the fence I would size up. These pants are definitely comfy enough to wear at home, but they’re clearly work pants and will be one of the first pairs I wear when it’s safe to be back in office.

The best part? They are currently on sale for $10, easily making them the best value on this list!


10. Athleta- Venice Pintuck Pant

And finally, the Venice Pintuck Pant. These chic pants are the perfect cross between dress pants and work out capris. The stretchy fabric makes them ultra comfortable, with a soft, elastic, high waist that’s easy to move in. The hip-to-ankle lines down the pant offer a sleek, office-ready look that makes these pants easy to pair with a blouse and heels (although, I’m personally going to be wearing them with a cute top and slippers). Another plus? Pockets. All the pockets. 

Which of these work from home pants are you going to try first? Let us know what works for you and what you recommend for others!

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