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7 Cozy Activities For A Rainy Day

7 Cozy Activities For A Rainy Day

Some days just aren’t meant for sunlight and exploring the outdoors. It might be due to bad weather, general exhaustion, or the mood just isn’t right. For rainy days like those, you need some comfortable, warm ways to occupy your time and help you relax. These are some cozy activities perfect for your rainy days.

1) Read A Book

We have a lot of ways to consume media these days. With streaming platforms and instant news, many people find ways to entertain themselves while stuck to a screen. It can be nice once and a while to pick up a good book and spend some time reading. Take the opportunity a rainy day brings and sit down with a sentimental favorite or that book you’ve been meaning to read for a while. Find your coziest chair, wrap a blanket around yourself, and give yourself some quality lighting. Get lost in a fantasy novel, historical biography, or whatever story you want to indulge in. Try expanding your genre tastes and your mind with a good book and all the thought-provoking ideas that come with it!

2) Karaoke

Another fantastic cozy activity is to get involved with music. Your favorite band might be a nice thing to have playing in the background, but it’s always fun to get more involved with music. There are plenty of Youtube channels or apps made specifically for karaoke, so give yourself an improvised stage and blast your favorite jams. Flare it up with some of your unique dance moves, get a group of people to sing together, and belt out the music like no one is watching. You can make a little party out of it. You can even give your mini karaoke night a theme, like music from a specific genre or artist. Have fun and drown out the sound of rain with your own beautiful voice.


3) Brunch

When it’s raining outside, you probably don’t have anywhere you need to be. Take advantage of the expanse of time ahead of you and enjoy an extra long brunch. Don’t worry about cleaning the dishes after– just give yourself a few hours to relax with some warm and sweet breakfast foods. Go overboard and give yourself leftovers for the next week. Pile your plates high with eggs, pancakes, bacon, fruits, and whatever else suits your fancy. And while you’re at it, make it a boozy brunch and enjoy some delicious cocktails with your meal. Drink down a mimosa or Bloody Mary and round out that meal with a cool, refreshing drink to take any edge off. Make this brunch all about relaxing and treating yourself. Meals can become rushed when you have a busy schedule, so make sure this is a meal to remember and give yourself permission to relax and devour as much food as you want.

4) Movie Marathon

Whether you have a local theatre dedicated to some classics, a few blu-rays lying around, or a streaming service filled with movies on your watch list, relax on your couch or in your bed and watch a few good films. This is the perfect time to expand your usual genre of movies, so go for those old classics you never managed to see or a foreign film that always interested you. Heat up some popcorn or grab a bag of chips and let this time be dedicated to enjoying this cinematic experience. It may not be the loud, flashy movies you might find in many popular theaters, but there’s something homey and comforting about just sitting in a familiar space and watching a movie.

5) Board Games

While some board games are designed for kids and are left behind once people reach a certain age, there are timeless board games you might not know about. It can be easy to forget the nostalgic pleasure of playing a game with people in the same room, but it’s truly a unique gaming experience that should be considered more often. Whether it’s a card game, traditional board game, or something else, try your hand at a new game and give yourself a few hours to experience it. Some board games have many rules and are complicated, so try to find one that fits your mindset and attention-span. You don’t want to get bored half-way through and abandon the game, so try reading a brief description or reviews before you pick out the perfect game. But be open to it, because you never know just how much fun you can have.

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6) Cooking

Even if you don’t traditionally bake or cook food, you can use a rainy day as a perfect opportunity to try your hand at it. Making yourself a good meal can be rewarding and give your experiences you didn’t realize you were missing. Most importantly, you can make your food just the way you like it.  You can try an old family recipe you always liked as a child, or just go for a food you’ve never gotten sick of. Make yourself some comfort food and enjoy the process of cooking. It might be a little challenging, but cooking can really be cathartic.  ou don’t need to go into it blind; find a recipe you trust and follow it. Try not worrying about how healthy it is– eating wisely is a good idea, but you can let yourself occasionally splurge on something tasty, just the way you’ve always liked it.

7) Bubble Bath

The final of these cozy activities is perfect for giving you a chance to relax and warm up.  Nothing says comfort quite like a bubble bath, so draw up a nice, steamy bath for yourself and just soak as long as you like.  You can light a few candles for the smell, set some peaceful music, and let any tension melt away in the heat of the tub.  Don’t worry about a thing and just lean back and enjoy the warmth.


How do you wait out the rain? Let us know in the comments below!