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Covid-19 Friendly Halloween Costumes for Females

Halloween Costumes are going to look a bit different this year. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of all time. However, this time around its going to look a bit different because of Covid-19. There are still ways to dress up while still following procedures and guidelines. Weather you want to dress up just to take pictures or if you are actually going out, safety is the number one priority. Check out some of these mask friendly Halloween costumes for females this year!

1. The Purge

This has been a popular Halloween costume for years. I have seen girls both in high school and college be this time and time again. The people in the movie wear all types of masks, which leaves a lot of different options for the costume itself. The most popular ones I have seen are the smiling face masks with female features. I have seen them at pretty much any Halloween store. If you don’t feel like spending that much money, they have masks in the colored sections of Party City, and they are only about a couple dollars. Another common mask I have seen are the light up ones. They can get quite expensive; however, they are super cool especially if you’re in a place that’s dark. The only downside to these masks is that they are full faced masks, which may get uncomfortable after a while. However, they are super helpful in protecting yourself as well as others.

2. Ninja

This costume is probably one of more “normal” costumes. Before Corona Virus even existed, typical ninja costumes involved a face covering. To make things even easier, the masks are typically just plain black, which are super easy to find if you don’t have one already. As far as the costume goes, they sell ninja costume sets for females at any Halloween store. However, costumes that come all together can get quite expensive. You can easily DIY costume by getting a black body suit (or leggings and a shirt), a long piece of red cloth to tie around your waist as a belt, a fake sword, black shoes of choice, and of course, the black mask. To make things even safer for this Halloween season, people often wear black gloves with this costume.

3. Animals

Being an animal for Halloween has always been looked at of the more “basic” and “lazy” option. However, with a mask it can really elevate a costume. One of the ways to be an animal with a mask to get an animal print mask based on what animal you are going to be. For example, if you wanted to be a zebra for Halloween, you could get a zebra print mask. Animal print is something that is becoming super trendy again, so even after Halloween you will get multiple uses out of animal print masks. Another option is to draw onto a disposable mask. For example, if you wanted to be a cat, you could draw the nose and whiskers on your mask instead of normally drawing them on your face. You could pretty much do this for any animal, and its super quick and easy which makes it a great last minute costume option.

4. A skeleton

I have seen so many different skeleton masks on the market. Typically, when females are skeletons for Halloween, they do their makeup super cool and bone like. However, with the skeleton mask if you ever wanted to be a skeleton for Halloween but never thought you had the artistic ability to achieve the look, now is the perfect time. Reusable masks in general aren’t super expensive, and now that Halloween is slowly coming up there are going to be plenty of skeleton masks available to purchase. If you do have artistic ability however, you could make your own skeleton themed mask out of a disposable one. This is an even cheaper way to achieve the skeleton look.

5. A Nurse/Doctor

Every year, someone is either a nurse or a doctor for Halloween. There are different variations of this costume as well. A lot of times, girls are “sexy nurses.” These costumes can be the same exact thing as before, except with a mask to match it. If you were wearing a red and white nurse outfit, you could add a red mask to make the look super cute. Another easy way to be a doctor or a nurse is to get scrubs from somewhere. You could even borrow them from people that you know. Scrubs are inexpensive and you can pretty much get them anywhere. You can really play around with different variations of being a nurse, a doctor, or even a surgeon. These costumes could even include gloves which ensure extra protection during this pandemic.

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Another super common and easy costume is a vampire. Again, there are plenty of masks on the market that are vampire themed or are plain and have fangs, making it look like you have fangs yourself. You can still do the fun vampire themed makeup and look the part even with a mask on. This is another costume that is easily diy-able. You need to make your face pale, use super dark makeup, get a cape, some fishnets, any black or red clothing of choice, and black shoes of choice. If you are feeling crafty, you could draw out the fangs yourself and decorate them accordingly. You can even add fake blood to your mask to make it seem more realistic.

Whether you are planning on trick or treating, going out somewhere, or just staying home this Halloween, safety is the most important thing to worry about. If you chose to dress up, wearing a costume that includes a mask is required. There are plenty of ways to still look cute this Halloween, while following CDC guidelines. There are even ideas beyond this list, you just need to be creative. You can pretty much make a mask match with anything, which is something important to remember when coming up with a costume this year.

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