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7 Cover-Ups You Totally Need For Beach Trips

7 Cover-Ups You Totally Need For Beach Trips

The summer of 2021 is bound to be a summer of freedom after an entire year of being locked down in quarantine. People are dying to be let free, given permission to travel and explore the world once again. We need new and fun experiences to thrive, and for many, travel is a huge part of that. Therefore, we don’t blame you for heading out on as many beach trips as you can this summer! Here’s a list of some of the cutest and most practical cover-ups that you’ll totally need after a swim on your beach trips!

1. Target’s Kona Sol

Target has its very own fairly extensive clothing line collection for women. They offer Knox Rose, a very boho and hippie-themed clothing line, as well as A New Day, which features very practical, yet gentle clothing that is quite comfortable. Their newest addition is Kona Sol, which is a brand that offers clothing with a very summery and bright vibe, perfect for those beach trips you’ve been planning.

This cover-up features a black and white botanical print, which allows the cover-up to go with almost any bathing suit. It is considered a midi dress, as it goes down to about the knee. It has a tie so you can cinch the waist, and the material is both translucent and modest, making for the perfect look while on a beach trip this summer!


You can order this cover-up from Target’s website for just $22.99!


2. O’Neill Saltwater Solid

O’Neill is a well-known swim and surf brand that offers apparel that is well made and totally practical. They have a wide collection of different swimsuits, shorts, tops, dresses, rompers, backpacks, sandals, and cover-ups to make sure you’re ready for a summer day. They have outfits that are reminiscent of the laid-back and free west coast.

This particular cover-up is a dress style with long bell sleeves that are perfect for sun protection or wind protection on those extra cold and cloudy beach days. You can order this one in black, blush, bright lemon, brick, and white colors, so you’re sure to find one that should match well with your favorite swimsuit!


This Saltwater Solids Bell Sleeve cover-up retails for $64.00, and can be found on the O’Neill website!

3. Billabong Girl On The Run Overall

Billabong specializes in all things surf, swim, and snow. They offer outfits for any and all of those occasions, for both men and women. Their clothes are very west coast inspired as well, just like the previous brand O’Neill. Surfing is huge in California and Hawaii and other places in the western part of the U.S. because the waves get bigger and it’s warm all year-round.


This cover-up is different from the previous options in the fact that it is a romper/pair of overalls, rather than being a dress. This gives the cover-up more security and modesty, in many ways, while still allowing a bit of skin to pop from the sides, which feature long and deep armholes. You can get this one in either bronze or white, so it should work for any outfit you have!

You can order these overalls from the Billabong site for just $49.95!


4. Roxy Oceanside Flared Beach Pants

An easy way to cover up while at the beach is to bring a nice comfy t-shirt and a pair of simple, loose pants. Roxy designed a pair of pants for this exact purpose, and the only thing you’d need is a matching shirt, which you probably already have!

These Roxy beach pants have a tan and black striped design and feature an elastic waist as well as a drawstring to tie them on nice and snugly. They are made with a lightweight cotton blend, so they are nice and thin, yet still soft. Order a pair now!


You can order these Roxy Oceanside pants for $48.00 from PacSun’s website!


5. Aerie Mesh Sweater Dress

Aerie makes some of the most comfortable lingerie, swim, active, and loungewear on the market. Girls are often able to find products that truly compliment their body type and figure, no matter what they look like. There is even a line of adaptive underwear meant to make the everyday lives of disabled customers easier.  

Aerie releases a new line of swimwear each and every year, and this year, they have some adorable cover-ups to go with their lovely swimsuits. One of those cover-ups is a dress, however, it is made with a sweater material and features a mesh design. This design allows for a slight glimpse into what lies underneath the cover-up, but with the thick sweater material, it helps you retain heat and feel covered, while still looking fabulous.

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You can order this cover-up right from Aerie’s website for $39.95!


6. Boho Me Off-the-Shoulder Medallion Jumpsuit

Nordstrom Rack has some expensive name-brand products at incredible deals, so if you haven’t checked it out before, it’s time! There are apparel, shoes, beauty, and home products that are all available for a fraction of what they often cost. Boho Me is one of the brands you might find while scrolling.

 Boho Me is a brand that specializes in, well, bohemian fashion. This medallion jumpsuit cover-up comes in two colors, Medallion Grey and Medallion Blue, and either makes for a perfect outfit for wearing after a long day at the beach. Simply step into the jumpsuit, slide your sandals on, and boom! Ready to shop, dine, or head home!


You can order this cover-up jumpsuit from Nordstrom Rack for just $19.97. It usually retails for $50.00!

7. Victoria’s Secret Lascana Slit Sleeve Dress

Victoria’s Secret will forever be many women’s go-to store for bras, panties, swim, active, and loungewear. Both Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie and PINK’s apparel line are incredibly popular amongst women of all backgrounds and ages. Victoria’s Secret has been setting trends and maintaining them for years. 


Here’s an animal print cover-up that may only remain relevant thanks to Victoria’s Secret’s regular use of the patterns. Cheetah print gives you a wild side vibe, and during the summer, on those carefree days, there’s nothing wrong with that. Look stylish and cool with one of these modest yet flirty cover-ups from Victoria’s Secret!

You can order this Lascana Slit Sleeve dress from Victoria’s Secret for $49.00!


Tell us which of these cover-ups you’ll be taking with you on this year’s beach trips in the comments below!

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