Getting Over Cover Letter Writers Block Like A Boss

If you’re applying for jobs, that means you’re writing cover letters back to back, and you’re customizing each one to meet the needs of the employer (or at least you should be). There’re really no short-cuts around this process. If you use repetitive letters it may come off as impersonal to the employer, and might not go over well. You can make the process of writing individual cover letters much easier by applying strategy. Not a long step by step plan to memorize, just a simple mantra that’ll remind you what it is exactly that you’re even doing when you get stuck and don’t know what to write. Overcome cover letter writer’s block like a boss by looking at the process from this point of view. These are some tips for how to get over cover letter writers block.

It’s A Story

Your Story

Remember that when you’re writing a cover letter, no matter how formal the organization, you’re still only writing a story. And it’s about what you know about the job, what you’re capable of doing that applies to the job, and what makes you a great and awesome person. When you’re writing about the employer you want to mention their achievements, a project or two that they’ve completed successfully, or, their core values that you feel most connected with. Make this part official by including dates of occurrence and a short comment of how their success made you feel.


Writing about your capabilities is easy too. Visualize a simple list of your skills that apply specifically to the job and write about them. Remember that you’re also sending your resume so you don’t want to include too much detail, just the majorly applicable skills. (For posts that are less formal, you can include this part as a bulleted list.) This is another tip for how to get over cover letter writers block.

Exceptional Skills

Finally, you need to talk about you. By this, I don’t mean your favorite pizza place. More like your unique features. Are you overtly personable? Charismatic? Have exceptional persuasive skills? These are highlights about yourself that you should discuss to make you stand out more with the employer. Also remember that when you’re writing cover letters you have to provide proof, so be sure to state when and what else happened in the instance that you were being wonderful! This is another tip for how to get over cover letter writers block.

What Does The Employer Want

Comprehension of audience is key in everything we do! To make writing your cover letter easier, pay careful attention to the job posting. Sometimes the employer will request specific information for you to include in your letter. You want to show that you’re capable of following directions and that you’re attentive to what the job entails. An example of somethings the employer might ask of you are:  answering a writing prompt, including links to your professional sites right within the cover letter, or simply to include a sentence that shows you’ve read the entire post!

See Also

Job Description

Another way to understand the employer is by copying the style of the job description. Is it a short post explaining job requirements and responsibilities in list form? Then you can probably offer a brief cover letter responding to it, that focuses on your skills and capabilities. If the post is in-depth and formal with complicated language, then you probably want to respond as such. Write a detailed story, using formal connotations and organized structure. It’s the story of you, it’s just told in a professional tone. This is another tip for how to get over cover letter writers block.

Don’t Get Stressed Out

Finally, don’t get stressed out! Job searching is tough but eventually you’ll get to the point where you’re breezing through posts like a pro. Remember that employers are putting in a great effort too, by evaluating numerous applicants and their capabilities. Make it easier for them and yourself by standing out. Write cover letters that tell stories, attract attention, and suit the situation. And don’t forget to take a break after every few posts to let your mind relax!

Which of these cover letter writers block experiences have you had? Let us know below.

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Ebony Girard

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