15 Couples Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Are Worth Wearing

If you're looking for some ideas for couples ugly Christmas sweaters, then these funny and tacky womens and mens sweaters are the best for you!

December is the month where that ugly Christmas sweater that’s been sitting in your closet for the past year resurrects from the dead, unless of course, you now have a significant other. Having a SO completely changes the game, because suddenly that tacky sweater sitting in your closet doesn’t have a match for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or even best friend! These funny couples ugly Christmas sweaters make the best ideas for your next ugly sweater party!

1) For The Clear Difference Of Who’s Naughty Or Nice

If there’s a distinct difference between you, your boyfriend, girlfriend, or even best friend of who’s the good and bad one, let it be known with these funny Christmas sweaters!


2) Just In Case No One Knows You’re Together

If no one knows you and your SO are attached at the hip, they will now. These attached ugly couples Christmas sweaters are super hilarious, and are a perfect way to keep warm!

3) If Your SO Is A HO

This super funny Christmas sweaters say it all. I mean yes, it’s a little tacky, but that’s what an ugly Christmas sweater party is all about!


4) If Everyone Calls You Mom And Dad

If you’re the mom and dad in your group of friends, then what better way to show up to a party then with these sweaters? Everyone will get a good laugh once you walk through the door!

5) To Be Sexy And Punny

You thought it, not me.


6) You Can Figure Out Who Gets What

There’s always one person in the relationship that handles their finances a little bit better then the other, let it be known with ugly couples Christmas sweaters like these!


7) If You Have A Total Scrooge For A SO

If your boyfriend/girlfriend can be a total scrooge, then pick these sweaters up and call it a day!

8) This Cute Attached Sweater

This cute sweater idea is great for the single bestfriends out there that are so close, some may even mistake them as dating.


9) I’ll Let You Decide

When it comes to figuring out who’s the King and Queen in the relationship, I’ll leave that up to you.

10) If You’re A Fan Of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

If you’ve ever watched the classic movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, then you will want these sweaters. Hell, I even want them.



11) If You’re An OG Wrapper

Play a little pun on words with your gangsta “wrapper” sweatshirt. Although you may not be a gangsta rapper, you sure as hell can be a gangsta wrapper.

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12) Only If You Want To Get Baked

You can interpret this sweater however you’d like.


13) I Mean Come On, These Light Up

Okay, there’s nothing better then a LIGHT UP Christmas sweater. Like come on, how can anyone possibly top you when you show up wearing this?

14) Because You Can’t Go Without A Game Of Thrones Reference

Christmas is in the winter, which means that winter is no longer coming, it’s here and you need to let everyone know of this. Definitely one of the most respectable couples ugly Christmas sweaters out there!


15) We Couldn’t Leave Out The Animal Lovers

If you’re a lover of animals like myself, and many others, then these Christmas sweaters are perfect for you! Not to mention, I’m sure your dog or cat will be flattered.

Which of these couples ugly Christmas sweaters do you like? Leave us a comment in the section below!



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