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15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

Getting matching tattoos with your partner can be the ultimate demonstration of affection…or it can turn out to be a huge mistake. You’ve heard the horror stories about a couple getting matching tattoos only to break up months later. I’ve even heard people say it’s the quickest way to curse a relationship. Many people will advice you, maybe from their own experience, to never get someone’s name tattooed on you. If you do, and you end up breaking up, then you’ve forever got someone else’s name on your body. It can be quite a gamble. But maybe you’re in love and maybe tattoos are your thing, so getting inked together seems like the best way to show your affection for each other. Well, fear not! Don’t rush to the tattoo shop three months into your relationship, demanding a cut-rate price for each other’s names. Before doing something you might regret, consider these fifteen tattoos as an alternative to permanently inking each other’s names on your bodies.

1. Hearts

This one’s the most obvious. If you’re in love with someone, but not sure you’re ready to commit to getting their name, try getting a little heart instead. Hearts suggest something special between the two of you. But if the time comes when you break up, you won’t be stuck with a tattoo that you can’t bear to look at. 

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

2.  Special Dates

Not the fruit. But if there’s a special date, maybe consider getting that tattooed instead of each other’s names. Maybe it’s the day you met or the year each other was born. Either way, dates are a special way to pay homage to someone. But, in the event of a breakup, date tattoos are small enough that they can easily be covered up. (God forbid!) 

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

3. Sun & Moon

If he lights up your life and if you bring light to his darkness then maybe a sun and moon are the perfect couples tattoos for you. The sun and moon are always an obvious pair. And isn’t there some totally cheesy quote about how the sun loves the moon so much that he falls every night so that she can shine? 

4. Lock & Key

The idea behind this matching couples tattoo is similar to the sun and moon. A lock and key are an obvious pair, with the key being the perfect match for the lock which can’t be opened otherwise. Enough said? 

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

5. Crowns

It’s obvious that crowns represent kings and queens. So if you’re sure that he’s your king and you’re his queen, then crowns might be the perfect couples tattoo for you. Crown tattoos can be minimalist and the line work can be thin, or they can be bold pieces that serve as the first tattoo for a whole sleeve. 

6. A Meaningful Quote

A majority of the couples tattoos on Pinterest are quotes of some kind: “You keep me wild,” “You keep me safe”; “Better Together”; “I love You,” “I Know.” There’s a hundred different quotes to choose from. But you can also pick a quote that’s special to you as a couple. Some couples even went as far as to write the quote in each other’s handwriting and make that a special part of the tattoo. 

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

7. Puzzle Pieces

This is another couples tattoo that is seems popular. Puzzle pieces obviously fit together perfectly, and if you misplace one piece, the puzzle is unfinished. There are a lot of cute ways to execute this specific tattoo, but it should be special to you as a couple. 

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

8. Dice

Dice can be a cool couples tattoo because dice represent a gamble, but when you play your cards just right and roll the dice, you can end up winning the jackpot! And maybe your relationship with your best friend is your idea of winning the greatest jackpot. 

9. Xs & Os

Xs and Os are symbolic for kisses and hugs, so it makes sense that this works as a couples tattoo. Not only are these matching tattoos a sweet nod to each other, but they can also be done so tastefully. They can be minimalist with thin lines, or they can be a part of a bigger tattoo dedicated to your relationship. 

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

10. King & Queen

This one is similar to the crowns idea, yet still a little different. Many people get the “K” and “Q” that represent the king and queen from a deck of cards. An obvious pairing. But many people also get the king and queen tattoos as a quote: “She’s my queen” and “He’s my king.” Pick your poison. 

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11. Tattooed Wedding Rings

This is a trend that I’ve seen a couple times that I really like! It’s become popular to get tiny tattoos on your ring finger where your wedding ring should go. Maybe you have a job that makes it hard to wear your wedding ring. Well, with a tattoo on your ring finger, you’re sure to constantly be reminded of your love. Some ring finger tattoos are as simple as a thin, black line. And some have hearts tattooed under their knuckle. 

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

12. Geometric

This is a perfect couples tattoo because while you’re together (hopefully ’til the very end), you can share in your sweet geometric tattoo. But if the day comes when you break up, then you’re left with a sweet geometric tattoo. Geometric tattoos are popular right now. So you’re demonstrating your love, all while being on trend.

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names 

13. Anchor & Compass

Another match made in heaven! Similar to the puzzle pieces, the sun and the moon, and the lock and key, an anchor and a compass are the perfect couples tattoos. While the compass is representative of finding your way when you’re lost, the anchor represents being held down and secure. So it’s no wonder why they’re perfect couples tattoos. 

14. Initials 

Okay, so initials are basically just the shorter version of someone’s name. But an initial is a small nod to your lover, while their full name is a huge declaration. And worse case scenario, if your relationship ends, you can always turn his initial into another word. Like if his initial is an “L,” you can change it into “Love Yourself,” a friendly reminder to put yourself before everything else. 

15 Couples Tattoos To Consider That Aren’t Each Other’s Names

15. Reference to your Favorite…

band, movie, or book. If you and your partner share a mutual love for a band or a book, or maybe you both have the same favorite movie, then a tattoo to commemorate this shared appreciation can bring you two together. And if you end up breaking up, you’re left with a tattoo of your favorite band, movie, or book. Not too shabby. 

If you feel like you’re ready to commit to getting a matching tattoo with your boyfriend, then I say go for it! But getting someone’s name can be the ultimate commitment (maybe besides marriage). Consider these alternative tattoos–still cute and definitely still meaningful. Comment below your favorite couples tattoo!

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