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Couples Halloween Costumes You And Your Bae Will Look Spooktacular In

With Halloween right around the corner, you are probably scratching your head trying to find the perfect couple Halloween costumes that the both of you would look cute in. Stop the search and go through this article first because I bet you will find something that you like. 

Addams Family – Morticia and Gomez

So if one of you loves black and all things weird and spooky or maybe you two are just a fan of the show and movies than this couple’s idea costume is perfect for you guys. Morticia and Gomez rule the weird world with their random hand and love for black. It is like the goth kids dream parents, honestly. Plus all you need to do is dress up in black, easy, and paint a mustache on your boyfriend’s face, easy. 

Toy Story – Bo Peep and Woody

A cute relationship both on and off the screen. This is a great idea if you loved the movie growing up and it is a costume idea to wear if going to a party as I bet that you will probably be the only one wearing this idea. This costume idea is not oversaturated which adds to the dressing up charm but it is known well enough that you will not have to constantly be telling everybody what the two of you are. Did you know that in the movie Toy Story you don’t see Andy’s dad because of two reasons, he is not an important part or necessary at all to the story and because creating human characters at that time was ridiculously expensive and they couldn’t afford it? 

A pair of Devils

This one might be a bit more saturated as you will probably find someone else dresses the same as you and you will not be winning the award for the most unique and creative couples costume but it is still a nice idea. You usually see an angel and a devil and if that is more your speed than the two of you can go as that instead if you prefer. However, if both of you are hard-headed and like to get your way going as a pair of devils might just be right up your ally. Have no fear even it is not an original concept idea you two will still look absolutely adorable and hot with your pitchfork and horns. 

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Calling all Beetlejuice fans who has a boyfriend that does not mind wearing junk on their face here you have an amazing costume idea that is sure to gather envious looks and awes. Do not worry because if you have a frilly red dress you have been dying to wear or are a huge Winona Ryder fan this is also a perfect couples costume for the two of you. Just remember to never say Beetlejuice three times. Did you know that Tim Burton originally wanted Sammy Davis Jr. who was 63 years old at the time to play Beetlejuice? Also that Winona Ryder got the role for Lydia for her role in the teen dramedy Lucas but also because a lot of other actresses like Lauri Loughlin and Molly Ringwald had turned down this role which ultimately went to Winona, personally I think she was the perfect fit. Dressing up as this costume creation is also great if you are going for a Halloween Oscar-themed party as this movie won an oscar for its makeup, I can see why.   

The Shining – Jack and Wendy

So maybe you are a huge Stephen King fan or maybe you just love horror movies with an unanswered ending whatever it is this costume idea is weird and fun. Dressing up as Jack and Wendy Torrance might seem a bit odd considering that Jack does try to kill Wendy and you might not want that insulation with you and your significant other but if you love novel to movie adaptations and Stephen King that is probably the furthest from your mind. After all this is one of the most memorable and iconic horror movies that we still know of today with the iconic line All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy. Have you ever guessed what the snow maze was actually made of? Did it ever cross your mind, well here is an interesting fact you can tell others at the party. The snow maze was made up of 900 tons of salt and crushed Styrofoam. Weird, right? I just hope that playing Wendy for a costume on Halloween doesn’t cause you enough stress to the point that your hair falls out like the actress Shelly Duval actually started to lose her hair when playing Wendy, would you consider it worth it? 

See Also

Chucky and the Bride of Chucky

It only seems fitting to dress up as horror characters on Halloween and we all probably have seen Chucky. Plus this is such an easy yet cool idea that you probably want to be like oh yeah duh for not thinking it yourself. Tiffany Valentine Ray (That’s the bride of Chucky’s real name, if you’re going to dress as her you should remember that) is the perfect weird plastic goth girl so if you got the look down all you need is to get your boyfriend to paint some scars on his face and wear a striped long shirt and you’re good to go. Others will probably know who you two are dressed as when you’re together and if you are apart the Bride of Chucky might get a few questions on who she is. However, this is a totally cool horror-inspired idea that you and your significant other should definitely try. 

Well, there you have it, a list of some really cool couples Halloween costumes that you and your significant other could try this year. Let us know which ones are your favorite and which one you will try to get your significant other to dress up as in the comments down below. Also, tell us what you are looking forward to this spooky season. 

Bianca Zaniboni

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