Couples Halloween Costumes For You And Your SO

These couples Halloween costumes are definitely perfect for you and your SO, as well as being totally adorable. Which are your faves?

It’s still over a month away but if you’ve not already had the Halloween Costume Couple Convo than you’re overdue it. Every year, there’s on couple who hit the nail on the head when it comes to the perfect Halloween couple costume and if you’re looking to beat them this year, here’s 10 Couples Halloween Costumes to pick up.

1. Sonny and Cher

Now come on, this one must have been discussed before and if it hasn’t, what have you been doing? You cannot go wrong with Sonny and Cher when it comes to a couples costume because it’s super easy and super cool to do. Everyone will be envious of your expert costuming skills and that fact that you’re brave enough to sport a crop top (round of applause to all the women who go as Cher) in almost winter is sure to win you the best couples Halloween costume.

Couples Halloween Costumes For You And Your SO

2. Kermit and Miss Piggy

It’s not easy being green. But if it’s going to get you recognition in your couple’s Halloween costume then you better be up for it. I’ve actually never seen this one done before – not in person anyway – but would give top marks to the couple who sport this look to a Halloween party. It’s out there, smart and clever so consider these two for your couples Halloween costume this year.

3. Hermione Granger and Crookshanks

Who said it always has to be Ron and Hermione? If you and your best friend are taking up the task of a joint Halloween costume then why not go as the most gifted witch and her trusty sidekick? It’s an easy way to escape one of you having to dress up as a boy – even if it is Ron. Besides, a cat is much easier than an orange wig. Why not pick this couples Halloween costume?

4. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Super easy and super cute, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the perfect couples Halloween costume. Is pretty simple to dress up as two mice and easy for both of you to mix up the outfits. As long as you’ve both wearing red and both wearing ears, everyone will know who you are. If it’s a last minute decision Mickey and Minnie are the go to couples Halloween costume.

Couples Halloween Costumes For You And Your SO

5. Dorothy Gale and The Scarecrow

Another easy last minute costume to pull together. With so many variations of the film (have you seen The Wiz?) you could created one of the best couples Halloween costumes of all time within a limited time frame. As look as your hair is braided and your partner is stuffed full of straw then it’s an easy guess who you are. Consider this one for your couples Halloween costume.

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6. Moana and Maui

I predict there will be a few of these this year. It’s the chance to take Hula Guy and Girl to the next level by turning it into the characters of one of the best Disney films ever. And once again, it’s another relatively easy to put together costume idea. If you’ve other half has a shoulder length hair, well that’s even better! Moana and Maui is a great couples Halloween costume for this year.

7. Sabrina and Salem

What with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina coming (very soon) to Netflix, It’s a great idea to go as the leading lady herself and have her pesky demon turned cat Salem go along side you. Much better than appearing as the 90s Sabrina, is to go as the comic book blonde for a more chilling costume. Check of Kiernan Shipka’s Instagram for inspo, and this couples Halloween costume could be your best pairing yet. This is one of the best couples Halloween costumes!

8. Mario and Luigi

Well I couldn’t not, could I? It’s an easy to find costume and can be worn by any couple. You can keep it traditional, mess around a bit or go totally mad (zombie Mario and Luigi anyone?). Plus, it’s an easy costume to find last minute, so if you’re stuck or maybe you left it to last minute, why not pick Mario and Luigi as your couples Halloween costume this year?

Couples Halloween Costumes For You And Your SO

Have you picked your couples Halloween costumes yet? Let us know in the comments.
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