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10 Couples’ Activities To Do At Home

10 Couples’ Activities To Do At Home

I’m sure a lot of couples at home right now are beginning to drive one another crazy. Whether due purely to boredom or just spending too much time together. It’s important to find things to do, to find activities that can occupy your days and make quarantining fun. With that being said, here are 10 couples’ activities you can do right at home.

1. Do Some Yoga Together

Yoga is a great way to connect with each other and to get a work out in. It’s romantic and sensual but also good for your mental health and physical fitness. So many people are doing live yoga classes on Instagram or Zoom, so you can follow along with one of those together, or do your own routine if you have experience. I also think it’s a fun idea to go on a run together. You can still “be home” and get fresh air with one another.

10 Couples Activities To Do At Home

2. Read Together 

Reading is a great way to be “alone” together. It’s sort of intimate in the way that you can be next to each other but also in your own world, in a book, but you know you’re still with one another. It seems like an especially good activity if you’re one of the couples out there beginning to drive each other a little crazy.

10 Couples Activities To Do At Home


3. Cook Something Yummy Together

Cooking is romantic and fun, making it a great activity to do together. Making a nice meal and turning that activity into a romantic dinner is a great way to spend an evening as a couple. Look through old cook books or watch some videos online of recipes. Take pleasure in arguing over what to make and then forgetting you argued once you actually eat the food.

10 Couples Activities To Do At Home

4. Take A Romantic Bath

Bathes are a great way to reconnect if you’re driving each other nuts (or if you aren’t and just want to take one). A bath is a romantic activity, but also can just be fun. Throw on a movie or TV show on your laptop while you soak in the tub. But if you do want to go in the romantic direction, I definitely recommend lighting some candles, and putting in some bubbles and bath salts to really spice it up. 

10 Couples Activites To Do At Home

5. Paint A Room 

Everyone has that room in their house or apartment, the one where you absolutely hate the color of it, or just want a change. Being stuck inside together is absolute perfect time to paint a room together of all couples’ activities, likely the most productive. Throw on some music and make it fun and loud and you won’t even remember you’re in quarantine. I also love the idea of painting canvases together. Attempt to paint each other, do an ocean scene, have an entire craft day.

10 Couples Activities To Do At Home


6. Binge A Show Together

Binging a show may sound lazy. But it’s okay to be lazy sometimes, especially if you’re stuck at home for weeks on end. Get really into a show with your SO, get excited about watching it and yelling at the TV when something unexpected happens. It’s incredibly enjoyable, I promise and will make time pass way faster than usual.

10 Couples' Activities To Do At Home

7. Have A Board Game Night

Board games are a fun couples’activity to pass the time. And, getting competitive with each other is always fun and keeps that romantic spark alive. You could even have a board game tournament and see who wins the most games. Personally I think the best board games to play as a couple are card games, Monopoly, Life, and Scattergories. All of these games are great for couples, not only because they can be played with two people, but they are classic and long-lasting.

10 Couples' Activities To Do At Home

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8. Play The “Newlywed Game” Together

This may sound odd but it’s so much fun, I promise. It’s the perfect activity out of all of the couples’ activities. My signficant other and I played this on a boring night in and it made the night; you don’t have to be married to play it. You can Google lists of questions for you two to answer and ask each other. Following that, you simply answer the questions for one of you, taking turns. The person who is not answering for themselves tries to guess what their SO is going to answer for themselves. You’d be surprised how much and how little you know about each other and it’s really funny and entertaining to find out.

10 Couples Activities To Do At Home

9. Have A Pillow Fight

This may sound cheesy but it’s a great couples’ activity. It’s fun and messy and everything a couple should be doing; being romantic and silly at the same time. I’m not saying you have to go full-on agression towards your partner. But, a light pillow fight is perfect. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right?

10 Couples' Activities To Do At Home

10. Play Video Games Together

Pull out that old Play Station or Nintendo DS and get competitive in a totally different way. Video games will pass the time, make you feel nostalgic and provide a couple with something enjoyable to do together. This is especially nice given the fact that you’re stuck at home. So, it makes sense to play video games now rather than when you have to go back to work. Perfect your craft of Mario Kart while you still have the time.

10 Couples' Activities To Do At Home

It can be difficult to try and pass the time with your SO if you just do the same thing every day. It’s great to try out new things (or re-try old things) together. From super romantic activities to more competitive, light ones, there are a variety of options. I personally recommend doing some back and forth; a light activity and then a romantic one to keep things interesting. Spice it up, be different! Everyone remember to stay inside and find something to do together! 

What Are Your Favorite Couples’ Activities To Do Together? Did I miss any? Comment Below Your Ideas!

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