10 Country Songs To Blast All Summer Long

10 Country Songs To Blast All Summer Long

Country music and summer go hand in hand like pickup trucks and cutoff jeans. While there are an infinite amount of country songs that aim to tell the story of how great the hottest season of the year can be, here are ten newer songs to blast.

1. “Lost in the Middle of Nowhere (Spanish Remix)” – Kane Brown feat. Becky G

The original version of this song is great but the Spanish remix is fantastic, which is why it deserves to be blasted all summer long. Considering that the Spanish remix is the one with the music video, I’d like to believe that Kane Brown is backing this version to get air time. Although the remix incorporates reggaeton beats and Spanish lyrics, it still manages to hold onto the country heart of the song. There is still an obvious southern twang throughout the song and lyrically the song describes the desire to get lost on a dirt road with someone you love. “Lost in the Middle of Nowhere” proves that when genres combine, something beautiful happens. The only thing confusing about this song is whether you’ll want to dance to it or blast it while driving down the highway.

10 Country Songs To Blast All Summer Long

2. “Neon Moon” – Brooks & Dunn, Kacey Musgraves

In an ingenious move, living legends Brooks & Dunn decided to put out an album entirely dedicated to revamped versions of their major hits. Exactly ten years after their retirement announcement, Brooks & Dunn come together with a variety of modern country singers on Reboot. One of those artists being Kacey Musgraves who perfectly executes their 1992 hit “Neon Moon”. The subtle base accompanying Musgraves’ dreamy voice helps modernize this song without losing the yearning from the original version. “Neon Moon” is truly impressive by showing that some lyrics can manage to transcend time.

3. “Old Town Road” – ‘Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus

There hasn’t been a country song more controversial than “Old Town Road” by ‘Lil Nas X. At first, this song debut on the Billboard Hot Country Songs only to be removed. Billboard defended their decision by telling Rolling Stones the song lacked “enough elements” to make it a true country song. Their choice to take the song off the country charts created backlash and called into if it the decision was racist. Considering a lot of singers such as Jake Owen, Sam Hunt and more incorporate rap-like verses in their country songs. In an odd yet awesome turn of events, famed country singer Billy Ray Cyrus lent his voice to a new remix of the song. Hopefully with the added twang of Cyrus, the country music community will open their eyes and strip away prejudices because, for all intents and purposes, this song is a bop.

4. “Miss Me More” – Kelsea Ballerini

There are few things more country than breakup country songs. What’s unique about this Kelsea Ballerini hit is that it isn’t your typical breakup song. Rather Ballerini explains to the listener how she finally found herself again after breaking up with her ex. It’s a great self-love anthem because it’s a reminder that you should come first. If someone tries to change you for the worst you’ll miss yourself more than you’d ever miss them.

5. “Thought About You” – Tim McGraw

For some this time of year means going back to the town or city you grew up in. Going back there after being away for can create bittersweet feelings. Tim McGraw manages to capture those raw emotions in his new song “Thought About You”. The song is a reflection on a long life lived and the many moments that come together to make you who you are. If you find yourself visiting your hometown this summer, whether it be for the first time in a few months or years, McGraw’s song will surely resonate with you.

10 Country Songs To Blast All Summer Long

6. “Freedom” – Reba McEntire

Although on first listen this song may sound more patriotic than anything else but if you look deeper you’ll realize Reba McEntire is instead talking about the freedom love can bring. While an unconventional love song, it will surely resonate with anyone who found the love of their life after experiencing a truly bad relationship. McEntire explains how she now understands why people “fight for it, rise for it, burn up the night for it” and whole other slew of actions people will endure for true love. If you’re lucky enough to love someone this summer consider this song the next time you pull them close.

7. “Ladies In The ’90s” – Lauren Alaina

Before going out and enjoying a warm summer night consider listening to this Lauren Alaina song while getting ready. Alaina captures the country aesthetic while incorporating the pop influences by a few of the songs she names drops in the song. Bonus points if you can recognize all of the country songs and pop songs she’s referencing.

8. “Drink All Day” – Jake Owen

Jake Owen is known for his summer country songs. With songs like “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and “Beachin'” it’s no surprise he’s come out with another one just in time for the hottest season of the year. This song has the same tongue in cheek lyrics he’s known for. He’ll explain to you how “you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the mornin'”, encouraging you to take advantage of the luxury of free days during the summer. It’s a great song to blast during a BBQ or spending time on a pontoon.

10 Country Songs To Blast All Summer Long

9. “Somebody’s Gotta Be Country” – Easton Corbin

Despite being newer, this Easton Corbin tune is definitely a classic country song. Corbin can be seen holding a guitar with shots of him doing farm work in the music video. The song details how proud Corbin is to be country and you will too once hearing this southern song.

10. “All You, All Night, All Summer” – Adam Hambrick

Of course, a song that has “summer” in the name has to be one to blast all season long. This Adam Hambrick song describes the magical spell summer can weave on young lovers. Although it is more of a reflective love song it’s a great song to still play while daydreaming about your summer fling. It will make you want to be riding barefoot in a pickup truck while enjoying those warm July nights.

What country songs will you be listening to this summer? Comment below!

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