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10 Countries to Volunteer in Now

10 Countries to Volunteer in Now

Are you seeking to help people abroad? Why not go to the places that actually need the help! You should voluteer in these places!

Here are the countries and places that need and deserve the most help.

1) Phang Nga, Thailand

Phang Nga is a little Province in Southern Thailand. It is a town with Burmese as prominent residents, and since most of them came from what is now known as Myanmar, they are illegally in Thailand, where the economy and opportunities are better off. This place is worth a visit because there are many children who go to school and want to learn English. Volunteering at one of these schools could help the children fulfill the reason their families shifted to Thailand from Myanmar. Since they are not legally in the country, I would advise you to not take pictures of their faces and post them on social media. The little kids will be very intrigued about who you are and the different looks because they do not know any different from the four walls that surround their schools. Giving time to teach these children English, will give them an opportunity for better lives in the future. 


2) Nosy Be, Madagascar

Nosy Be is a small island off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Nosy Be directly translates to “big island” in the Malagasy language. This island is surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters and soft white sand. It is a little more complicated to reach because of Madagascar’s main touristic point in Antananarivo (the capital). However, there are buses that the locals take when going fishing that is low-cost, but very uncomfortable and long. These buses are worth the experience as you have the opportunity to discover the world’s fourth-largest country with the eyes of a local. Once you have reached Nosy Be, there are many opportunities to go diving and doing research on coral reefs or even participating in beach clean-ups. There are many species of sea animals as well as volcanic lakes, lazy lemurs, or coral reefs that are begging to be explored. 


3) New Delhi, India

New Delhi is the capital of India and I truly believe that everyone should experience the unique culture of India at least once in their lives. New Delhi is a great place to start if this is your first time in India, there is obviously the Taj Mahal (a wonder of the world) but if you plan to immerse yourself more deeply in the culture than there are a lot of free opportunities. There are many small institutes that need volunteers to teach children or adults English, French, or any language that you may speak, even one hour helps them. If you practice yoga, there are many people who practice in parks or outside, joining them would allow not only them to have someone unfamiliar join them, but teach you the reality of yoga, and what the true meaning of this spiritual practice is. India is absolutely breathtaking and the culture here should not be missed.

Highly recommend any city in India when it comes to voluteer.


4) Oltenia, Romania

Romania is a country full of culture and full of natural beauty. The food there is a plus, and having it cooked by a local is even better. The people in Romania are usually countryside gypsies who raise chickens and have horses in their backyard. Oltenia is a historical province and geographical region in the West and is surrounded by the Olt river. Oltenia is a very poor – probably the poorest region in Romania, where people live on the streets and build houses out of power cords and cardboard boxes. The economy in Romania is either very rich and developed or so poor they have no showers or electricity. This is because the mentality in Romania is “the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.” Visiting these poor places will allow you to help them and get a sense of what it’s like to live without materials, and of course the incredible, regional food.

You should really consider a voluteer opportunity in any of these places.


5) Anywhere in Costa Rica

Here, you will have the opportunity to work and voluteer in forest and wildlife conservation. It is important to have the drive to make a positive difference to the environment the people of Costa Rica live in. It takes like-minded volunteers who want to get real-life experience.

6) South Africa

The rainbow nation is looking for volunteers in all aspects, ranging from childcare to research expeditions. Voluteers can work with children affected by violence and diseases, easing the burden of these issues on schools and limit resources. There are also computer training, community health centers, and small businesses that need help.


7) Peru

Despite the wealthy natural resources, Peru struggles with disparities in health care and literacy rates. Cities and rural towns are eager to get help from English speaking volunteers in orphanages or even things like trailing and trail maintenance. 

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Really recommend coming to Peru to voluteer if you truly want to help.

8) Japan

This destination may seem a bit funny to you since Japan is filled with technology and has the most advanced notion of infrastructure. However, when it comes to the gain population, Japan has a demand for volunteers with a bug heart since it has the second-highest rate of senior homes.


9) Israel

This country offers unique opportunities to interested volunteers. You will get cutting-edge leadership training seminars and the experience to learn and put tools into practice. 


10) Nepal

Nepal is a country filled with culture and spirituality. While volunteering in Nepal among the Nepalese, you will discover the cultural heritage of Nepal. Programs here ensure that volunteers are working on projects that are focused on the long-term needs of the community. You can help in supporting women to finance and development of public health services.

Have you been to and volunteered in any country not on this list? Comment down below!