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Countries To Visit While You Study Abroad

Countries To Visit While You Study Abroad

Countries To Visit While You Study Abroad
Whether you absolutely love to travel or you simply just need a change of scenery from your everyday surroundings, studying abroad is an amazing opportunity. It’s a great chance to not only see the world but also gain academic credit while doing so. Learning and adapting to other cultures and their values of life is just the tip of the iceberg considering all the new experiences you’ll have. But what countries are best suited for you? In case this is a question you’ve found yourself asking, we’ve got you covered. Based off your hobbies and interests, here are some great countries to visit while you study abroad!

Travel Lovers

If traveling is your thing, consider these countries when it’s time to study abroad:
Sydney, Australia – This is the perfect place to become one with nature. You’ll never run out of adventures here with the Blue Mountains for hiking and the Great Barrier Reef for exploring. Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities so don’t expect to be the only one witnessing the beauty of the land for the first time!
Milan, Italy – Getting around will never be an issue in Milan. This city has two major airports and absolutely no shortage of trains and busses. Things seem to always be moving in one direction or another so make sure you pack some comfortable shoes and a little patience for when you’re on the move!
Galápagos Islands – There’s no harm in a little vacationing while completing a study abroad program, right? We feel you! Here, you’ll view life from a different lens and in a new climate. Enjoy boat cruising from island to island, catching first-hand glimpses of the coast of Ecuador, the Amazon rainforest, etc etc. And again, no need to feel guilty! You’re studying abroad! Anyways what’s hard work without play?

Food Critics

If you love food, you’ll love these places even more.
France – If carbs are something you tend to avoid, this might not be the place for you. You can expect loads of bread and cheeses as they are true to French tradition. However, your cuisine flavor may vary depending on what part of France you’re in since they all have their own styles. If you can, travel around a bit and see what you like best!
Spain – The worldwide love for Spanish food almost goes without saying. And where better to enjoy authentic Spanish food than in Spain itself? Making this your destination calls for true commitment because you are almost guaranteed to come back from your study abroad program heavier than you were when you left. It’s worth it though!


These places serve as heavy inspirations for everything fashion!
London, England – From the modern to ancient, it’s hard to avoid fashion of some sort in London. You’ll face the temptation of stopping by and peeking in stores and boutiques just about every day, regardless of where you go.
If your passion for fashion is intense, consider leaving your wallet at home if you want to return home with a little money left in your pockets. Things can get pricey, quick!
Tokyo, Japan – The high fashion and streetwear lovers would’ve killed if this city wasn’t on this list. Tokyo is a mecca for fashion! Their appreciation of fashion and everything surrounding it definitely shows in their culture and lifestyle – the youth especially!

There’s No Wrong Decision

Regardless of where you end up, you’re almost sure to have the time of your life. Getting the opportunity to study abroad is one you should never pass up! Escaping your comfort zone and getting to know another culture is priceless. Just be sure to take heed of our tips when you’re out there!

Have you completed a study abroad program? Where did you go? Let us know in the comments!

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