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Costume Idea of The Day

Costume Idea of The Day


Who doesn’t like to get drunk and write on things? Not only is this a fun, cheap, and easy costume for you, it will also provide you with plenty of laughs the morning after. That’s when you learn what your friends really think of you.

Things you will need

  • 2 cardboard boxes same size (flattened)
  • Small cardboard box (not flattened)
  • White garbage bags
  • Tin foil
  • 2 belts/pieces of rope
  • Sharpies of various colors
  • Staples/tape
  • Scissors

How to make it:

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  1. Flatten your two cardboard boxes
  2. Stretch the white garbage bags across the flatten boxes. Make sure that they are stretched tightly across the front with any excess tucked behind.
  3. Staple/tape the excess bag in the back so that it is out of view.
  4. Now you will be making the shoulder straps. Take your scissors and punch two slits on top of each board. These only have to be wide enough to slide the belt/ or rope through. They also have to be far enough part for your head to fit in-between.
  5. Now slide the belts into the slits and connect the two boards together.
  6. Take your Tin foil and outline each board. This is the frame that goes around.
  7. Now you just need a ledge to place your markers. To do this cut your third small box so that it forms a little ledge. Then tape it to the front board and drop your markers in.
  8. Throw it on your shoulders and you are all set.

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