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5 Cosmetic Brands You Need To Try

5 Cosmetic Brands You Need To Try

With so many different cosmetic brands available, shopping for makeup can be quite the chore. Here’s a useful list of fun and unique cosmetic brands to help you shop!

1. Sugarpill Cosmetics

Looking for something different? Want to try cosmetic brands with bold colors? Then look no further! Sugarpill Cosmetics was founded in 2003 by Amy Doan as a response to a lack of color in the makeup world. She wanted to bring the bright, bold colors of drag performer stage makeup to a wider market. Doan has remained committed to her original vision, creating one of the few cosmetic brands that is devoted to cruelty-free makeup with bright, richly pigmented colors.

Sugarpill focuses on producing gender-inclusive cosmetics crafted for unique individuals with an eye for self-expression. This has led to Sugarpill developing quite the cult following, with their new palettes often selling out quickly. Of all of the cosmetic brands on this list, Sugarpill offers the most colorful array of products. Their bold and colorful eyeshadow pigments are perfect for retro 80’s inspired looks or to add a pop of color to your normal cosmetic routine.

Sugarpill may be known for the bright, richly pigmented eyeshadows, but they do also offer their “Bulletproof,” one of the darkest matte black eyeshadows on the market. No matter your style, you’ll be able to express yourself with Sugarpill.

5 Cosmetic Brands You Need To Try

2. theBalm Cosmetics

Located in San Francisco’s famous Mission District, theBalm is one of the stand out cosmetic companies in the Bay Area. Founded in 2004 by Marissa Shipman, theBalm is committed to creating makeup that inspires wearers to feel like the best version of themselves that they can be. Like the other cosmetic brands on this list, theBalm is cruelty-free, because there is no excuse for animal testing in 2020!

If you’re local, or just in the area, theBalm’s San Francisco storefront is definitely worth a visit. Their employees are very well informed and incredibly helpful. theBalm offers a variety of different products and are known for their eyeshadows having triple milled pigments and anti-aging ingredients. You can find their products sporting fun pin-up inspired packaging at several different retailers.

Some of their more popular products include their “Bahama Mama,” a matte bronzer neutral enough for almost any skin tone, and their “Meet Matt(e) Trimony,” a fantastic matte eyeshadow palette at an affordable price. With theBalm, you’ll find the price per quality metric works out in your favor.

5 Cosmetic Brands You Need To Try

3. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star is a pop culture and fashion icon, survivor of everyone’s ‘scene phase,’ occasional musician, Youtuber, and makeup guru. Given his extensive resume, it shouldn’t have shocked anyone when Jeffree Star decided to launch his own makeup line to compete against other cosmetic brands. Founded in 2014, Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched as a cruelty-free makeup brand with only three liquid lipsticks.

The brand has since grown in popularity and has expanded its selection to include everything from eyeshadow to lip scrubs. Each new product release sees an increase in demand, with new products selling out almost as soon as they’re listed on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics site. Jeffree Star’s new “Blood Lust” palette offers customers a little bit of everything – matte, metallic, and foil eyeshadows in varying shades of pink and purple.

Of course, you can’t bring up Jeffree Star Cosmetics without bringing up their famous velour liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks are a great place to start with the Jeffree Star brand and are available individually and in variety packs.

5 Cosmetic Brands You Need To Try

4. KVD Vegan Beauty

Having recently stepped down from her company, Kat Von D’s former cosmetic brand has elected to change its name as a way of distancing itself from the famous Los Angeles tattoo artist. Whether this is due to some previous controversy, or if it is just to signify the lack of Kat Von D’s involvement, the name change certainly doesn’t change the quality of the products.

KVD Vegan Beauty may be far from independent or unknown, but it is definitely a brand to keep in mind, as it is readily available at most Sephora locations. KVD offers most of the same products that were offered under the company’s previous moniker. Standouts include their award-winning “Tattoo Liner,” a high pigment, smudge-resistant liner with a precise brush tip, as well as their studded kiss creme lipstick.

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One of the KVD Vegan Beauty’s more unique offerings is their “Anti-Precision Eyeliner.” Originally released as “Basket Case,” a limited release collaboration with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day fame, the “Anti-Precision Eyeliner” is a jumbo pencil designed to smudge easily for a smoky-eye rockstar look. Whether you want to look like a rockstar, or just want a quality eyeliner, KVD Vegan Beauty has something for you.

5 Cosmetic Brands You Need To Try

5. Tater Rounds Beauty

Being, without a doubt, the smallest of all of the cosmetic brands on this list, Tater Rounds Beauty is a one woman operation that operates entirely through Etsy. Founded in 2012 by self-described “all around country girl” Victoria Rodriguez, Tater Rounds Beauty is devoted to producing small batch, cruelty-free cosmetics for an affordable price.

The brand is very aesthetic focused, with different cosmetic lines having imagery ranging from country to gothic. All within the same shop, you can find products with names like “Oink” and “Udderly Cute” right next to products with names like “Mansinthe” and “Overlook Hotel.” Rodriguez’s devotion to aesthetic diversity carries over into her brand’s diverse selection of products. Tater Rounds Beauty offers just about every cosmetic item you could ask for. If you enjoy her classic film inspired eyeshadow and her Marilyn Manson themed lipstick line, then maybe you’ll enjoy her vegan soap or signature perfumes.

Some of Tater Rounds’s more interesting products include the “Tinted Piggy Primer” and “Phantom,” a duo chrome eyeshadow and eye-topper. Products like these have led to Tater Rounds Beauty having an average five star rating on Etsy. Chances are, there is something in this store for you!

5 Cosmetic Brands You Need To Try

Have you tried any of these brands? Do you have any brands you would add? If so, leave your thoughts in the comments!

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