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Cosmetic And Beauty Instagrams You Need To Go Follow

Cosmetic And Beauty Instagrams You Need To Go Follow

Cosmetic And Beauty Instagrams You Need To Go Follow

The 2000s and 2010s were the prime time for beauty vloggers and Youtube makeup videos. But Youtube is old news now, so where can we find our best beauty videos and makeup how-tos. Cue the rise in cosmetic and beauty Instagrams and TikToks 1 minute makeup videos. But with so many influencers to choose from, how do we know which users are the right ones to follow and which ones get into drama every other week? Search no longer! Here is a list of our favorite cosmetic and beauty Instagrams so you know exactly who to add to your “following” list.

1. Shop.euphoricsun

Shop.euphoricsun is one of my favorite cosmetic and beauty Instagrams, and I’ve personally bought from her company multiple times. Not only does she have the cutest eyeshadow palettes I’ve ever seen in my life, but she also sells fuzzy bucket hats and sweaters that are to die for. Not to mention, her pictures constantly showcase amazing looks that she does use her own makeup, showing her fans how amazing they could look with her “milk” themed palettes and glowing highlighters.

2. Onigiri.nana

If you’ve ever been on TikTok’s e-girl beauty side, then you’ve definitely seen onigiri.nana. Not only is she a popular TikToker, but she’s also one of the best beauty Instagrams if you’re looking for fun, unique makeup inspiration! Her videos are also hilarious and completely relatable – she not only showcases her amazing looks but also laughs at her own mistakes and mishaps while filming. We stan someone who can show the more relatable and messy aspects of wearing makeup.


3. Nyane

Nyane has one of the most gorgeous beauty Instagrams I’ve ever seen, and I am absolutely envious of both her makeup skills and how drop-dead beautiful she is. Her makeup and wig game is off the charts, and the incredibly colorful aesthetic of her page is iconic. Also, her motto on fashion is a personal favorite of mine – Nyane says that when she chooses clothes, she picks pieces that she knows people will dislike at first but will eventually come to love. That kind of confidence and uniqueness is exactly what you need in a beauty Instagrammer.

4. Mikaylajmakeup

Anyone who’s ever been on beauty TikTok knows exactly who I’m talking about when I say “mikaylajamakeup.” She’s iconic for her personality and voice, and she has one of the best beauty Instagrams out there. She’s constantly testing new products and discussing them onscreen, which is exactly what we want when we’re trying to find the best beauty products. Now she even has her own Mikayla makeup line coming out with Glamlite, adding to her already impressive makeup resume.

5. Skincarebyhyram

A little different from the other makeup and beauty Instagrams and TikToks mentioned, skincarebyhyram is your go-to channel for all things skincare (an extremely important and often forgotten aspect of makeup). While many of his followers know him for his reactions to other people’s skin routines and tips on how to really take care of your skin, they may not realize that he has his own skincare line, selfless by hyram. If you’re going to follow any beauty Instagrams today, go follow skincarebyhyram. Your skin will thank you.


6. Ahliyah.michelle

Ahliyah.michelle is one of the makeup TikToks and beauty Instagrams that offers everything you might be looking for–makeup tutorials, black beauty tips, tricks and hacks, and so much more. Her channel showcases her amazing makeup skills, along with her favorite products and how to get the most bang for your buck at makeup stores (primarily Ulta). She even has her own headwrap line named Qveen of Wrap. Ahliyah.michelle is a queen and an icon and should definitely make it onto your “beauty Instagrams to follow” list.

7. Roseandben

Roseandben is a makeup artist and educator and has one of the best beauty Instagrams for anyone looking to learn specific makeup tips or watch real-time tests of different beauty products. Too often, we buy products that advertise long-lasting wear or water/sweatproof without actually being able to try out these products beforehand to see if they really hold up. Have no fear! Roseandben is all about testing out products and giving realistic opinions on how well they hold true to their advertisements. This is exactly what you need if you’re like me and never know which products to buy.

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8. Challxn

Challxn is a triple whammy for makeup TikToks and beauty Instagrams – she’s funny, she’s beautiful, and she’s iconic. A model and a Fenty Beauty house creator, she’s well known for her makeup and wig “transformations.” Have you ever seen the videos of the creepy but beautiful “dolls” and clowns under the bed that both terrify you and inspire you to try out wild makeups like that? Then you’ve definitely seen challxn. She also does some absolutely amazing cosplays, and her Instagram videos are full of helpful tips and tricks for getting the most iconic looks.

9. Rowisingh

For those looking to find eye makeup inspirations from their beauty Instagrams, look no further than Rowisingh. Rowisingh creates some of the most complex and stunning eye looks I’ve ever seen, and if I had half her talent I’d be happy. She also introduces some techniques and looks you may never have considered before, but now you will. An added bonus, she now has a jewelry collection out with Mountain and Moon and can I just say, all the pieces are insanely gorgeous.

10. Cutcreaser

Another one of the best beauty Instagrams to follow if you’re looking for stunning and iconic eye makeup looks, cutcreaser has some absolutely stunning eye makeup looks. She also does a good job in her videos of showcasing tips and tricks for getting the best eye makeup looks, like what’s the best way to apply false eyelashes or how to get white eyeliner on with minimal cracking. I didn’t even know before her that there was a better way to avoid my white liner cracking, but I do now. Did we mention that she also has a makeup collection in collaboration with By Melolops? Well, she does, and it’s stunning.


Do you know of more beauty Instagrams we need to go follow today? Tell us in the comments!

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