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Top 10 Corona Virus Memes

Top 10 Corona Virus Memes

This is truly a difficult time for the world, what with COVID-19 preventing us from living our lives the restriction free like we used to. However, it’s not all bad. The COVID meme that was created when the outbreak began has provided much needed entertainment as we were encouraged to stay indoors for our safety. By creating these memes, COVID-19, while still dangerous, was cast in a more humorous light, thereby making the virus seem not as disastrous. Many COVID memes have been created in the six or so months since the pandemic began, and the best of these are shown below!

Simpsons Work from home

Who would’ve thought that working from home would change so drastically in just a few short months. This COVID meme pretty much shows how everyone has had to adapt to the temporary change in the world. You have a regular guy (Homer) in the first picture merrily tapping away at his computer, getting things done. A few months down the line, though Homer, as well as everyone else, has changed the way they work. People have learned how to cut corners in hilarious ways to avoid leaving the couch, where they’ve been sitting since March.

Ready to come back to work?

When your boss asks if you’re ready to come back to work during the pandemic, you may say something like “Uh no, I’d rather live.” This COVID meme represents that basic response, which many people share. Honestly, who wants to go back to work where they could potentially get the virus? If you’ve been doing your job from home for the past six months, why would you even consider going back to work at the office? It’s just safer to continue working from home until the COVID is over. There’s no point in risking your life just because your boss wants to work in an office again.


Trade in ear pods for sanitizer

Remember how like a year ago everyone was obsessed with those air pods? Not anymore! What people really want are large quantities of hand sanitizer, which can be difficult to find. There is one COVID meme that jokingly alludes to this change in priorities. You see someone walking down the street (with a mask on) while wearing those air pods in their ears. They’re not the only one that can flex, though. You pull out your bottle of now rare hand sanitizer and their eyes immediately lock on to it as you put some on your hands. Smiling at them happily, you put the bottle back in your pocket and continue walking.

“Did you just cough?!”

Anyone who’s been on a plane during the virus can relate to the COVID meme. You’re on a plane and about halfway done with your journey when you think you hear a slight cough coming from the seat in front of you. Instantly, you’re on high alert. You attempt to peer over the seat to see whether the person in front of you is reaching for a Kleenex. They’re don’t seem to be, so you begin to relax. Then you hear another cough. Looking over again, you notice that they’re not wearing a mask. Time to start freaking out!

Gamers not affected

When everything was going down in March, gamers had no idea. They were too busy playing the newest video game in a darkened room, surrounded by empty Doritos bags and Mountain Dew bottles. You actually know a gamer first hand. Your next door neighbor’s window looks directly onto yours. Everyday you see them with their headsets on, oblivious to the world, while you freak out and just lay on the couch. One day, they even noticed your anxiety and, standing up, proceeded to do the Fortnite dance while staring directly at you. Once finished, they guffawed and opened another can of Pringles.


Real life Hunger Games

You’re searching through the pantry and, with a feeling of dread, realize that you’re out of mashed potatoes. Just then, your little sister runs into the run and tells you there’s no more toilet paper. You both exchange a silent look, after which you prepare to brave the outside world. This COVID meme represents the feeling when you absolutely have to go and get more supplies. The Walmart employees don’t deliver to people who live in the countryside, so you’re forced to go and get it yourself. Before you set off, you turn around and wave to your sister, who is looking sadly out at you from the window. You will return, with the groceries in hand.

Welcome to the apocalypse

The COVID meme that best describes the ‘semi-apocalyptic’ times the world finds itself in is two pictures set next to each other. One is of the average survivors of some cataclysmic event as the roam the wasteland in search of supplies. The other picture, the apocalypse we are currently experiencing and which no one anticipated, is of Randy Marsh from South Park sitting half naked on a couch and playing video games. There are those who have to fight to survive after the apocalypse, and then there are those who simply play the games those characters star in. 

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“Would you like some hand sanitizer? It’s freeeee.”

Casually walking down the street one rainy day, you wonder where you will ever find hand sanitizer. The stores are all out, and they won’t be getting a new shipment for another week. Suddenly, you hear a voice that says “I got hand sanitizer down here.” Looking down at the nearby sewer opening, you spot a friendly clown. What luck! Someone who has sanitizer! During the early months of the virus, people became a little desperate for hand sanitizer and other related cleaning products. This COVID meme, based on It, humorously depicts the lengths some people would’ve gone to to get sanitizer.

“Heeeeere’s Corona!”

Being stuck in the same house with your family for long periods of time can get stressful real fast. A COVID meme that highlights what can happen to family that finds itself in lock-down is based of the The Shining. The smiling faces of the parents are masks that cover both horror and insanity, common emotions that you probably experience every day while being stuck with your parents. Little Danny doesn’t look too happy, though. That makes it easy to imagine yourself in his position. However, if you start to see weird things around your house, make sure you call the police!

“Why? What happens in 2020?”

“Oh, Marty,” Doc Brown says, “Very soon in your future, but the world’s past, you’ll enter a place that is ruled by a monster with incredible luck. That place,” Doc states seriously, “That place, Marty, is preferable to entering the year 2020.” Doc Brown failed to mention, however, that the year 2020 was filled with COVID memes that made the long and tiresome wait for it to end bearable. Sometimes, it does seem easier to cope in an alternate, evil version of the world where Biff has a huge amount of influence. You can at least go outside, there.


Have you seen some of these COVID memes before? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!