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10 Corduroy Pants That Look Sleek AF

Does the cold weather make you want to snuggle up? These corduroy pants are perfect for doing just that! Whether you snuggle up to go outside or snuggle up to stay in, the softness and stretchiness of corduroy pants is the absolute best way to stay chic and comfortable in the colder weather. If you’ve never tried corduroy pants before, I know that you’ll be a convert just as soon as you find the right pair! Read on to find the perfect corduroy pants for you.

1. Burgundy Straight-Leg

These comfy corduroy pants are so easy to dress-up! Recalling the color of poinsettias, holly, mulled wine, rosy cheeks, fire, and warmth, burgundy is the perfect cool weather hue to choose this season. Burgundy is a classic fall-to-winter color looks oh so chic in corduroy, especially when you deck yourself out in head to toe wine. Swipe on a gorgeous, deep red wine lipstick and a little bit of blush to highlight those rosy cheeks. The result? Irresistible. 


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2. Brown Flares

Nothing makes you feel as soft and cozy inside as a cup of hot chocolate: peppermint schnapps or not! Embrace the laid-back sensuality of chocolate by opting for a pair of deep brown corduroy pants. You’ll look casual and sleek with a tan blazer and a pair of sneakers, but come the evening, transform the look into an adult and mysterious ensemble by pairing with a silky black top and black heels. 


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3. Tan Wide-Leg Crops

A dash of tomboy mixed with preppy chic equals a cozy and versatile pair of corduroy pants. This pair of sandy tan, wide-leg crops go perfectly with your favorite seasonal booties and a crisp white button-down. A chunky belt with a cute statement buckle helps refine this tomboy style by adding definition to the waist. Add a black blazer to your look and you will have a workwear look that is both comfortable and classy at the office.  

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4. Black Straight-Leg

If you’ve ever wanted a replacement for denim in the winter, a classic pair of black corduroy pants is the go-to choice. Versatile and durable, you can wear these babies all day long. From doing errands to the office to a party, grab a timeless straight-leg silhouette and enjoy the mixing and matching. Paired here with a velvet blazer, graphic tee, and sneakers, this practical cool-girl outfit is perfect for going to class or hanging out around campus. Switch that graphic tee for a slinky tank and those sneakers for a dressier flat, oxford, or Mary Jane and you’re in the ultimate casual, comfortable date outfit.

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5. Pink Skinnies

Nothing says cute like these millennial pink corduroy pants! If it’s hard to imagine your wardrobe without a pair of skinnies, or if you’ve never been a fan, this sweet pink shade will keep you blushing all day long. Soft corduroy pants are comfortable and usually come with a stretch, so the skinny silhouette is more accessible to different body types in this fabric. Paired here with a great pair of combat boots and a lux, velvet jacket in emerald green, these pink skinnies have an added edge and allure.

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6. White Culottes

In this light and airy shade, cozy corduroy pants will look both crisp and clean in the colder months, embracing the crispness of the frosty weather. With a nice cropped silhouette you can show some ankle, or choose to show off those adorable new boots you just splurged on. I love the wide-leg silhouette of these culottes because they are so flattering on any frame! Pair with neutral black pieces on top for a casual elegance, or enjoy the contrast of deep navy layers. I would mix this look up by accenting with some accessories. Those sassy animal print booties you’ve been eyeing would look AMAZING. 

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7. Cropped Burgundy Babies

Wine, wine, and more wine! In a nice cropped silhouette, a burgundy pair of corduroy pants looks much more casual… until you add your favorite silk and velvet pieces that is. A cropped silhouette is always good for showing off fall and winter footwear, but the length can also be a practical and flattering fit for more petite frames.  I cannot get enough of this classic color during this time of year: red like the fall leaves, red like Christmas decorations, and red like those rosy cheeks. Yes, please!

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8. Tan Pleated Trousers

This pair of tan pleated trousers is such a great swap for denim in the winter. I love that the thickness of corduroy pants is perfect for blocking chilling winds on those long walks to class, through town, or under snow-covered trees. In this pair of corduroy pants, there is a lovely pleated detail and a wider fit that makes them perfect for cuddling up and getting cozy. If you pair them with your favorite cardigan and boots you will find that there is no better go-to outfit to be out and about in. Any low-key tomboy would agree that these corduroy pants are the perfect pick to both look and feel smart.

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9. Pink Flares

Millennial pink is everywhere, as it should be. A fun, vibrant color like pink should not be neglected! The wide-leg flare silhouette balances out wider hips AND gives those legs some breathing room. This style of corduroy pants is perfect if you like to look sleek and you hate feeling constricted. All that extra room also allows plenty of room for an extra layer underneath: outdoor concert or campfire anyone? Bop around town in this punchy pink shade to get the most out of the colder months.

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10. White Tapered Trousers

Here is a perfect example of someone embracing the winter white look! Paired with a cozy white sweater and simple black accessories, these white tapered corduroy pants are sleek and elegant without trying. I love a tapered trouser on anyone, but they are especially flattering on long, athletic types. The way the leg comes in from the hip will create the illusion of bigger hips, or accentuate the ones you are already blessed with. This look is perfect for an activity like ice-skating because there is no pant-leg to trip you up or get in your way. Skate on, snow queen!

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Corduroy pants are the best because they are soft, thick and comfortable! How do you style your favorite pair of corduroy pants? Let us know in the comments!

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