The 10 Coolest Places To Check Out In Baltimore

Whether its food, art or fashion. Baltimore has it all. Our Baltimoreans not only know how to throw down on the crabs, but they also are heavily influenced by art every single day. Baltimoreans simply know how to do the damn thing. As a fellow Baltimorean, I am excited to write this piece telling the grit and grace of my beautiful city. Baltimore, Maryland is a city that holds so much culture and history. From Billie Holiday to Babe Ruth, Baltimore has always been a cool place to be. That’s why today, I am going to break it down and give you the 10 nitty gritty coolest places of Baltimore.

1. Graffiti Alley

Turn the corner at Howard Street and North Avenue and you’ll find yourself one of the most popular hidden gems in Baltimore. This L-shaped alley is not even visible from the street, it is so hidden that even lifelong community members do not even know it exists. Graffiti Alley is located in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. This is a place where most Baltimore street artists come to create. In fact, this is the only legal art space in Baltimore where artists can work freely. This is also where a lot of Baltimore photographers shoot their work. It is a colorful canvas and always changing. It sits between the Baltimore Graffiti Warehouse, which offers spaces for other creatives to work. This a truly a Baltimore gem!

10 Coolest in Baltimore


2. American Visionary Art Museum

Drive past this place, and you will already be tempted to go inside. This museum is located right in the heart of Federal Hill. The American Visionary Art Museum specializes in outsider art. They focus on displaying raw, self-taught, and intuitive art. A  cool thing about this museum is most of the pieces are by Baltimoreans. Whether this be local artist, or creative children. This museum is real and raw, it is a place that will make you cry, laugh and smile. Inside each floor is flooded with beautiful quotes that invoke all emotions. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, the overall experience you receive from this museum will move you

10 Coolest Places in Baltimore

3. Federal Hill Park

I mentioned Federal Hill, now I have to tell you what it is! Duh. Federal Hill also known as Fed Hill or Feds is located south of downtown. It has become a signature Baltimore landmark that offers one of the most breathtaking views of the city. On Saturday nights you can find lovers sitting on benches at two in the morning, while Sunday afternoon you will see kids playing on the playground. This is a place for everyone, children and adults have made a home out of this Park. It truly is a sight to see, just watch your step! It is a little steep.

10 Coolest Places in Baltimore
Downtown Baltimore seen from atop Federal Hill with two park benches in foreground.

4. Bmore Licks

Over 100 flavors of homemade ice cream…yes, I said over 100. Baskin Robbins and Dairy Queen have nothing on Bmore Licks! Bmore Licks is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Canton. Not only do they sell ice cream, but they also have snowballs (very Baltimore), coffees, and donuts. Oh! Did I mention they have vegan options too? Bmore Licks is the place to be, another hidden gem that many people do not know about. In fact, I have lived in Baltimore for 20 years and just discovered this gem.

bmore licks baltimore

5. Get Shredded Vintage

We can all appreciate a good thrift shop. However, I think we can appreciate a vintage thrift even more. Finding pieces from decades ago, simply wondering who wore this before me? Who was she?What did he do? The idea of vintage clothing is beautiful. Get Shredded Vintage is an experience in itself. They are loaded with beautiful pieces and people. You can tell the staff loves their brand and tries to convey that message through their dress.


10 Coolest Places to Check Out in Baltimore

6. Camden Yards Stadium

If you are ever in Baltimore, you must check out Camden Yards. This picture-perfect park is the home of our Baltimore Orioles. Some go for sports; some go for the food! I say go for the food *wink wink*. The crabby mac-and-cheese pretzel cone is a must. It may sound like a strange combo but trust us, just take a bite!

7. Nick’s Fish House

Us on the east coast know seafood like no other. Honestly…how could you even come to Baltimore without experiencing a crab cake with our signature Old Bay seasoning? Nick’s Fish House has crab cakes that will melt in your mouth. This spot not only has amazing food, but they also have great happy hours and live music. Great place to be on a Friday night!


10 Coolest Places in Baltimore

8. Baltimore Love Murals

One thing about Baltimore is your always bound to run into love. Literally. Michael Owen, a Baltimore artist has painted over 20 murals spelling out L-O-V-E. These murals are in different neighborhoods throughout the city. Not only is it a beautiful form of art, but also a beautiful message.

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10 Coolest Places in Baltimore

9. PaperMoon Diner

You may drive past PaperMoon Diner and be confused, you may wonder if it is an art museum, or if someone just has a very eclectic hoarding problem. The answer is yes. PaperMoon is a beloved spot with dazzling pop culture paraphernalia. This includes caged dolls, Pez collections and a variety of mannequins. But guess what, it is a restaurant. The food is incredible, and the scenery is even better. Next time you are in Baltimore, come in for Sunday brunch. You will not regret it.

10 Coolest Places in Baltimore


10. Billie Holiday Murals

Take the time to check out some of our memorials dedicated to some of the most influential people. Many Baltimoreans seek comfort in the street art dedicated to these now historic figures. A cool one to check out are the murals of Billie Holiday, a jazz singer from the 1930s. You can find these murals located in Upper Fell’s Point. Check them out!

10 Cool Places to Check Out

As you can tell, Baltimore is the place of culture and character. From food and dessert to clothes and music, there is so much to do in this beautiful city.


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