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10 Of The Coolest Eyeshadow Trends That Everyone Will Be Wearing This Spring

10 Of The Coolest Eyeshadow Trends That Everyone Will Be Wearing This Spring

Everything we’ve learned in fashion we’ve learned from the runway. And that would include makeup trends; and this spring, eyeshadow trends took over the runway.Every designer had their models in stunning, bold and bright eyeshadow looks. Eyeshadow was the number one makeup trend and has made some seriously bold moves that are so different than years past. The eyeshadow trends have evolved from neutrals to bright neons. These eyeshadow trends are sure to make you stand out. 

1. Bright Eyeshadow

Bright eyeshadow took over the runways, every major fashion brand paired bright eyeshadow with their spring line. From yellow to pink to green the options are endless. With every celebrity creating their own makeup line, you’ll be able to find these brights colors anywhere. Get a fun palette that has tons of options so you can try it out with any look.


2. Glitter Eyes

Glitter isn’t just for musical theatre kids and Halloween, glitter eyes are back on trend. Either just a subtle line of full glitter or a shimmer shadow that will really pop. Glitter can make you stand out even more and is perfect for holidays or to just add a little flare to your outfit.

3. Neon Eyeliner

Using your eyeshadow like an eyeliner is also a huge trend but especially with neon colors. Adding just a swoop of neon above your eyelid will be a great accent to your outfit. If you’ve got on a neutral outfit throwing on a yellow eyeshadow wing will add some color without being over the top. This is perfect for when you want to really goals out with your makeup but a full face of makeup is too dressy.


4.  Gloss Lids

This may sound gross, and sticky, but there is a way to pull this trend off without either of those happening. On the runway people were literally using lip glosses on their eyelids and everyone was loving the look, but the reality of that isn’t ideal. Luckily others have caught onto the trend and made it easier for us to realistically wear. Liquid eyeshadows give us that look but are made for wearing on your eyes. It gives a glowey and glossy look, perfect for transitioning from a day to night look. Neutral colors will be your best best this spring to pair with your florals and neon clothes. 


5. Ombre Eyeshadow 

This is for those more skilled in makeup gurus out there. The execution of this seems impossible for someone like me but anyone who has watched Jaclyn Hill for years should know how to do this. This incredible look will turn heads. This is seriously stunning and to make it even more springy use bright complimenting colors. You’ll finally be able to use more than one color in that giant palette you bought with 30 colors from Sephora. 

6. White Eyeliner

While this isn’t technically an eyeshadow look, it can really enhance your eyeshadow look or is great standalone look. White is a great way to welcome spring since we tend to not wear it in winter. If you want something that stands out but still neutral or green doesn’t match your outfit, white eyeliner is a great option. You can pair it withe neutral eyeshadow or another bright color for en even bolder look. This is really versatile and you’ll wear it more than you think.


7.  Contrasting Colors

This is another great way to use your multicolor palette. this look is especially great for spring with bright colors. Put a neon pink eyeshadow on your upper eyelid and a pastel blue on your under eyelid. Or a lilac on your upper eye and then an emerald or army green on your bottom lid. This look may seem like it’s only for formal occasion but you can be subtle to make it an everyday look. Once you try it you’ll want to wear it everyday.

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8. Bright Highlights

This spring all of the eyeshadow trends are all, the brighter the better and there’s an option for every skill level of makeup. This is for someone who loves the bright look but maybe isn’t the best at makeup, or someone who just wants a more subtle look. Wearing bright pink eyeshadow everyday with sweatpants can be a little much, so this is a great option to tone it down. You can put a pop of color in the crease of your eye or in your tear duct for just a flash of color.


9. Pastel Blue

Blue eyeshadow has gotten a bad reputation over the years from little old ladies who wear it with their pink lipstick. Anytime we saw blue eyeshade not on an elderly woman it was shot down as not cute, but blue eyeshadow can actually really make certain eye colors pop and be a great accent to your outfit. Blue eyeshadow if done correctly can be really cute and not at all outdated and elderly. Picking a pastel blue will help to make sure that this look is fashionable and a perfect eyeshadow trend. 

10. Neutral 

Some classics never go out of style and a neutral eyeshadow is one of those. If you want to spice up your neutral eyeshadow, pair it with a bright eyeliner or go for a glittery neutral. This will always be a great eyeshadow look, and its a great place to start for this who aren’t comfortable with eyeshadow, it gives you a place to start out. This is also great for outfits that are already bold to tone it down without taking away from the look. Everyone needs at least one eyeshadow palette and if you aren; y big into makeup getting one that is mostly neutrals or prominently neutrals will be the best way to ensure you will actually use all of them. Some eyeshadow trends will always be in style. 


Which eyeshadow trends will you be wearing this spring? Which one are you most excited to try? Comment below and let us know!

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