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10 Cool Ways To Add a Pop of Color to Your Beauty Routine

10 Cool Ways To Add a Pop of Color to Your Beauty Routine

Looking for ways to up your style to stand out from the crowd? Try adding a pop of color to your beauty and makeup routine! Adding color to your beauty routine is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to revamp your style. The beauty industry is rapidly introducing new ways to tryout creative trends without making a huge commitment or breaking the bank. You can probably try some of these styles using products you already have too!

Colored Eyeliner and Mascara

Eyeliners and mascaras in unique and bold colors are one of the biggest current beauty trends of the year! They will certainly add a pop of color to your look and draw attention to your eyes. However, colorful eyeliners and mascaras are not for faint-hearted fashionistas. They are most prominently featured in more avant-garde fashion ensembles, and are probably best suited for events such as parties. If you don’t want to drop money on a new makeup product you might not use very often, you can still pull of the look with an eyeliner brush and a fun lipstick or eyeshadow.

Unique Eyebrows

Uniquely colorful eyebrows are a more manageable sister trend to colorful liners and mascaras. This look can easily be pulled off by using a colorful eyeshadow in place of your regular eyebrow products. The look is rather flashy, so it is also best suited for parties and other fancy occasions with a more lax dress code. To add an extra pop of fun, you can try making each brow a different color for a two-tone color look, or add glitter for a little sparkle!

10 Cool Ways To Add a Pop of Color to Your Beauty Routine

Bold Eyeshadows

A third beauty routine step focused on the eyes that is more traditional but still adds a pop of color is bright and bold eyeshadow. Colorful eyeshadows are also a very popular trend right now, and much more versatile than colorful liner, mascara, or brows. Pink and red as well as neon shades are all popular eyeshadow colors. Try playing with the unused colors in your favorite eyeshadow palette, or try stepping out of your comfort zone with a new one!

10 Cool Ways To Add a Pop of Color to Your Beauty Routine

Bright Lipsticks

Lips are another more traditional but equally stunning step in one’s beauty routine. You can add a pop of color to your lip routine by trying more vibrant shades of traditional lipstick colors like red, pink, and even orange in purple. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try even more untraditional lipstick colors like blue and green! And for some more subtle color, you can add some bright eyeshadows on top of your normal lip products for a fun and unique shimmer.

10 Cool Ways To Add a Pop of Color to Your Beauty Routine

Colorful Contour

Probably the most unique and experimental beauty routine idea on this list is a colorful contour. The colorful contour is not a super popular trend outside of makeup artists and couture fashion shows, but it certainly is bold. No special product is needed to achieve this look, just use a contour brush and some colorful eyeshadow to swipe on some color. The same technique can be used for highlighter. Colorful contour is especially useful for otherworldly looks, so try it out next time you dress up for a costume party!

Multicolor Mani-Pedis

Off the topic of makeup, nails are another great part of your beauty routine where you can add a pop of color. If you don’t have bright nail polish colors and don’t want to buy new nail polish, then you can try using multiple colors on the same hand, or even the same nail! The contrast will definitely make your nails stand out. If you’re not an expert at painting your nails or just don’t want to commit to bold nails long term, you can also experiment with press-on nails.

10 Cool Ways To Add a Pop of Color to Your Beauty Routine

Hair Chalk

Another fun yet temporary way to add color to your beauty routine is by using hair chalk. Hair chalk is exactly what it sounds like, colorful chalk for your that washes out easily at the end of the day. They come in various forms for application, but are all pretty simple ways to add bright streaks to your hair. They come in a wide variety of colors, and are much less messy than colored hairsprays or gels. Hair chalk is a great way to see how you look with crazy colored hair without having to dye it!

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10 Cool Ways To Add a Pop of Color to Your Beauty Routine

Colorful Extensions & Wigs

An alternative method to add a pop of color to your hair routine is try wearing wigs and extensions. They are less messy than hair chalk, but likely more expensive, so each has its tradeoffs. Still, wigs are definitely not just for costume parties anymore. Many websites and fashion brands have popped up to offer wigs for more fashionable use. There’s a lot of different details and specifics when it comes to buying wigs, but they are especially popular among many social media influencers, so check out your favorite fashionistas for some wig inspiration!

Temporary Tattoos

Yet another temporary solution for beauty routine experimentation is temporary tattoos. Not the temporary tattoos you wore as a kid that washed off in a few days, but high-quality fake tattoos in more mature designs. These temporary tattoos can last for a few days to weeks or even months, depending on your preference. They are definitely a fun way to try a style out of your comfort zone without the lifetime commitment ­– and the pain – of getting a real tattoo. They also come in a lot more colorful options than real tattoos, including ones with glitter!

10 Cool Ways To Add a Pop of Color to Your Beauty Routine

Body Glitter

Last but certainly not least, is the perennial summer favorite of musical festival goers: body glitter. Body glitter isn’t a very common beauty routine step, but it’s definitely one of the most fun ways to shake it up! Body glitter adds more than just a little pop of color, it adds sparkle to really embellish your look. Body glitter is especially useful for highlighting key areas like your cheeks and clavicles.

A lot of these beauty routine suggestions are admittedly a little out there, but if you’re looking to shake up your look with some fun color then don’t be afraid! Comment below your favorite beauty products and ways you add a pop of color to your life!

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