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10 Cool Things You Absolutely Need For Your Dorm This Year

Figuring out how to decorate your dorm can be a much harder task than you might expect, especially if you’re unsure of the kind of things you’ll need when you actually get to college. You might never even expect to need or want some of the super cool things on this list, which is why I’ve included them for you! While some are probably considered somewhat average decor pieces, there are a few things on this list that you won’t even know that you needed. So, if you’re looking for some cool things to put in your dorm this year, scroll through this list and see what you like!

1. Secret book safe

The first item up on our list of cool things for your dorm is definitely not something you would find in the average college student’s dorm, which is part of the reason it’s so cool. This secret book safe is the perfect hiding spot for anything you want to keep safe and hidden from your roommate because they’ll never assume one of your books is actually a safe! Sure, you could buy a regular old metal safe, but what fun is that? Secure your smaller belongings and add some decor at the same time with this secret book safe!

2. Foldable chair

Next on our list of cool things for your dorm is something more practical, but will still look really great in any room. Having a folding chair like pictured below is great for many reasons, one being that you have an extra place to sit in your dorm! Whether you’d like a place to study comfortably or want to have a place for your friends to sit when they come over, this chair is super handy to have. If it doesn’t exactly fit in your room, keep it folded up until you need it! I’ve taken many naps in my chair that looks just like this one, so I can personally vouch for how great it is. 

3. Jewelry organizer

Something I definitely neglected to think about when it came to my freshman year dorm was a way to organize my jewelry. It’s little things like this that are easy to forget, which is why this list of cool things for your dorm is here to remind you of how great they are! Having a small but cute jewelry organizer can make a huge difference not only to the organization of your room but to the overall look of it as well. If you find a super cool one like pictured below, that’s even better! 

4. LED lights

Something inexpensive and fun that will really change up the whole feel of a room is LED lights. These are becoming more and more popular and I’ve seen these all over the internet and in people’s dorm rooms. Most people hang them along the upper corners of their room, but you can do whatever you want with them. You can also change the color of the lights with the touch of a button, so whatever mood you’re feeling, you can match it with the lights!

5. Light up mirror

The next item on this list of cool things for your dorm might not seem cool to some, but compared to my plain old vanity mirror, this mirror is pretty cool. Having a chic light up mirror will not only help you see yourself better when it comes to doing your makeup or putting in your contact lenses, but it will also look super cute sitting on your desk. I’m a big fan of decor pieces that can also be used for another purpose, and this mirror definitely does that. You could grab one of these mirrors at practically any store and they won’t hurt your wallet too badly. 

6. Shelves

Such a simple piece of decor can really add a lot to your dorm room, and this is definitely the case with these cute shelves. Sure, you could just hang that picture frame or decor piece on the wall, but adding a shelf somehow makes it look so much more chic and put together. Don’t worry, you won’t have to screw anything into the wall for these if you’re unable to, because there are things like Command Strips that will hold the shelf to the wall securely. 

7. Magnetic cable organizer

I really love this next cool dorm essential on our list because it’s truly a life changer when living in a dorm. This magnetic cable organizer is designed to hold all of your cables in one place, whether it be on your desk or next to your bed. Never again will you have to reach underneath your bed, searching for the end of that charging cable that you’ll probably never find. This is super nice to have in a dorm, especially if you have an extra tall bed that forces you to get up if you need to grab your charging cable off of the floor.

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8. Mini projector

Movie nights will never be the same after you grab one of these mini projectors for your dorm! All you need for this projector is a blank wall to project on and you’re set for a fun time! Just grab some friends, pop some popcorn, and watch your favorite movie or show. This mini project is also a great way to make friends with the people living on your floor or in your building, because who wouldn’t want to join in on a movie night? So, if you find yourself missing that huge flatscreen tv at home, I highly recommend looking into getting one of these!

9. Ultra mini-fridge

Of course, not everyone is going to love every single item on this list of cool things for your dorm, but I find it hard to believe that anyone would not like this amazing ultra mini-fridge. If you’re not necessarily a fan of Coke, that’s okay, because you can find a fridge this size with a bunch of different designs! This size of mini-fridge is made to hold six cans of Coke, but you could honestly put anything you like in there! If you don’t have a normal-sized mini-fridge in your room already, this could be the perfect alternative to store smaller items that need refrigeration!

10. Minimalist desk lamp

Since I’m a minimalist at heart, I just couldn’t resist including this super cool desk lamp for the last item on this list of cool things for your dorm. Most of the time, college students tend to go for more practical desk lamps that might also have a built-in pencil holder or USB port, but there’s something about this minimalist desk lamp that is just too good to pass up. Everyone will ask you where you got it and it’ll look great on your desk, no matter what the rest of your room decor looks like!

Will you be grabbing any of the things on this list for your dorm room this year? Let us know in the comments which items are your favorite!

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Lily Bazis

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