8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won’t Wanna Miss

8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won't Wanna Miss

Nothing says accessory like those dangling doodads we just love to hang from the holes we punch in our ears. Hats are cool, but do you really want to mess up your hair now that the humidity has finally gone down? But who wants to stick to studs when there’s a whole world out there: Here are eight pairs that are bound to catch some eyes.

1. Artistic square earrings

These geometric gold earrings are sure to compliment any outfit you throw them with. Jeans, a loose blouse, and you’re ready to go on a date looking confident AF. While the design isn’t too complicated, it still shows enough to be a testament to fashion on your behalf.

8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won’t Wanna Miss

2. Dangling heart earrings

These looping hearts will look adorable with a black T-shirt and skirt combo. The design is again, not complicated in the least, but part of that is what brings endearment to the look. With the hoop of the earring holding the smaller heart in place, there’s no way anyone could mistake its shape for anything less.

8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won’t Wanna Miss

3. Silver star earrings

New Year’s Day might only come once a year, but you can get in the festive mood easily with these dangling, shining stars. Their reflective nature will emphasize any makeup you wear to compliment them (sparkly eye shadow, anyone?) as well as match any bedazzled parts of that one shirt you never have occasion to wear.

8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won’t Wanna Miss

4. GIRLS earrings

Are you looking to tell the world how much you love girls? These earrings are the perfect chance! Whether you want that Marina and the Diamonds aesthetic or you just have Formation stuck in your head, you’ll have fun making a statement with this statement accessory hidden up your sleeve.

8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won’t Wanna Miss

5. Lime Loop earrings

Regular hoop earrings just don’t do it for you anymore, huh? No sweat, check out these funky lime tubes. There comes a point in every person’s fashion journey where one must decide whether or not they want to look like a character straight out of a Sci-Fi novel. The best, and most fun answer, will without a doubt always be yes.

8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won’t Wanna Miss

6. Beauty’s rose earrings

If these don’t make you want to act out your wildest princess fantasies and run away into the woods then I just don’t know what to tell you. With your hair pulled back, you’ll for real look as though you were torn from the movie set of a modern Disney princess adaptation. Although sturdy, the delicate appearance of these earrings is ideal for emphasizing the softer features of your Look™.

8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won’t Wanna Miss

7. Silver ear cuffs

Okay, they’re technically ear  rings, just not in a conventional sense. If you’re looking for some extra bling on top of the ear holes you already have, these are the right choice for you. Alternatively, if you’re scared of getting that cartilage piercing and disappointing your parents, here’s a great way to flaunt your fashion with your friends while playing a good student when you go back home on the weekends. Wear these with other earrings, or solo, but maybe not with silver on gold like the model is doing. Ew.

8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won’t Wanna Miss

8. Hexagonal print earrings

We’ve all seen this pattern time and time again on sunglasses and the front page of beauty magazines. What better way to re-vamp it than to turn it into an interestingly-shaped earring? Winged black eyeliner will look stunning while you have these in, especially paired with golden eye shadow or gold stud earrings you have to fill the surrounding studs.
8 Cool Pairs Of Earrings You Won’t Wanna Miss

Go out and find some earrings to fit your look! Wear hoops often? Decide on your style and go make the best of it.

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