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Cool Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom Window

Cool Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom Window

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If you have a bedroom window that is destined to become a canvas for your next crafting masterpieces, check out these ideas below. Whether your style is eco-chic or theatre geek, you’ll be able to spruce up your room to match your style. Some of them will take some sewing, sculpting, and gluing so get ready for some detailed work.

Theatre Scene

Curious passersby will look into your bedroom window and see an incredible stage set for some theatre. This is especially appropriate if you already have curtains installed around your window. You will just need to swag the fabric across the top and tie them off to the sides. This will be much more dramatic if you happen to have red velvet curtains and gold rope ties.

Next, cut out some miniature set pieces for your stage. Perhaps you will be needing a castle to tell your story or some mountains and trees? Create whatever scene you need from cardboard cut-outs and paint them accordingly. With the stage set, all you will need are some characters. You can use some figurines or make your characters with wood pegs, corks, or cardboard. This stage is your oyster.


Stained Glass

This is one of the best crafts I made in school. Simply using tissue paper and heavyweight paper, you can replicate the stained glass effect for your bedroom. Start with cardstock, bristol board, foam board or construction paper and if you cannot find it in black, paint it black. Once you fold it in half, decide how big you want your stained glass to be and cut the heavyweight paper to size. Sketch out a design comprised of small shapes with at least a pencil’s width separating them from one another. This will give you sufficient space to stick on the tissue paper. Carefully cut out the shapes you sketch with an xacto knife on both layers of the black board. If you use paper you might be able to cut through to the other side in one go, otherwise, make sure they line up.

Next, cut the colourful tissue papers into shapes and sizes that will line up with the cut outs in the black board. Place a thin layer of glue around the edges of each hole and place the tissue paper gently over the respective shapes. Do the same until all the cut outs are covered by tissue paper. Fold the other side of the black board over so that it will look like a stained glass window from both sides. Prop this up against your bedroom window and watch in come to life as the sunlight filters through every morning.



Similarly, fabric filters sunlight through and creates a beautiful effect. If you purchase a tapestry online or on holiday, you might want to experiment with hanging it up over your bedroom window. If you want to be able to see outside, it might be a good idea to hang it up to only cover half of the window. Otherwise, you can pin it up and use it as a curtain.

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If you wish to create something of your own, buy some muslin from a fabric store. You can use a big piece or cut them up into smaller pieces to be scattered over different parts of your window using string or tape. Using powder dyes mixed with water, you can paint designs onto the fabric and once they are dry, hang them up and let the sun light them up.

Forest Grounds

Collect a bunch of small houseplants and arrange them across your window sill. Try to find ones that vary in size, thickness, shape, and colour so that you have an interesting forest scene. You can even add some rocks, miniature animal figurines, and model houses. For a more festive feel, drape some fairy lights over the various plants and light up the scene at night time. People will look in and imagine your house to be a tropical Narnia.


For a bedroom window that is fun and visually appealing, get creative with some household items or with a new craft project. It may just give your room a whole new vibe that fits you perfectly!

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