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Cool Hats Every Guy Can Rock For Sure

Cool Hats Every Guy Can Rock For Sure

In need of some cool hats? Here are some cool hats every guy can rock no matter what. These three hats for guys are ones you are sure to have tried out!

Hats in general are the most underrated way to make your outfit top-notch guys. The simple accessory can make a minimal outfit look polished, grungy, cool or just down-right sophisticated. Obviously considering your face-shape is something that takes a little bit of time, but here is a list of cool hats every guy can unquestionably doubt.

The Beanie

Beanies bypass all of the hat-wearing rules. The cozy, knit style is a universal look that can be pulled of by anybody. Not to mention, these suckers protect your head from any bad hair days you might be having. The beanie is an easy accessory to add to every outfit during the Fall and Winter seasons. If you are a simple beanie kinda guy, you can’t go wrong with the Urban Outfitters beanies ($12). However, if you are more down-to-earth and outdoorsy, Patagonia’s Fisherman Beanie is the shit ($29). If you didn’t already know this about Patagonia, (since you’ll be seeing a lot of them in this article) every time you purchase something from them, a section of the profit goes to conserving the land in Argentina and Chile.

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Fisherman's Rolled Beanie, Fire (FRE)

The Baseball Cap

Alright, there are tons of cool looking baseball caps out there: Carhart, Patagonia even team sports baseball caps. Just make sure to keep them clean and polished. Walking around with a sweaty baseball hat doesn’t impress anyone. However, I must say, a wool baseball hat is the absolute winner. It’s a simple and sophisticated look that keeps a casual outfit looking put together.


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The Wide Brimmed Fedora

Seriously, this might just be the best type of hat out there. It’s cool as fuck and everyone can pull it off, no question about it. It spices up an outfit beyond comprehension and will make you look cool as hell. Stick with a wide brimmed fedora.


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