Cool Hair Colors To Try For The Summer

Cool hair colors are those rare colors that allow you to stand out and make you feel good. If you are tired of the usual and need something new this summer is the perfect opportunity. Summer is the best way to have fun experimenting with new looks. You simply never know what you might look good in.

There really is not one look or color that is in style but you can always try out something different. The key to finding out what hair color works best for you is simply a matter of what makes you feel confident. A look is not complete without you feeling good about yourself. Trying out new hair colors is simply meant to help to get to a state where you feel comfortable with yourself.

Hair colors is just as important to a look as the pants or t-shirt that you wear.

To give you some ideas of what hair colors to try on here are some hair colors you can test out.

1. White-sand hair color

There are a lot of celebrities trying out this hair color which give you a beachy vibe. This look is not quite like anything else though at first you might think the hair is blond. The white-sand hair is something that is meant to give you a vibrant and bold look.

White-sand hair gives you a bold look that makes you look especially feminine. It also give a delicate touch to your face so that your features are softened. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawerence, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga have pulled off this look brilliantly. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to try this look.

2. Pink Lemonade

If you want a hair color that is not conventional and will definitely get people’s attention then you should try out pink lemonade. Just by hearing the hair color lets you know that this is not just an ordinary color. Why pink lemonade hair color? This shade of pink is perfect because it is not too bright or too dark. You get a shade that is not overwhelming like bubblegum pink and it is not too pale like a pastel color.

3. Copper Red Hair

Red hair is one of those colors that will definitely bring out a new side of you. Everybody has to go red at least once because it is a beautiful color. Copper red is rich color that give a more shiny look that is metallic looking.

4. Icy blue

Icy blue hair is not just for when it is cold. Icy blue hair give a different shade of blue that you are used to seeing. This shade of blue is interesting because it gives an almost pastel shade but is just a softer tone.

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This icy blue hair color give you the perfect faded pastel look. Icy blue pastel looks great in any hair style. This icy blue softens your look into something that is fresh and new.

5. Emerald Green

Emerald green is a darker shade of green that will really give you a unique look. Green is a hard hair color to pull off because it is so distinct but it will add intensity to your look. Green is a color that gives you an edgier look one that speaks for itself.

Regardless of which color you decide on picking the important thing is that you are trying out something different. Pick a color that you think goes with your personality best or which you would like to see more of in yourself.

These cool hair colors are worth trying out because you will feel like a whole new person. Let us know which of these shades you decided to go for!

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Esmeralda Medina

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