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Cool And Free Things To Do In Dallas

Cool And Free Things To Do In Dallas

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Dallas is a city that is riddled with free and fun things for people to do hoping to save money. With the sports, clubs, bars, restaurants, high society, and businesses that have people fleeing here, it’s easy to see why this city shows some of the best nightlife activities in America. Here are some of our top ideas for people in Dallas looking for great free ideas.

1.  Bar/Restaurant hop in McKinney Ave.

McKinney Avenue in Dallas only means one thing, going out to have a great night and a great time. McKinney Ave feels as if it has a hundred bars and restaurants to chose from and places to explore. Some of the household named restaurants include Bread Winners Cafe, HopDoddy Burger Bar, and The Standard Pour. McKinney Avenue is referred to as “Uptown” to locals and is easily the best place to bar hop and enjoy Dallas nightlife. Uber and Lyft drivers will be fairly easy to find as they make a living from people who hang out around Uptown Dallas. Almost half of the cars on the road will be Uber or Lyft drivers. If you work on the side for either of the companies, McKinney Avenue is a great spot for business. There are some things to look out for, unfortunately. First, prepare much in advance to find a parking spot on a Friday or Saturday night when visiting McKinney Avenue, as there will be limited parking spots available. Second, there will be a lot of scooter riders. A LOT OF SCOOTER RIDERS. Third, food and drinks will be pricey but will be some of the highest and best quality.

Top Cool and Free Things To Do In Dallas

2. House hunt in Highland Park

Highland Park is a moderate-sized neighborhood just north of downtown Dallas and is home to mansions that are worth millions with some being larger than 6,000 square feet. There are diverse architectural designs to the homes in Highland Park, including modern, European, craftsmen, Spanish-Revival, and Mediterranean.  Big named celebrities, athletes, and personalities that live in Highland Park include Angie Harmon, Clayton Kershaw (all-star baseball pitcher with Los Angeles Dodgers), Troy Aikman, Owen Wilson, Mark Cuban, and Dr. Phil. The best time to check out the homes are around Christmas time at night, as you’ll get a beautiful light show. Some streets that have the biggest homes include Beverly Drive, St. Johns, Euclid, and Byron. I suggest parking somewhere and going for a walk around the neighborhood. Seeing the homes up close also gives you a better view. You won’t be alone as there will be many other people walking with their dogs or going for a quick jog. Sometimes it’s good just to stroll through a neighborhood with beautiful homes and just to imagine what is possible one day if you work hard and achieve your dreams.

3. Visit Lamborghini Dallas

You read that right, Dallas has its own Lamborghini dealership located in Richardson off US 75. This car shop has the sharpest and most beautiful cars that range from as cheap as $75,000 to a whopping $700,000!  It’s easy to be blown away that there are cars this fancy and by the vast amount of European cars that can fit into one small building. What really makes this place significant is that these are the kinds of cars that many people dream about driving, the cars you drive in video games, see in rap videos, and then there they are, all of a sudden, right before your eyes. It is free to walk in and visit, as the sales team and workers are friendly. They have one rule, DO NOT TOUCH OR LEAN ON THE CARS! The dealership carries not only Lamborghini, but Ferrari, Rolls Royce, McLaren, and Porsches. I suggest taking advantage of the opportunity, there are only two Lamborghini Dealerships in the United States, one is in Dallas and the other in Los Angeles. It is free to enter and pose or stand next to a car as nice as you see the elite cruise in!

Top Cool and Free Things To Do In Dallas

4. Visit North Park Center Mall

The North Park Shopping Center includes the highest-end retailers like Gucci, Versace, Johnston and Murphy, Neiman Marcus, and the most premium Finish Lines in all of Dallas. This mall offers a wide selection of shoes, clothing, cosmetics, and hardware that most outlet shops don’t carry. You may even run into a celebrity at Gucci! This mall is perfect for finding some of the best quality consumer products in the DFW area, but beware, they don’t have the friendliest prices in some stores. The mall also offers fascinating modern artwork, including colorful sculptures and paintings. The two-story mall includes interestingly colored squares on some of the walls that display the simple color formula. There are also multiple stores in the North Park Mall that display beautiful artwork by some of the most talented artists in Dallas. One of the best stores to explore in the North Park Shopping Center is Neiman Marcus. It is the largest Neiman Marcus in Texas and offers some of the highest-priced clothing brands in the world. Parking to the shopping center is convenient and free and offers valet services as well.

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Top Cool and Free Things To Do In Dallas

5. Visit Galleria Dallas Shopping Center

Similar to North Park Shopping Center, the Galleria Dallas offers highest-end retailers. The Galleria Dallas Shopping Center is just eight miles north of North Park and makes for a convenient shopping spree day! This shopping center not only includes many stores and restaurants but also has its own ice-skating rink. If you are looking for conserving your money, this is the safer option compared to North Park Shopping Center. Shoe Palace is a store that jumps out, as it offers some of the most diverse and colorful shoes on the market that is hard to find elsewhere. The best restaurant in the Galleria Dallas is Mi Cocina, in my opinion. It is located next to the ice skating rink and provides a delicious Mexican food cuisine including drinks and appetizers. For all you sports fans, this shopping center has seven different fan sports shops, which include the Dallas Cowboys stores, historic sports memorabilia stores, and sports cap shops. Parking is free and offers valet services.

Top Cool and Free Things To Do In Dallas

Dallas is a city for everyone, and there are many ways to enjoy your spare time in a community that focuses on a quality experience. Don’t be afraid to give this city a chance! What are your favorite ways to see the sights and pinch pennies in Dallas?

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