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20 Cool And Edgy Outfits For Going Out

20 Cool And Edgy Outfits For Going Out

We all know the struggle of finding the perfect outfit for going out. Having an edgy look is hard; you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but also want to be bold and make a statement. The trick is finding a combination of both 90’s feel blended with the 2017 edge. Here are 20 cool and edgy outfits to try when getting ready tonight!

T-shirt Dress And Heels

This is one of the edgiest and coolest looks. Get a t-shirt dress or an XXL t-shirt and rock it with your favorite heels!


Let’s start with the basics. Leather is the most valuable item you will have in your closet if you are exploring an edgy style. With a leather jacket, you can take your simple look and really bring it to the next level!

Leather jackets are the perfect accessories for your edgy outfits!

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Graphic T-shirts

Have a favorite band you follow? Or even a quote that expresses your attitude? Try wearing a graphic shirt with statement pieces like a distressed jean jacket and knee high boots. This look is guaranteed to have you standing out from the crowd.

Graphic t-shirts are perfect for any edgy outfits !

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Skirts May Be Your New Go-To

Skirts are usually associated with femininity and a cute, flirty style. We are about to change that. Try on some tight skirts that can be leather, sequined, or even suede with a graphic t-shirt, cropped top, or bodysuit. It will definitely break the general depictions of skirts and make you feel like a badass.

Suede and leather skirts are perfect for putting together edgy outfits!

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Fishnets Are In Again

Forget about bare skinned ripped jeans; start filling those holes with fishnets! It definitely brings an edgy style to your everyday look!

Fishnets under your jeans are the perfect accessory for edgy outfits!

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Flannel Shirts

Flannels don’t have to be worn only in the fall. Wear an over-sized flannel shirt as a dress and pair it off with some accessories to show some serious edge. People will be dying to know where you got your dress from!

Flannels worn as dresses are perfect for edgy outfits to go out in!

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Black Is The New Black

Black is never out of style. No matter what outfit you put together, black on black will always seem to look really cool and edgy.

All black outfits are the definition of edgy outfits!

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Lace Is Always A Sexy Look

Going for a night out with friends? Try on a sexy lace bodysuit to bring some sophistication and edge to your going out outfit. It will definitely make heads roll!

Lace bodysuits are perfect for edgy outfits to go out in!

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Sheer Is Making A Comeback

Warning: this look is hard to pull off, but definitely worth a try.

Looking to embrace your sexuality and beauty? Try starting with a sheer black shirt and show off all those beautiful bralettes that you’ve been hiding under those layers. It is a risky look, but it can be easier to achieve with a all black outfit.

Sheer tops and bodysuits are the perfect pieces for edgy outfits!

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The military look seems to always make its way back around and we are currently loving it. Wear a military jacket over any everyday outfit for that edgy look!

Military jackets and prints are perfect for edgy outfits to go out in!

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Play Around With Designs

Sure, black is always a safe option and even leather, but you can also add different patterns to further style your outfits. Check out this striped bodysuit with black jeans that combine both elements of the 90’s and the 70’s.

Patterned bodysuits are super cute for edgy outfits!

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Try On New Fabrics

Velvet is one of those fabrics that comes in style from time to time. Right now it is a hot trend and we are loving it in skirts and dresses! Add a choker to a velvet dress and you are ready for your night out!

Velvet dresses are perfect edgy outfits for a night out!

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Be Bold!

Have fun with your textures, fabrics, and statement pieces. You can try by combining leather, tights, fur, or even jeans. Make sure it is right for you and your fashion identity!

Mixing patterns and materials is perfect for edgy outfits!

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Fur Is Everything

Fur always makes a statement. Throw a fur jacket over an all black outfit and you have instantly created an edgy and bold look!

Fur coats are a great way to make simple outfits into edgy outfits!

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Over-sized? No Problem

What better way to make a statement than by wearing an over-sized jacket? Whether it is a jean jacket or your winter coat, this piece can give your outfit a fun and different look.

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Oversized coats are a great accessory for edgy outfits!

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Accessories are a huge part of your outfit and can determine just how cute you look. Chokers, statement pieces, and sunglasses are accessories that you can never seem to go wrong with. Remember, a little goes a long way, so don’t go over the top with too many accessories!

Accessories can help make a bold statement with your edgy outfits!

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Dare To Be Different

There are various ways you can style your clothes whether it is with some sneakers, heels, or even boots. Don’t be afraid to try some different looks to make you stand out. We love this look with the chunky pair of heels!

Chunky heels are really cute for edgy outfits!

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Over The Knee Boots Are A Must

These boots will definitely turn an everyday look into a sexy and edgy one. You can definitely master this one all year round.

Thigh high boots are the perfect shoes for edgy outfits!

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It’s Not All About The Outfit

Sure, you may have the most amazing outfit, but your look isn’t complete without your bold and edgy makeup. Complete your style with an amazing edgy makeup like killer cat eyes and bold lipstick!

Bold makeup is perfect to finish off your edgy outfits!

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Its All About The Attitude

You can wear an edgy outfit, but the way you act and feel in the outfit will determine if you pull it off or not. Feel sexy and empowered and let your authority be known!

Ripped denim with boots are perfect for edgy outfits!

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Just Be You

Wear anything that makes YOU feel beautiful and empowered. Whatever outfit you choose, make it your own and slay it.

Leather jackets are the perfect accessory for edgy outfits!

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Do you have any other ideas for edgy outfits to go out in? Share in the comments below!

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