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10 Cool And Different Clubs You Can Join At TCNJ

10 Cool And Different Clubs You Can Join At TCNJ

Joining a club is one of the easiest ways to get connected and meet new people. These are some cool clubs you can join at TCNJ!

Getting involved is so important in college, especially your freshman year. Joining a club is one of the easiest ways to get connected and meet new people. It also is a great way to try something new and different that you normally wouldn’t try. There are tons of clubs on campus to try and there is definitely something for everyone. These are 10 cool and different clubs you can join at TCNJ!

1. Manhunt Club

The Manhunt Club gathers weekly for a game of manhunt. The club also does the Human vs. Zombies around campus, which is taken very seriously. You can tell who is playing by the colored strips around their arms or forehead.


2. Entrepreneurship Club

This group of vibrant and dynamic students, both business and non-business, have ambitious mindsets with a goal to one day start a business of their own or develop a business. They meet on a weekly basis, inviting speakers who are knowledgeable in their field to share their experiences and expertise with you. If you want to join a welcoming environment on like-minded individuals to share and collaborate with, Entrepreneurship club is the way to go!


3. Alternative Break Club

Do you want to make a difference during your winter and/or spring break, and do it with your friends? ABC travels to New Orleans during breaks for community service work, mainly rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. It’s a great bonding experience, not just through working in NOLA, but also through those long car rides!


4. Circus Club

Whether or not you know how to do circus performances, this club hopes to promote fellowship and joy through performances and art. If you’re interested in learning how to juggle, hoop, diabolo, unicycle, balance & more, the Circus Club is the way to go!

5. Humanitarian Yoga Club

This club welcomes all– experienced and non-experienced! The Humanitarian Yoga Club hopes to promote physical and mental wellness throughout campus. Through educating its members about healthy habits for a more mindful life, it hopes to spread this education and mindset through their mindfulness events and yoga.

6. Kokikai Aikido Club

As a martial arts club, the Kokikai Aikido Club aims to equip students with proper self-defense skills, confidence, and respect for others in a positive and friendly atmosphere.

7. Lion’s Television

Lion’s Television, LTV, is a student-run television station that provides students with the opportunity to work hands-on in production and media, while also delivering education and entertaining programming to the community. They broadcast an array of events, ranging from political rallies to everyday activities and events on campus.

8. Magic Circle Game Design

The goal of the Magic Circle Game Design Club is learn more about games by creating the games themselves. All you need is a desire and willingness to learn how make games.

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9. Saathiya

If you’re interested in dance, but looking for something refreshing and new, Saathiya, a nationally ranked fusion team may be for you. They take pride carrying a legacy through dance in blending various dance styles together from different cultures and creating an entertaining masterpiece. Some styles include hip hop, bhangra, garba, raas, classical, bollywood, and much more! They compete nationwide (and WIN!).

10. Unified

TCNJ Unified serves as the bridge connecting the Special Olympics and the TCNJ community. It allows to students to partner with athletes and engage in friendly competition. It’s a small, but impactful way to connect students together, as athletes.

Are you a member of any of these clubs you can join at TCNJ!? Share in the comments below!

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