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8 Cookie Recipes That Will Change Your Life

8 Cookie Recipes That Will Change Your Life

Cookie recipes are one of the earth’s finest creations. If you think I’m being dramatic, perhaps you just haven’t found that one recipe that has truly changed your life. But, look no further. Whether you’re on a baking streak like me or your sweet-tooth is just too powerful, this list of eight cookie recipes is sure to change your outlook on cookies forever!

1. Fudgy chocolate brownie cookies

Our first contender on this list of cookie recipes already has me drooling at the name. These soft and chewy treats are part brownie, part cookie, but completely life-changing. This recipe is perfect for when you can’t decide between a crispy, chewy cookie and a fudgy, soft brownie. It’s easy enough for a beginner baker to make, but will satisfy any chocolate lovers dream. Plus, only one bowl is needed to whip these up, meaning no extra melting chocolate or beating egg whites. You’ll most likely have all of the ingredients needed for these at home, too. So, the next time you’re craving some gooey chocolate goodness, check out these cookies that will most likely disappear in seconds!

2. White chocolate cranberry cookies

Next on this list of cookie recipes is a personal favorite of mine and could soon be yours too! It uses a simple cookie base made of butter, eggs, vanilla, and dry ingredients like sugar and flour, but adds a twist. I wasn’t even a huge fan of both white chocolate and cranberries before I tried this cookie, so I guess you could this cookie is for sure a life-changer. The addition of white chocolate and cranberries is the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors all in one delicious bite. You could even add more ingredients to this cookie, such as pecans or pistachios, to zest it up even more. Whether you make them for your Christmas or Fourth of July party, this cookie recipe is perfect for any occasion and is sure to leave your guests asking for more!


3. S’ mores cookies

This next cookie is a twist on the classic campfire dessert we all know and love. This delectable cookie recipe has a graham cracker base and is overflowing with chunks of marshmallow and chocolate, perfect for your next summertime cookout or a get together with friends. The combinations of gooey marshmallows and melted chocolate will give you a cookie to die for. Plus, you don’t need a campfire and won’t have to worry about burning or undercooking your marshmallow on it. The oven will perfectly roast your s’ more into a delicious cookie that you won’t soon forget!

4. Oreo truffle balls

Now I know this recipe isn’t a traditional cookie but it deserves just as much attention. I just couldn’t resist including one of my all-time favorite desserts on this list. These oreo truffle balls are no-bake cookies that are very simple to make and will make you rethink how you want to consume those Oreos sitting in your kitchen. The great thing about this recipe is that you only need three ingredients! That’s right, you’ll only need Oreos, cream cheese, and chocolate melts all rolled into one delicious bite. Also, you get to decorate these truffles however you like! Drizzle on some melted chocolate, sprinkle on some Oreo crumbs, or decorate for a specific occasion! There’s lots of room for creativity with this yummy recipe!

5. Strawberry lemonade cookies

This next treat on the list of life-changing cookie recipes is perfect for summer and is a lot simpler than it may seem. In fact, all you need is a lemon cake mix, strawberry cake mix, eggs, oil, sugar, lemon juice, and milk. Combine the two different cake batters into one dough and roll them in powdered sugar before throwing them in the oven. After baking, drizzle some icing on top for a sweet finish. These cookies are the perfect combination of sweet and sour and are not only pretty to look at, but they’re also yummy to eat too! These cookies are beautiful on their own but you could always throw on some sprinkles or extra powdered sugar for added decoration.

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6. Chocolate coconut bliss cookies

The next cookie on this list is a chocolate and coconut lover’s dream come true. This candy-cookie hybrid is a delicious fudgy cookie base topped with toasted coconut, all coming together in one sweet bite. Packed with dark chocolate chunks and coconut flakes, you can’t go wrong with these cookies. They’re small enough that you won’t feel bad about eating too many but rich enough that you’ll only need a couple. You could even add other textures, such as pretzels or almonds, to give the cookies even more pizazz. There’s room to get creative with this cookie recipe or keep it just how it is!

7. Peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies

I know there’s a lot of ingredients being thrown at you in the name of this next cookie recipe, but trust me, they are there for good reason. Not many people would consider adding both peanut butter and banana to an already perfect chocolate chip cookie, but don’t knock it ’til you try it! The saltiness of the peanut butter combined with the sweetness of the chocolate and the texture of the banana create the ultimate cookie combination. You could even turn this cookie recipe into a cookie bar recipe and add even more goodness, like pecans or any crunchy texture that you prefer!


8. Cinnamon roll cookies

Our final cookie recipe on this list is the highly coveted cinnamon roll cookie. These delicious treats require all the same ingredients as normal cinnamon rolls, but without the yeast. They’re lots of fun to make and even yummier to eat! The sugar cookie base is filled with a cinnamon-sugar filling and drizzled with icing after baking. These cookies are a lot less time consuming compared to actual cinnamon rolls, but will taste just as good, maybe even better!

In the world of cookie recipes, the possibilities are endless! Let us know in the comments down below if you make any of these sweet treats and what you think of them!

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