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10 Cookie Recipes Perfect For A Treat

10 Cookie Recipes Perfect For A Treat

There are many cookie recipes out there, tried, tested and recommended by many different chefs and food bloggers. Ever get tired of decided what you want to eat? What is the perfect cookie recipe for when you want a treat? An afternoon pick me up? Satisfy a sweet craving? Everyone has different preferences and tastes. That is why, this is your guide to cure you indecisiveness. Here are 10 cookie recipes perfect for a treat.

1. The Chocolate Chip

The most obvious choice, the chocolate chip. Perfect for any occasion. From a hot summer’s day to a cold winter’s night. Chewy or crunchy, double or triple chocolate chip. White, milk , dark or a mix of chocolate. There are so many options to choose from. Personally, chocolate chip cookies are the best for a treat.

10 Cookie Recipes Perfect For A Treat

2. The Chocolate

For those wanting a decadent chocolate fix. Chocolate cookie recipes are the ultimate chocolate experience. As you often hear, you eat with your eyes (and your mouth). Looking at these cookies, you know you are eating chocolate. Chocolate batter with the option of chocolate chips, what is a more perfect combination?

10 Cookie Recipes Perfect For A Treat

3. The Gingerbread

An all time and ultimate classic. A real throwback to your childhood. Gingerbread cookie recipes are for those who don’t like the overly sweet cookies (such as chocolate cookies …). A hint of ginger and full of spices, these go down a treat with not only children but adults too.

4. The Shortbread

The choice when you want to be satisfied after eating one cookie. Made with lots of butter, giving a soft and fluffy nature, who wouldn’t want one? Caution: they are deliciously rich, so if you eat too many … you may feel a little sick.

10 Cookie Recipes Perfect For A Treat

5. The Oatmeal

The first of two cookie recipes for those wanting a healthy alternative. With the option of adding extras, from nuts to dried fruit and chocolate. These cookie recipes give you a healthy feel with the option for some junk (if you feel like it).

6. The Nut

The second cookie recipe for those who are health conscious. The most healthy choice on this list. These cookies are always filled with a range of nuts, giving a distinctive crunch. Perfect for those wanting a nutty treat.

10 Cookie Recipes Perfect For A Treat

7. The Sugar

Simple cookies to make, deliciously simple in taste. Sugar cookies are perfect for those just wanting a sugar hit. Very common in the supermarket and cafes, but why not make them? The added extra of icing is a bonus, and you can put as much as you want. Who wouldn’t want these?

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10 Cookie Recipes Perfect For A Treat

8. The Macaron

Ever want to feel a little bit more sophisticated? Pretend to be a little French? Macaron recipes are the way to go. They may be a little more difficult than all the other cookies, but well worth the effort and time. The perfect treat with a tea or coffee.

9. The Macaroon

A macaroon is definitely not a macaron. It must be emphasised they are VERY different. Macaroon recipes are less time consuming. These cookie recipes are predominantly coconut. Chewy in nature. These are perfect when you want a couple of treats at one time.

10 Cookie Recipes Perfect For A Treat

10. The Biscotti

A cookie that is hard and crunchy. Perfect with a tea, coffee or just as a snack. Often filled with pistachios, and sometimes half coated with chocolate. These are perfect when you want something to crunch on, but not too sweet or savoury.

10 Cookie Recipes Perfect For A Treat

No matter the occasion or the time, any of these 10 cookie recipes are perfect for a treat! Are you going to try some of these cookie recipes? Share with us your experience in the comments below!

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